Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Interference with Wireless signal? Check out some of these possible sources of problems

I was researching why the wireless signal in our two trailers here at Jefferson Middle School seems to go down everyday around the same time.  I was wondering if it had anything to do with the sun, or perhaps or some human cause?

I found this interesting article on how some everyday items can interfere with a wireless network

Some electric devices known to clash with your wireless signals are:
  • Digital phones
  • A Baby's cot monitor
  • Blue tooth gadgets
  • Other wireless router
Other issues can be caused by objects getting in the way. If a signal is sent to your computer then it may get bounced off walls, windows, glass mirrors, carpeted floors, and many other objects, before it reaches your computer. At the PC end, this can mean a slow connection. The radio waves are travelling at the same rate but, due to signal bounce, it's taken longer to reach its destination. Things that can cause problems for your wireless router are:  
  • Glass doors, glass mirrors, glass in windows
  • Shiny metallic surfaces
  • Fish tanks (it's the water)
  • Internal walls made of brick
  • Stud partitioning in walls
  • Carpets
The sun produces electromagnetic waves too, and I was wondering if perhaps they could be interfering with the waves of the wireless network?  Here's an interesting article on solar outages:

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