Thursday, December 30, 2010

Saving Favorites/Bookmarks in the Cloud

I recently got an e-mail from a teacher whose Internet favorites were not carrying over to her laptop as they should according to our school's network policies. Since it was the holidays, and I could not get to her machine for a few days, I suggested the following:

I don't use favorites (I put my most frequently used links on an i-google page, so whenever I log-into any computer regardless of whether or not it is school system machine, I can get to my most frequently used links) i-google also allows me to customize my default home page regardless of the browser so that I see the same gadgets and same favorites anywhere I log in to a computer!  Here's how to set it up:

Once you have that set-up, one of the gadgets you can add is "favorites/bookmarks" and then you can add those frequently used favorite links so that they will always be part of your i-google homepage

More information on working with a google homepage:

Here's a How to on Social Bookmarking:

And, here is a current list of social bookmarking sites:
and another list:

But anyway, getting back to the specific question of moving bookmarks/favorites from one computer to another,  there is a way to export favorites to a file so we can move them to your new laptop.

What you would do is...from your main desktop computer where you currently have many favorites (at school for example)  navigate through "my computer" to the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\"your user name"\Favorites

Copy that star looking folder called favorites, then go back to your laptop and paste the contents of that favorites folder to the dame location on your laptop:

C:\Documents and Settings\"your user name"\Favorites

Another way to move favorites/bookmarks is to do whats called an "export/import": (again you would have to go back to your desktop computer in your office)

From your Internet explorer menu, You go to:
  • File
  • Import/Export
  • Choose "export to file"
  • Choose "favorites"
  • Choose a location--like your flash drive

Then once that is complete, you would do the same thing essentially, but this time:

You go to:

  • File
  • Import/Export
  • Choose "import from a file"
  • Choose "favorites"
  • Choose the location on your flash drive where you exported earlier

Hope that helps...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2010 Technology Facilitator Meeting

Classroom Solution Demo:

Brian Pie:

First message you might get about opening a database on a network server—just click yes to that message.

You have one database for the year, and it likes the database on the C drive

You can load CPS on your computer at home (from the website), teachers can save files on their thumb drives and then bring them in from home and over-write the one on the C drive.

So, best thing is to load the database on the C drive

Another setting to check...
  • Go to Settings menu
  • Delivery options
  • Receiver tab
  • Put the check to Power off the clickers…

Battery question: heaviest users—take about a year for the batteries to go dead.

Prepare tab is “Create”

Lessons are tests

Team activities tab—like Jeopardy type games

 Reports tab: there are tons of different reports you can create…

Can you import students? have to get your data manager to export your class files, so probably easier to just enter them manually

Research shows that if students get instant feedback, they perform better

You can do verbal engagement too, it's not just multiple choice.


CTE teachers should already have lessons (tests) made

These are generation 2 remotes—pulse—can do text answer up to 140 characters

Issue with text answers—they have to be worded exactly to get them right.

"FAST GRADE TEST": You can use a paper copy of a test and just use an answer key in CPS and have students take test.

You can also print a study guide out.

Engage Tab: Now we are going to take a test, teachers have to put a check ?


  • Teacher led test,
  •  student paced (test in front of them and a remote)

until teacher ends test, they can change their answer as much as they want


  • Student practice mode

Many schools have generation 1 clickers

Have to use version cps 5.62 to use generation 1 remotes

You can create lots of different types of graphs

You can add audio or video to a question…

Report tab: most recent reports on top:

Generate—most common on the top, reports are generated in PDF format

Kevin made the point about the sound being one of the most important component of the classroom solution, someone mentioned having the kids come up and speak with the sound enhancement, another person mentioned many students have hearing issues that are not on their IEP.

