Monday, December 8, 2014

Technology Facilitator Meeting December 2014

Kevin Sherrill

  • Or text:  340671 your message to 37607
  • Sally Mercer retiring

  • Debbie Harmon will run a report of students who still show as un-returned in Power School and will send out a report to the schools 
MS Deal for students and staff:

  • "I am having trouble installing on my home machine"--refer them to FAQ on that.

Laptop deployment

  • Still plan to distribute laptops by first week in January
  • Laptops will be etched on the top with WSFCS logo

Chris Corbin

  • Datacenter core update to take place in January
  • Filter update has solved the problems the were having earlier in November
Chris Corbin: presentation

Light speed update:

  • Spoke to someone they never spoke to before and determined the filtering devices they have were not suitable for our environment
  • 10 GB devices and could only handle 1 GB of bandwidth
    • So, they sent us true 10 GB devices and now not having any problems
  • Bing and yahoo bloc ked for students because of issues Chris sent out email before about
  • Google and non secure searching
    • Right now redirects to http
    • Because filters cant capture encrypted searches
    • Google doing away with non-encrypted searches as of the first of the year

Repairs and School Dude

  • All zones now covered by onsite repair process
  • Carla—make sure items to be repaired are in the proper location
  • CTE still put in the school dude tickets for the old repair process for Gloria to evaluate

Secure browser/NCTEST utility

  • Re-imaged machines not having the  NC TEST
  • Set login script to install on all machines that don’t have it and won’t show up a shortcut until the next login
  • DPI is saying last year for the NC secure browser
  • They say that next year, only way to do the online testing is through Google chrome
  • Chrome web store--Type in NCTES
    • Installs as a chrome app
    • Only way it will be offered next year.
Can they put chrome app in the image or is it profile based or machine based?
  • Continue using the secure browser until the problems with the chrome app are worked out
  • Chris will verify which icon is most updated

Could there be issue with windows XP and using the Google chrome app

  • Script to install will remain in effect.
  • Google chrome updates
  • Home use or business use—two different installers
  • Downloads an msi file tagged for business—and updates are blocked
  • Retail side, updates are updated automatically
  • Quick fix, is to uninstall chrome and re-install it if problem of it not updating
  • Chrome running real slow on XP machines
  • Version of Google chrome cog wheel and about (version 39)
  • If you have version 27 came from chrome for business.
  • Maybe Firefox ?
    • Data Managers use Firefox

Feedback from the survey
  • Re-imaging
  • Printer setup
  • Cold resetting?
Lenovo and bios settings of certain machines and no images
  • X11-e
  • Windows 7 and 64 bit
  • Yoga model with flip screen has windows 8
  • John is working on a login script process
  • Imaging documents:  Image worksheet
  • Article KB022 in the knowledge base has workstation images and image information
Windows 7 on T60 and T61?
  • Some things will work well others will not
  • The more applications you have opened, you will see a dip in performance
  • As a Windows XP machine dies, do not bother trying to fix it.
Current list of retires
  • R40 and below?
  • Deleting old computer objects:
  • Description field should pick up from active directory script
  • Could try disabling account and then seeing if you hear anything back about it.
Driver depot navigating


Bomp prof

  • KNOWLEDGE BASE Article KB0031 in the knowledge base gives you information on deleting profiles
  • In cases Bomp Prof doesn’t work, go to:
    • Users folder
      • Find profile you want to delete and delete it
    • Then user will get a temporary profile message
    • You can Go into regedit and follow the instructions in the KB0031
    • If you mess up, then just re-image the computer
    • What about Profile sweeps?
      • it is run through the womac utility
      • No automated way to do it right now, but Chris will figure a way out

Question about AICP 2015—CTE
 folder with nothing in there?
  • Microtype is being phased out
  • AB tutor is the one thing that needs to be on CTE machines

 Power School/ School net Access/  One note?

Technology blog—price list
Administrative services
Tech facilitator one is just us
Technology services also for general use and public
Folder for presentations

Heather Horton’s presentation:

School net
To get there
Home page
User options
Power teacher
Go in as admin
Change teacher to admin

admin user name is all one box and semi colon connected to password

School net linked on the left

Brittany Guy

Three main things she sees us using School net

  • Tech check
    • Tech check bottom of school net
  • Student view
  • Toshiba studio scanning
  • Acrobat version
  • Acrobat error if you get the yellow warning you are probably okay
  • Screen must be maximized to see the next button on test questions
    • Multiple scroll bars can be problematic for students
  • In reading test—compare and contrast from two passages can be tricky scrolling
    • Light gray at the top for passage 1 and passage 3
  • Never submit until students have submitted all answers
  • Show students before they take the test?  Yes by all means
  • Could create a fake test and show the students
    • Preview online test to see what students would see

Jim Mendoza

  • e-studio survey
  • most schools have studio scanner
  • model number ending in 5, 6, or 7 should be new enough to handle networkingIf not networked, then put in a ticket to get a drop or
  • Scan it button
  • Don’t have teachers install scan it from school net, have them install it from UTILITIScan it Toshiba installer
  • If teacher had already installed it from school net, you will have to uninstall it, tho Chris will write a script to do a clean install
  • Teachers only have access to an introductory version right now
  • Video Play list will be in active directory folder of Sharepoint
  • he configuration once they get it installed
  • Always install on the teacher laptops not desktops
  • Because the laptops can scan own bubble sheets
  • Does not care what order the sheets are in
  • Automatic integration with grade book
  • Need to watch the videos since teachers will want to start using it.

Office 365


Adam Seipel:
  • Database for high quality resources for office 365
  • One note
    • One note classroom creator
    • Site contents
    • Can create a class notebook for students
    • Adam will be pushing this as a resource
    • Sort of like Evernote
    • Maybe just start with a private notebook
    • Maybe make a notebook for MTAC meetings
  • Upload a folder in one drive
    • Go into one drive and create a new folder
    • Good time to clean out H drive
    • Issues with uploading certain documents
    • 97-2003 documents might need to save as a later version first