Thursday, August 13, 2009

Technology for a new school year: 2009-2010

Hey Everyone,

I am excited about another year at TJMS. Recently, We got some great news from the state of NC! As part of budget cuts, the state has removed the requirement for students in North Carolina to pass the NC On-Line test of computer skills :) While this test brought a focus to learning technology skills, too much emphasis was placed on the actual test, and in my opinion this hurt the learning of real life applications in technology.

So...with the testing burden off our backs, I am looking forward to a year of integrating technology into all curriculum areas, and getting back to learning real-life web 2.0 and beyond skills!

This year, every single staff member will have a HEAT self service log-in. This is this system that we currently use for requesting help with technology. The on-line form will generate an e-mail…and create a database of requests that will help us better serve teachers and the equipment that frequently breaks. There will be a combination of face to Face training and video training for this application. They will be greatly simplifying the HEAT ticket process. Teachers can just go to your browser address bar and type in “Heat” and it will take you yo the on-line form for submitting technology requests. If you see me in the hall and ask me something I will probably say: “I promise to forget that”--fill out a heat ticket instead!

Check out the WS/FCS In Touch Blog there are many ideas for technology uses in the classroom:

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