Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tech Facilitator Meeting April 2014

Tech Meeting Notes April 2014:
New staff: 
  • Brad Chambers:  Working at Wiley and Jefferson
  • Adam Seipel:  New district technology facilitator replacing Michael who they ran off
  • Jim Mendoza:  Blast from the past,been back for a month working on Home Base
  • Andy Smith is new technology network support, was at Jefferson and Wiley
  • Steven Anderson is our newly departed director of instructional technology, working to get that position filled
  • Data Management position and another tech facilitator position? to be filled also
Gilliam, Natalie,
  • Donuts are from Sue Albertson (has cancer) living in PA commuting to  New York—tumors are shrinking!  She thanks everyone for their love and support!
  • Natalie has a way to contact her-

PC Refresh/Classroom solution finish up/wireless upgrades

  • Kevin met with county managers on the budget
  • Much of it is driven by sales tax—bad weather affected income this year
  • There is an unfunded plan is now in place:
    • Will be sharing with principals
    • Based on the Interactive projector set up
    • Room inventories—he planned to have today to share, but will get to us.
  • Where we have been and where we are going?
  • Many full classroom solutions have gone into new construction
  • We also had matching funds program—rolled out another 276 rooms
  • Been about 1300 partial ones via school monies—like PTA, etc.
  • Total 18.6 million spent over 7 years—pretty huge investment
  • Rooms to go:
    • Middle Schools- 689
    • HS: 225
  • Needs about 9.9 million to finish off all of them

Based on the survey:

  • In red cost on Kevin's spreadsheet are the costs to finish or install in each and every room in the district—it’s an estimate to finish the job
  • The numbers are based on the interactive projection system which are about $7500.00 per room
  • Another Chart shows school by school—and cost to complete each school
  • Schools that are part of construction or are not title one are in huge deficits

Wireless infrastructure:

  • Race to the top gave us 1:3 ratio of wireless access points per classroom
  • 2013-2014—we had the EC department upgrades and high school upgrades
  • Another million dollars invested in that
  • Now need to focus on middle and elem schools

Device life cycles

  • Kevin and Chris have developed a "Dashboard of plans" A/B/C
  • There are roughly 20,000 windows XP machines to retire ASAP
  • Plan A
    • K-2 classes —put four devices in every classroom –not sure of the best device yet—but not desktops
    • 3rd and 4th grades: 15 units as part of mobile cart/room
    • Same concept for middle schools: 20 units each for middle school classrooms
    • High schools perhaps BYOD will fill in some of the gaps, so perhaps a little less spending there?
    • He took all this information and playing around the different scenarios
    • 1500 laptops at HS
    • For 6th and 7th: 6800 units in MS
    • Elementary:  8500 devices
    • All told, this matches roughly the number of machines we need to retire—20,000
    • There are roughly 41,000 out there—are there units not being used?
    • May not be a one per one swap for old
    • If every room in school is equipped, then maybe reclaim the labs, CTE?
    • Maybe reclaim classrooms and remove some pods?
    • 3rd grade will get those t-400 laptops that teachers recently turned in
    • Parent advisory council and teacher advisory want to hear about what they are doing about this problem.
Timeline for the Plan
  • No perfect solution:  but to deploy mobile devices, then the prerequisite is to have wireless in place
  • He’s got a proposal for the timeline—it’s a starting point.

IBM models 6792, and 8305 desktops

  • Send Carla an email with the quantity working or non working
  • The CRT monitors—only surplus if you don’t have a need for them—You will get nothing in return right now for them
  • Get a quick quantity that is accurate…
  • Carla Miller—separate pickup in later June
    • Provide a separate quantity—for desktops and monitors
    • Carla will send out a separate email asking locations of equipment, etc.
    • They shred the hard drives

Chris CorbinPower Point PresentationProject updates:

Elementary Security Cameras- 

  • Directed by operations dept.
  • 2 schools completely done, cash and smith farm
  • 2 different vendors working on it
  • Requirements for the cameras from tech department is adding infrastructure to support 16 cameras (running wires, pulling cable—need to be on a GB interface)
  • Carla’s staff will be installing GB switches in the closets.
  • Only for camera connections at this point—new server at school serving DVR purposes, etc.
IP phone update:
  • Money saving measure with multiple lines per school but only pay AT&T for one line
  • 12 sites remaining to finish
  • The school phone number you have now will remain for emergency purposes—tied to 911

