Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 2013 Tech Facilitator Meeting

Today’s meet: (This is worth looking at since Melissa took very good notes today!)

Kevin Sherrill
  • June 4th, Lenny Shad coming to talk about BYOD from Houston, TX—talking to principals about his  nationally recognized program, works with cisco now
  • 21/22 schools will be rolling out BYOD in the fall.
    • Speaking to principals in AM
    • Tech Facilitators could come in with principals in AM say from 8:00 – 10:00
    • If we do it in the PM, could bring some teachers who signed up for BYOD and thus be a modified Tech Facilitator/BYOD meeting
  • Betty Weycker—May 30th retirement reception in here (3:00-5:00)  
  • Send donations to Angie Wallace
 Steven Anderson:  
IWB camps this summer
  •  Apply to present at inspire workshop:
    • At Morgan –Camp inspire—July 23-24
  • Smart Conference at Moore, July 17-18:  propose a session for Smart:   Propose a session here:
  • More info in the  TBT
  • Moodle going down On May 13th at 6am
School Wires:  
  • Great time of the year to spend time getting websites summer ready, update information, etc.
  • Provide summer activities, reading lists, calendar information
  • School main web sites want to post summer hours, and contact information, registration information, and other FAQ's
  • Do not delete any teacher websites!! , just make them inactive/hidden.
Here's some summer ideas: (Side note from John Downs)

Media Cast:  
  • need to clean up and will be important when they move to school net and need tagged correctly
  • AMTR reminder and Surplus pickup reminders
End of year Technical issues/Kevin
  • Fairly important that printers get plugged back into the same port
  • Mark them on the jacks so they stay on the same v-lan
  • Purchase new printers off the price list (Carla recommends)
  • Re-image computers every year?  up to schools, contact Kevin if you need help
  • Discussion of KACE tickets and teachers calling into the service desk—Tech Facilitator is first line of defense
  • Two problems:
    • SD Notices from WSFCS needs to be edited (with the message to contact tech facilitators first instead of help desk) 
    • Also on the email log-in there's a number there that teachers see :(
    • Kevin will remind principals that tech facilitators are first line of defense
Technology Updates:
  • Mobile phone roll out—sprint to Verizon
  • Galaxy phone users to be rolled out on June 1st (schedule to come out—will have to come to central office
  • SMART phone contacts get synced from contacts in email
  • Need to make contact changes in email
  • (More details will be put in TBT this week)
  • How to deal with photos and things on old phones
    • Will be instructions this week, and password change information
  • May 28-31 will be rolling out new phones
Office 365: 
  • MS live edu now---Live @edu was educational version of hot mail
  • Now migrating to office 365
  • Will come with sky drive, web-apps, link (webx kinda app) etc.
  • DOT has a a July 1st deadline
    • "Cut over 1 and 2"
  • Cut over 1 --weekend of May 24th
  • Minimum password 8 characters will be established
  • Full email address for web mail log on
    • Sometime between the 13th and 24th  will be prompted for password change
    • Not asking students to change their passwords
  • Will force synchronization between our active directory and email
  • Can NOT use their same old password
  • Moving toward 90 day password change
  • Being pushed by finance for better, more secure passwords
  • Will send out more details on Friday and then we should notify teachers
  • Power School password will be a different password
    • Will use UID (will have to change every 90 days)
  • But, everything that uses AD will be the same password as usual 
  • Front end login screen will look very different
  • Will still lock out after three strikes
  • Kevin to send us a screen shot of this new log in screen
  • To start we will  be on "exchange 2010"
Cutover 2 –sometime July/August
  • Will then move into the 2013 of exchange (after being on 2010 for a certain period of time)
  • Then the login will look different again
  • and then your email will look different too
  • Skydrive and cloud storage—providing 25 GB of cloud storage
  • There is a little concern with security and legal issues (teachers stuff being on other servers)
  • Doesn’t seem to be any limitations on file types
  • Also security issues only as secure as Microsoft guarantees
  • May give students a log on for access to the office 365 apps
  • Notify teachers after Friday when TBT comes out
  • Email storage size goes from 10 GB to 25 GB
  • Though 25 MB attachment is largest attachment you can have and probably still be the same
  • Not sure sky drive will be here or not until attorney’s approve?
Virus update:  Chris Corbin
  • Policy is in place to uninstall Trend micro from all machines
  • Chris showed us the process:
    • Endpoint uninstall--Core Protection Module will disappear at the bottom of the machine
    • They monitor as the process is running
    • Once it uninstalls,  policy is in place to install the new
    • There have been some errors due to licensing issues
  • Wave #3--Chris will email another group of 13/14 schools who will start today
  • Once you get the email, "scare teachers" to bring in their laptops (also because end of year issues)  especially windows 7 machines—only 120 days between time they activate against our windows licensing
  • Teachers do not need to do a gpupdate nor hard wire,  should work on wireless
  • As long as they are connected (confirm wireless is working by logging in)
  • On Tech Facilitator web portal Chris put a doc
Tech Fac Webportal > Information for TF > Documents > General Info > Technical > SCEP Information Sheet

