Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 2011 Tech Facilitator Meetings

Betty Weycker:

CL Marshall...Will be missed!
tribute to CL: very sad :(

New on Service Desk: Cameron Cook
Gail Barnhart NCWISE
Amy Shoaf—New NCwise Trainer

Kevin Sherrill: many changes made over the summer

• Definitely aware of all the issues…
• Most of the changes revolve around the server consolidation program, the move to windows server 2008
•Printing was tested and tested, but it ended up “biting them in the rear-end”
• Things have gotten a little better each week
• Kevin was a teacher and a tech facilitator and he does know what it is like...
• The way we managed printers was recommended by vendors, and there is a better and simpler way to add printers.

• They will work with each school individually
• One domain (wsfcs) very large network, 30000 machines, 65000 user accounts, almost need two domains because of the size of our active directory tree
• Age of machines is not helping either :(
• Chris, Buddy, and Sherry are working very hard (80 + hours a week)

Carla Miller Start about surplus/print management, etc.

• Spreadsheets will be posted by the end of the week on webportal
• Process to let them know you have equipment
• Technology facilitator webportal:
o Info for tech facilitators
o Request for information
o Your level, and school folder
 Surplus for fall 11
 Pull down, check document out
 Then open and edit
 All non functioning equipment, this goes to companies that recycle
 Type of equipment, model, serial number, fixed asset, machine name, esn if available (computrace number)
 Then save and close it, asks you to “check in file”, it saves it back and check it back in
Please complete by October 15th, cannot guarantee it can be received after the 15th
 Looking at changing the company who recycles," Scotch Recycling" picks up everything but TV’s
 Looking company who will do it for free
 Monitors (old CRT) have to be disposed of in a different way
 Do go ahead and list TV’s , Jackie will work on this now
 Hold on to laptops that work but are not workable with new network

• WPA/Laptop Re-imaging

o Some have put in tickets for laptops that need to be re-imaged
o She had one temporary employee (if you have a vast amount (15 or 20 or more), put in a ticket, otherwise re-image on your own if you just have a handful
o Two patches were given (Microsoft patches, one and two) Assume image does include those…so okay to put them on, but they are also “pushing” down the patches.
o Re imaging was an attempt to kill two birds with one stone (clean them up too) and get SP3
o There should not be any remaining access points with WPA
o The education building and the other central office building still remain on wsfcs.
o If you see wsfcs that means there is an access point out there still set up for web code…and please submit a ticket and give as much information as possible (location, etc.) The W PA encryption one is wsfcs_something
o Try to  Log-off log on or reboot if they get authentication error message…if students get blocked from certain websites
o If you have a student who logs into an approved website and says ip group denied (means they did not get policies)
o Question: why is that wsadmin does not authenticate?

• Printer Management company:

o Many tickets are still out there about printing.
o Many questions coming from lead secretary
o They should have a list of printers on the management system and many that are not.
o When you get the display 1000 sheets left don't worry, It's the 25% markthat  triggers the order to purchase a new toner cartridge
o Please be as detailed as possible, ip address, the name of the printer and serial number, etc, when entering KACE ticket
o Question of used toner cartridge: Guy Lucas has a company that will take used printer cartridges
o Carla will put in TBT update about the cartridge recycling company
o Unused cartridges from last year?—Carla and her staff will be coming out to inventory—a little tricky, people who stock piled will get compensated—hope to credit in the November billing cycle.
o If you receive a damaged cartridge from the company? Send in a KACE ticket and let them know.
o CTE printers ARE under the management system
o "Strategic Printing Solutions" will fix anything wrong with the printer. There is cap on how much they will fix, before we get charged
o There is a lot of start-up cost with this program…May see a larger bill to start up to get them to a “readiness state”
o After this month’s bills should level out…
o How many schools are printing out progress reports? About half?… Print-outs vs Parent assist Betty will address--basically said schools should not be printing.
o If a technician prints out many test pages, let Carla know (you will not be charged for that)

• Chris Corbin: Assigning Printers

o Vendor Web X—They said: “here’s the way we are migrating from SSO to group policies in windows” to manage printers
o Not working too badly considering the size of our district
o Problem--We are starting to deploy windows 7, having a printer policy on those machines prolongs log-in times (greatly)
o We need to change things a little bit if only for that reason
o Current method of assigning default printer (web x way)

  • o Now, making sure in printer group, making dure policy is on machine
  •  Good news s it is not going to get worse.

o School by School Approach: Start by deleting printer groups
o Deleting groups will not change the printers assigned to a machine
• New Utility for adding and setting default printers: shows all computers in the container, right view  shows all the printer applied to your school
o Can select multiple machines to mass apply a printer, click set to be installed
o Computers will have to be logged off and logged on or refresh to get the printers
o In start menu, you will have a refresh menu
o Use “goey” interface from your machine
o This new tool will give the flexibility of searching by school code, and do multiple schools (for those shared with more than one school)
 Computers DO have to be on for you to do this 
o Profile Sweep can be done per request per school (can sometimes solve printing issues)
o Sometimes students can not see their H drive, (Profile sweep fix can sometimes solve that)
o We are in windows 2008 environment, windows XP is not designed to see windows 2008 domain, (Client based extensions patches help)
o No time to update images, and the two patches are not in there, there’s where one problem lies.
o Still deploying through trend micro, and
o Three things have to happen, printer group has to exist, printer policy has to exist, and
o If you have a machine in a printer group and not showing on a machine, Chris looks at the log for the machine.
o What about PDF’s not printing? Had issue with T-61 and some desktops, says you need to load the printer
 Trying to print NCWISE, (does not like adobe 10)
 Try uninstalling adobe and reinstalling (the one on the AICP)
 Something about T61’s is strange
 Some of the same machines cannot print excel either…does not matter the machine, printer or
 Do not update ADOBE (hey may block that from happening
 There is capability to have multiple versions of adobe (encore program may need 7)
 They will do a web-x next week and go over what they are doing.