HS Wireless:

  • Working on a 1:1 ratio for access points:classrooms, and new switches in the closets

AS 400 cloud migration:

  • DPI is working with SAS to be able to use
  • 24th district in the state doing this—we are not a guinea pig
  • I series client will need to be installed on the workstation
    • File that points to an ip address to point to Raleigh
  • Principals and lead secretaries mainly will be affected by this

Work order system:

  • Our finance KACE ticket system--$40,000 to maintain the system
  • School Dude—been used by maintenance
    • Cheaper than KACE, and friendlier user interface.
    • Maintenance gave them a demo—especially from teacher perspective
    • It is question based
    • Routing will be done the same
    • Will continue to use KACE while we slowly switch over to School Dude (we own KACE so no big rush)
    • Should save money over the long term
    • Perhaps by next meeting they will show us a demo

Server refresh for Middle Schools:

  • Will start in August to refresh DELL 2600 servers
  • You can image across the WAN, but it is problematic, so better to keep a server in the schools
  • Consolidating all the print servers isn’t such a good idea either with all the crashes
  • Will slowly start to go out to the middle schools, and make the switch.  
  • Doesn’t take long and no interruption or down time, will start in late august
  • Installing VM-ware to run virtual servers, and a sole print server for the school,
  • Also will serve  dhcp services and imaging, & software deployments,
  • Can schedule multi machine imaging

Student Email:

  • It is happening
  • Piloting at East Middle (piloting School net—this is driving this need)
  • Attorney will not allow us to continue to use current ID’s for security purposes
  • First four digits of first name, first four of last name and last four of student ID
  • Will change everything—log-in to the computer and email
  • Email will start in 3rd grade.
  • Will K-2…have the same old log-in?
  • Account provisioning will weigh out the options?
  • Email Address books:  students will have separate book.
  • If teachers want to search for students they can choose the student address book separately
  • The groups will be provided for the whole school
    • But other groups for clubs etc. would have to be maintained by individual teachers
    • No real e-mail monitoring other than the regular webfilter
  • The whole need for this is for logging into power school for school net assessments.
  • Browser issues will creep in again. 
  • Students will also have sky drive access (50 GB)
  • Whole new possibility for collaboration
  • There will be an APP for smart phones/tablets
  • School based decision to help students with set up on those devices or not?
    • OWA app for apple for the email right now

Office 365 updates:

  • Connect authenticate—School Dude uses same kind of authentication as email now
  • Single Sign On:  SSO enabled for School dude. 
  • When teachers access the Staff icon on desktop it will automatically login to email
  • Been some Calls to help desk with problems with teachers who share some devices
  • Problem also when you switch users
  • APP called credential manager in windows 7 (have to clear out if teachers have checked the box to save credentials)  I am attaching those instructions and also put them in Kace Article 111
  • They will get screen shots for us to clear out those saved credential issues.

SHAREPOINT 2013 cloud hosted solution:

  • Working with a local vendor to get everything in webportal migrating to the sharepoint 2013 environment
  • Workflow for folders and permissions, etc.
  • Integration with skydrive, blogging, social networking features
  • At some point all the current webportals will migrate and be able to be seen on email

Image Updates:

  • They have started working on them already.
  • Lenovo showed them some new things and have revamped their imaging center
  • Smart imaging—we built a single image and don’t have to add any drivers
  • Then they store our basic programs and they update drivers before they ship
  • WSFCS will still have to maintain an image library for re-imaging
  • Lenovo will help us with maintaining and updating images
  • Adding FireFox and java and flash updates to the new images.  
  • Updating to office 2013 with sky drive app
  • Hopefully have them done and updated by end of May.
Memory model  is changing
  • default 8 GB of memory with the new devices
  • Need to switch to a 64 bit operating system to accommodate for that
  • Some 32 bit apps don’t work with that
  • There may be some issues with print servers to accommodate for 64 bit machines
  • Depending on the model, you will need to know if 32 or 64 bit series to select the correct image.

