Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wireless Router Issues

Had a question from a teacher today about her wireless router at home, "how they could reset their wireless router back to its default settings since they no longer could remember the password". Ever happen to you? Me too!  I  realized this is a common question that I get.  How to setup a wireless router, how to reset a wireless router.  How to connect to a wireless network, etc. 

One overall suggestion...If after many hours of trouble shooting a wireless router and you still can’t figure out what to do just go to Google and type in your wireless router model and trouble shooting and you will find many more tips.

The following  are some links for managing those specific issues:

Tips for wireless router troubleshooting:

Resetting a router password (also has links for specific models)

Here's another good site with sugestions for resetting your wireless router:

Setting up a wireless network:
Here's another good one from Microsoft for setting up a wireless network:

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