o Joining Computers to the Domain:

 Giving a machine a brand new name it works fine
 If you give a machine the same name and rejoin it after re-imaging
 Something happened during the change over
 Something do to with inherit permissions
 Workstation information menu: lets you know if client side extensions are there or not

o Work Orders:

 Need as much information as possible, tell them what you have tried (put as much info in the issue request)
 Have to reassign to service desk if you add a comment
 Getting phone calls from teachers, who leave tickets in the default ticket cue, need to assign ticket to service desk
 Check your cue once a day
 They will look at possibility of sending an email and possibly changing the default assign to automatically assign to the tech facilitator at that location
 Repair process: make sure you put in there –sending in for repair
 Days of pick up have not changed
 In repair cue, lots of ones that are old…should be moving faster now…
 Whenever you put in a ticket for a printer, leave it where it is until repair person comes in.
 Chris and Buddy will set a schedule to visit schools to go over the new process

• Betty: Miscellaneous topics:

o Progress reports should be on-line, period
o Remind teachers of the ability to save an adobe file of a progress report and email that
o Parents should be using parent assist, There is mobile access for parent assist (
o Parents should have a Kiosk station in schools with user name and pw: "parent", pw: "parent"
o Issue—Bus driver access to e-docs—should not be used to print e-docs—we are not going to support that
o Remind parents that Parent assistant is down on maintenance weekends
o WEB-X sessions--shared with Dr. Martin and were effective method of sharing

• Marlo—AUP

o School board policy (6161.1) employees are obligated to report violations of password protection. (so if a teacher has user name and password taped to their monitor, it should be reported to principal)
o Passwords should be treated like ss#
o MTAC is revising policies

o School Wires:

 Ran a script that ties email to their own section/calendar to fix that problem like happened with Theo Helm and teachers getting a ton of e-mail
 C-2 Upgrade:

• The have improved the documentation in the"how do I" tab
• Multiple calendar apps issue: DO NOT put more than one calendar app on a page
• Rotating flash…text is set to point 2, if you change the text, there are directions on how to fix using html
Correct picture  size 684/360
• Webmasters no longer have the ability to edit or add users/unlock users
• You basically can’t create users now, but you can still emulate the users
o School Directories are all up to date based on personnel/marketing and communications (but they have not had deleted orders yet)
o So hide in faculty and staff webpages of people who are no longer there, BUT DO NOT DELETE,submit a KACE ticket for moves
o User Groups: fix for groups that are not working, may have to delete group and re-create
 Delete and add back –if you are not protecting pages then don’t bother doing this
o Assignments Page:
 Item gets duplicated when they add to the calendar
 Fix for right now is to just delete duplicated assignment
 We have 51000 teacher webpages, other big districts don’t necessarily have mandatory pages
 There are 17 known issues right now
 Map and directions page has issues (doesn't work now because yahoo is now charging)
 Images and links—make sure cursor is n the box first—otherwise the image may end up in header
 When adding files, make sure there are no crazy characters in name of file name
 There is a card in the release highlights under tools tab
 Comment approval for blog pages are now right on summary tab
 Should now be getting accurate numbers on hits (maybe)
 Will be new directions on the last modified report.
 Calendars don’t get last modified date unless you change the app
 Take those reports with a grain of salt—look at content first before accusing teachers of not having up to date page
 Don’t punish a teacher because they have planned ahead (like done multiple pages in the summer and
 Directions for running last modified report will be in TBT
 Standard on updating webpage time frame—principals vary in their requirements
 Updated page  will not change to a specific time frame
 Website rubric: this is a draft:
• Based on developing, proficient, accomplished and distinguished
• They want feedback on this rubric
• This will be on edmodo and TBT when it is complete
• Share with Principals if they want to add ideas, but not send to teachers yet
• First row are the sign off guidelines for school wires that were set from the start of school wires
• Open labs first Monday of every month
o Oct 3 330, nov 7 330, dec 5 8:00
o No agenda and not for credit, for getting help with your site
o You do have to register, and you have to cite specific issues you need help with
PTA Workshop: Webmaster training Oct 25th 8-12
o Principal must send message of who they are
o And they must register by visiting the Technology Professional Development Calendar
o Emulate another user, sign in as yourself, go to users (and Marlo will tweek that, not visible to us right now!)
 But it will be next to Users tab, out next to everyone there is a "more and an emulate"
 They will go back and look at that…they will look at permissions
o Where are we on Synergy? Piloting at Atkins and career center
o Other options, typepad,
o School Wires has at least been responsive to our concerns (much better than school center was)
Professional Development Catalog
o Face to face on Mondays or Tuesdays
o Atomic Learning
o Moodle opened on sept 15 (close on December 30th)—have the whole time
o LearnNC: Melissa & Steven are co-trainers (two course 5 weeks more intense) Have to have ten minimum to do
 Registration closes next Friday, PBL, and e-binders
o Simple k12—webinars done every day
Steven mentioned a Password card for Learning Village and other online resources --you can find on learning village.