  • Cleanup process  is phase 3 and 4
Image updates should be done in second week of June

Other end of year items:
  • Student home folders are purged as normal
  • Please spread the word to cleanup media (K drive)  and yearbook drives (Y)
  • Power settings in windows 7:
    • Governed by workstation policy
    • Computer should never go to sleep
    • It is set to turn off the display after 1 hr and 30 mins
    • Set to never put to sleep when plugged in
    • Is policy being applied?
    • If it doesn't say never under sleep then policy is not being applied
    • In the new update the images will change that default value so it will not have to rely on policy
    • Could be something in the bios in those machines too
    • Update the drivers for the video card?
    • Could be an issue of lenovo changing a chip between the time DOT makes the image and lenovo returns the new machine
    • Might be solved by going into display adapters and updating drivers
Group Policies:
  • Need for some house cleaning?
  • Drive mappings done through group policy
  • With Implementation of WOMAC, some modification will be needed to deal with so many old machines, might help with log-in times
  • There is a plan in place to remove drive mapping
  • What about shortcuts that are published?  They do slow down log in times
    • Some house cleaning—maybe remove some of the shortcuts?
    • Do an audit on your desktops, see if there are icons you don't need and let Chris know
  • So might remove shortcut policies?  Maybe just for high schools?
  • Send Chris an email about the shortcut policies
  • Chris will publish "testing short cut" that will go to desktops of generic student accounts
  • An efficient global way of getting printers on the machines Is Chris’ goal
  • Until that happens, your way if it works is fine—using IPprinter install, etc.
  • With the new method,  printer file is on a shared location—Chris copies files from old way to the new way location
  • Phase 2 client gets pushed to machines via "utilities"—WOMAC (workstation management client)
  • Console:  TRAC (technology resource assignment console)
  • You can use filter to find a machine for example, 516I4 (to see just media center machines)
  • You will have to type in the print server name
  • Might be some changes to print servers names at the start of next year (but they are all saved on a shared location now) and they can script those changes out.
  • Can also map a drive such as the year book to that same machines
  • To remove a printer, right click and “remove”
  • Can right click on the printer path and copy that and change the end
  • Can also right click on the name of the computer for more options there
  • WOMAC Client has ability to do profile sweeps (only number profiles) not teachers
  • WOMAC will be published, and will be in utilities location
  • Updates when they are needed will apply to everyone, will be no need to reinstall the application (since it's not an installed program like the PMC)
  • Utility will be published sometime next week and you can start using it
  • Can’t do multiple print assignments at one time –but you can just copy and paste the paths
  • Chris will send us an administrative guide
    • Start/run//?
    • /ip  (for install printer)
Wireless with Kevin: 
  • Carla focusing on 22 BYOD schools first
  • How are we handling wireless in the fall?
    • Rename MLC to wsfcs_public
    • New web filter this summer that will manage wireless
    • School issued devices will still operate on managed
    • BYOD users (not on domain) will browse to the public network,  will prompt  for active directory and depending on whether part of the BYOD group will let them on the wireless or not let them on
  • Other part—allowing teachers and admins bringing their on device (have not decided yet!)
  • Students can currently get on managed now, but that will change in fall unless members of the BYOD group
  • One of the reasons Kevin has let "it go" on users getting on now is so we can possibly qualify for the 2GB of data flow
  • If we press the threshold with having many users on now, might help us qualify
  • Web filter DOES affect students who log on now
  • Light speed is the name of the new web filter
  • The instruction/training piece and focus must be strong to go into this BYOD, thus why there is all the required training for teachers going on the BYOD
Debbie Harmon:
  • Power Source:  email account is the user name
  • Debbie talked about the roles, etc for power source accounts, working through the individual issues
  • Being a current NCWISE users is the criteria for getting a power source account (based on their role too)
  • Teacher assistants have never been assigned ncwise accounts, for example.
  • Next year K-2 teachers will do the same thing they do this year with regard to entering grades
  • Troubleshoot certificate issues:  
    • teachers have to get a proficient score 
    • Also may try different browser or different browser on a different computer
    • Google Chrome is probably the recommended browser.  
    • One particular module has difficulty with Internet Explorer (older versions). 
Power Management Issues/Kevin:
  • With new leased laptops,  don’t  request new outlets unless a drop dead reason.
  • Can put in a ticket to Carla for Ethernet drops for new desktops—let Carla look at it—will be a summer project for her
  • Drops not active, add additional switches…every single school will be evaluated.