The sound needs to have the instructional cart for the placement of the AMP

Using zoomit to zoom and focus in on something on the screen

Brian: “Workspace”—google zoomit

You can also find zoomit—under teacher applications

Cntl -1 will zoom

Cntrl-1 takes you back out

Menu in workspace for mobi:
  • go to preferences
  • change size of tool bar,
  • tool bar settings
  • check to change to size 40

Also change advanced settings to show more items in the toolbar


Math teachers love the mobi for moving around the room

The workscpace program wants to save it to their H drive (if teacher H drive is full—it will crash)

Problem: pens need to seat well inside the mobi or it will not charge

Icon for the charging battery for the pen on the mobi—make sure that is showing when you “seat the pen”

Might need to turn the pen just a little to make sure it is making contact and charging.

e-instruction will send you a courtesy pen if you have problems with them

Customer service for e-instruction (888) is fantastic –call them if you need anything: 888-333-4988

Gallery for –build the gallery database is not accessible sometimes…Chris is working on that problem…

Use your camera tool instead and capture any image out there…H drive too full can be a problem too…

Make sure teachers H drives are not full…Can you direct to C drive?  Chris may have fixed this default problem

But when you are creating files on Mobi, don’t load the interwrite content


  • Steven and Doreen will give us the list of kids who need computer skills test
  • No proctors but they do have to have mods, they will be entering kids in atomic learning
  • Go into my trainings, my assessments
  • 48 questions randomly assigned, so they may have different questions
  • After all the scores come in…we do not report scores—district will handle all the reporting…Principals do not handle it!!
  • Data is not always accurate, so let Marlo know if there is any issue…District will handle the one big upload.
  • All we have to do is check the list schedule the test, let them know When we are finished—you can test anytime before April…
  • Not part of any gateway, no one is looking at it. Only reason we are doing it is because of federal dollars.
  •  It is a really hard test—indicates teachers are not teaching 21st century skills…but it is an eye opener to what we are not doing in schools.

Betty Weycker

2006 bond construction plan: (plan was developed in 2004)…

  • Reagan
  • Parkland
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Rural Hall
  • Sedge Garden
  • Glenn
  • Downtown Elem


Plan is, if they finish this summer, then Walkertown HS/MS and other schools coming on…

As of today, 2012 plan is to start doing all the classrooms in the district.

LCD Monitors are less expensive and less man power to install then the promethium and smartboard systems

Issue dealing with teachers who don’t want to leave their classrooms, some will take place after-school. Some issues with construction and nasty conditions behind boards that they take down.


Kevin—Technical side issues

Chris Corbin

Trend micro came up for contract last summer, and they looked at it.—wanted an all inclusive package for scanning malware, etc. Will still have the little blue bubble—"core protection model" now when you hover your mouse over it. Will do real time and manual scans. Still use malwarebytes as a backup.

Other benefit, laptops will do pattern/definition updates at home!! Yeah!!


 If you ever go into the running processes you will see “BESClient UI.exe”

And "BES console"

Don’t close out of those processes, still have the regular office scan pccntmon

At some point, Teacher laptops will need to come in to be updated to this new version.

They now have four office scan servers…

May get an e-mail from Chris asking teachers to bring in laptops, or may get an e-mail from Chris asking you to re-image a machine because of difficulty uninstalling and reinstalling the new client

New “core protection model” is built in to all current images.

AICP utility has been updated:

  • Ticker box at the bottom has updates on it, cleaner interface without the tabs. 
  • Images have been watered down somewhat, so may have to use AICP a little more…
  • Check box AICP will be coming so you can install several items at one sweep.

T61 new WFU laptops

Inter-video playing the sound not the video, solution USE VLC instead…

Mobi workspace problem—writing a 95 MB file to teachers H drive, the fix for that is a a registry script fix that now writes “workspace” gallery now to the local C drive

It is now set to go to inter-write folder/workspace content, file does not get built until you run the gallery…When teacher builds the gallery, they have to re-build it…registry key is now there that will point to the gallery on the C drive

Dell mini—jumping around fix is on the webportal…

question:  Exam view with CPS? Chris will look into –Exam view is very weird about their licensing—they are locked down.