Windows 8.1 testing

  • An x series and x 11-e
  • YOGA hinge:  laptop becomes a tablet—disables the keyboard
Office 365 –we are on A-2 version—the free version, have to be on the A3 version to use any of those apps to be able to edit office docs—too expensive

Jennifer Ellington:

  • Volume Apple purchasing—for APPS
  • Process was ordering through the price list
  • Apple now forwards the code via email—those go to purchasing…no longer send out the "gift cards"
  • vast majority our theft reports deal with this
  • Computrace gives us compensation if they can not find the machine
  • Has to have a police report within 14 days to include whether or not the power cord was also stolen?

Joan Proffitt:

  • AMTR: Don’t have to start yet
  • Joan will start enabling the NCID accounts and resetting passwords, and it will generate an email to let you know to login and reset
  • Disables account over night again--so need to go in after 15 minutes
  • Joan will go ahead and start next week
    • You will need to reset the password.
    • There is a 2nd process for new people to subscribe
Book untangling the web—Have one for each school

Jim Mendoza/Home base:

  • It’s the state of NC tool kit of software products to get students ready for careers, college and life
  • School Net—does three different features but big one integrating common core based tests and give those tests
    • Tests can be taken electronically
    • Students have to have an account in school net and in turn an email account
  • Teachers can issue those tests in written form.
  • To score it, you had to use test scanners
  • BUT Toshiba brand e-studio –the copiers in most schools can be utilized to SCAN IT
  • Teachers can print out answer sheets for those tests, and use them to scan and results can go directly in to the grade book
  • Jim will send out a survey and track down the Toshiba model in your school and whether it is networked or not?
Another Tool in that tool kit:
  • Gradebook in Power Teacher:
  • Browser dependent, different versions of JAVA
  • Once per month the products get locked down for maintenance—25th
  • You can download stand alone gradebook version.
  • Power Source site:  you login in with your email address and can get support
  • You will have to add software to machine where they will be scanning from the SCAN IT software.
  • May have to move copiers to be near a drop or may have to put in a ticket for a new drop (but move first if possible)
  • Email Jim with questions

Instructional Resources:

Melissa Edwards: queen of Learning Village
  • Hello from Marlo…
  • User name and pw for learning Village is same as AD login
  • Learn 360 had a major upload of resources several months ago but also recently added other new resources that she is going to highlight
  • Email Meliisa Edwards if you have questions
  • Full email address is their user name, and pw: ws….
  • Instructions for KACE data base #65 for how to change pw in Learn 360
  • Brain pop and netrekkar are now linked…(side note)
  • Learn 360:  Calendar has links to videos and resources for a date
  • History teachers were recently told about these resources
  • If you go to the ADVANCED SEARCH area
  • Can ALSO look things up by publisher or series
  • Total training areas for things like Office 2007, and send someone the link (similar to atomic learning)
  • Also pictures and sounds
Photo pin ( ) is one of her favorite place to search for images for creative commons and gives you a url to copyright site


  • BYOD and mobile learning:
  • Have created 2 RESOURCES for parents/staff

Technology Tool box page:

Brian Pikarski contact for curriculum pathways

Digital Safety curriculum:

  • Each months will highlight a different ITS theme (via common sense)
  • Will ask schools to submit plan of how teachers will teach the plan
  • Digital Safety Curriculum is now part of the WSFCS policy and part of e-rate funding and will be renewed effort this fall.
  • Policy 6161 has been revised and updated—will be covered in student responsible use agreement
  • Timing is just bad for this to come out in the spring
  • Will send out in the fall RUA (responsible use agreement) references policy 6161
  • Kevin will post this document for us to look at
  • Purple paper and electronic document for staff will have links to policy
  • No user will have access until they have an RUA back. 
  • Student will not have access until they have training in digital safety.
  • Statement about using 3g and 4g—they have agreed not to use those.
  • Kevin will post this document on the blog site (shows changes to policy)
  • Where’s the cross reference for high school students? 
    • An electronic flag in power School possible?
    • Needs to be a streamlined process and may discuss at next month’s meeting
  • Possibly a list of students who can’t get on and change their passwords—
  • We will work next month on ideas
  • End goal to follow policy and communicate with parents
  • If you are not subscribed to blog site, can resend the link to subscribe to the  blog site.
May 8th next meeting