Profile sweep is coming up –the 13th through the 17th: Use the utility to check your computer. For all class room machines.

Anything with an "I" will get swept…

Buddy Martin:

Many tickets lately about missing machines…need to make sure compu-trace agent is on your machines—especially laptops

Go to AICP utility—( CTM web utility) To do a test call (password) is password to test a call…

180 day moratorium on missing computers…

Kevin: Just a few minutes on ASSIST…

  • Process improvement committee update:
  • Now e-mails have more information on them—
    • ticket number at the end…
    • speed improvements
    • simplified categories
    • will be moving data to our data center…to see if it improves speed.
    • Email subject line has ticket number now,
    • Service project has employee name, etc.
    • There will be much more detail in the sub category..
    • Christmas Break –Assist will be down for a few days (around the 29th)  while they update the new categories, etc.

Brenda Bourne:/Human Resources Page of our website: —

Emplyee User id number is the ten digit number that your principal should have provided you  for use with the on-line evaluation process, (data managers also have this under teacher list (not the six digit payroll number)

  • First default password is 123456
  • Refer password problems to Brenda Bourne (MS/HS) or James Lucas (elem)
  • This is for help with teachers who need help with this site…
  • All schools are using this…to evaluate teachers…

Every observation can now be seen by the state admins and superintendents. Peer observations can be done on here too.

If you go to DPI’s site,  go to:
  • departments,
  • professional development,
  • on-line evaluation system:

 Common Question:—tried to print, will not print—under FAQ—there are suggestions:

Here are the FAQ links:

Now signed in…Peggy D. asked about doing a peer evaluation…

Betty—teachers and admins are going to come to you with questions—a check box is their electronic signature—remind them they don’t have to print it…

Jackie Pierson—they are re-writing our job descriptions once they do that--Media Coordinator or Tech Facilitator will have to use this instrument. (if you are career status then you just use your PDP) Otherwise you could have to use this depending which year you are on your cycle.


Marlo Gaddis: School Wires

Working on "centricity 2" update:

Two Pod-casts from In-touch—weekly off the instructional technology page

"Instructional technology unplugged":

On intouch blog: Be checking it out for the latest:

Upgrade taking place—mostly on December 29th:


As of December 14th at 4:00 will not be able to use Site Manager on School Wires—


The upgrade rocks....!!

  • They are completely re-building the platform
  •  Now Site Manager, will automatically direct them to the pages that they can edit.
  •  Site Manager: Will require more training…
  • Passport rights: we will now have the ability to unlock your own teacher accounts!!
  •  Users: look under “more” and you can “emulate” user…without having to know their user name and password
  • New version can create your own groups so that roles can be customized for secured pages-- A protected page for example that only a certain group can see.
  • Webmasters will be scheduling for January training
  • Hierarchy will now be drag and drop!!
  • New page types for now "APPS"
  • More than one calendar per section will now be possible, can even have more than one calendar per page
  • APPS are drag and drop…
  • Can change existing page types without starting all over
  • A team can make a calendar that can be shared…Can now have a separate calendar that only a group in your school can see…
  • We have a sandbox site, and they will create accounts for webmasters for the month of December.

AGAIN, Dec 14th after 5:00—No SITE MANAGER…

CL there are strawbridge CD’s down stairs

MTAC: password matrix—will retrieve it and update it and get it out to you…

TAM Upgrade—NCWISE first major upgrade ever—we don’t have much information. Program director for NCWISE is no longer there.:

Betty is worried about the impact, there is a link on Technologywebpage:

Dept of technology/ncwise link to the docs that they currently have on the upgrade…

Stipends are coming ($1000 is still in effect)

Betty has no idea for Theme monies for next year—not had their first meeting yet.

Mail box scrooge! Please remind teachers not to send personal greeting e-mails !!

Everyone understands that there will be no inotes e-mail on an IPAD—flash issue :(

So people that get one for Christmas, no i-notes—flash required pages will not show on IPADS

Next meeting...January 27th









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