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Tech Facilitator Meeting October 2011

Today’s Meeting: (follow this stream, and see questions and answers)
Family Business:   Tyron Williams last Friday was his last day—went to Charlotte

Standard Core Technology Standards
  • Lots of scenarios depending on your role—we need to be open minded
  • Common Core and Essential Standards Training: Monday, Oct 31 
  • Combined Media and Technology at the meeting
  • Each Media coordinator and tech facilitator will receive 18 contact hours of professional development in the information and technology standards
  • Your role in essential in implementing the standards
  • Media and Tech Facilitators are not the people responsible for the curriculum!—Teachers are the ones responsible for the curriculum
  • Our role is to share the information with the teachers
  • We will be at Morgan Elementary—Try to carpool as much as possible—it is up for registration since last week.
  • Morgan: 8:30-3:30 (hour for lunch) go out if you like—meeting is in the multi-purpose room
Agenda for the Core Standards:
  • Brief overview of the five standards, focus on the first two for this meeting
  • If you are classified, what do you do? (Board Policy—licensed personnel are the only ones who have to come, can’t mandate calssified to come, but Marlo recommends you come to help support your teachers)
  • TBT Message was send to make sure you have your laptop fully charged. May also bring your galaxy and fully charged.
  • You are not taken away from your common core area if you are teaching in one of the other areas. (if you teach something else, or have alternate certification, talk to your principal)
  • We should have fun on Monday—it’s Halloween—if you want to dress up, go for it.
What is your Vision for Technology?—ten minutes

2012-2014 Technology Plan
  • Oct 7 began drafting
  • Oct 20—shared with MTAC
  • Oct 27 Shared with Tech Facilitators (This is a start, not in stone)
  • Nov 4—DOT reviews draft
  • Nov 15—draft due to DPI
  • As part of the Paper Work reducation act: State took requirement for tech plans away, but because of e-rate (federal money) still must have an approved tech plan, also for grant requirements…
  • Plan needs to be clear and realistic and include professional development plan.
  • Must assess hardware needs, and include a plan to monitor progress
  • Look into Future—two year plan (as opposed to five year plan)
  • Imagine it is 2013…what’s going to happen in your classroom?
Each group at today's meeting was assigned one of five priorities of the tech plan

Our group had # 2—Develop a comprehensive sustainable LEA plan, comments were gathered and collected for input.

Youtube for education?

  • Question is: Should this be something we try for teachers?, knowing not everything will be available.
  • It is uncharted waters is why it is a concern mainly because of federal money requiring a safe webfilter.
  • You tube is just getting this started, not a ton of content at this point
  • Don’t want to be the bad guys of giving something that is very limited.
  • Other impacts: bandwidth issues
  • Two weeks for tech facilitators to test it, and provide feedback
  • There has been some good use of it in schools 
  • Don’t forget to join the tech facilitator group on edmodo: join code: o80vh8
Microsoft Outlook Live (change to new e-mail)
  • Intro: to alleviate some of your concerns…
  • Steven is not training you, you can’t log-in yet
  • You are proficient enough to use outlook if you have used other email services
  • Everyone will use the web version of outlook
  • They have handouts/moodles already created
  • Global addresses will be loaded
  • Calendars can be public and shared with anyone
  • Good task feature, flagged emails go into tasks
  • Contacts: global address book will be loaded.
  • Email groups will be determined by active directory
  • If we are being real, January 3rd is a critical time period—opening 2 new schools over the holidays! There are only 6 days to make the conversion--Two new high schools--this has NEVER happened before in mid year
  • They are considering postponing email to over spring break
  • If they were not so nice, they would just start it tomorrow with nothing saved.
  • They are going to move what they can and that makes the process more complex
  • What about semester change? January 24th?  Problem, there is Common Core training around that time :(  (many communications associated with that)
  • Another issue--all the devices (500 mobile devices that have to be dealt with) 
  • Betty will inform us of the progress in their decision
  • Once we change the mail domain direction, it’s all or nothing (can't have two systems up at the one time unless you changed the domain name
  • Thought about changing to but already owned by someone in Australia
  • From 30 days out they will start migrating over and then do an incremental loa
  • Features of Lotus Client?: Street Files, etc. These are some of the complexities, domino applications are having to be recreated and web-enabled, vacation/leave request had to be rebuilt, titan, purchase requisition has to be rebuilt. Blackberry going away to a droid.
  • If it was just email, it could be done much quicker
There is a WeB x on the change to a different Printer utility: 
  • Your technicians have or will be out to train tech facilitators on the new utility. 
  • Web x is on the tech facilitator web portal
  • Chris will take us through the Utility:
Buddy Martin/Chris Corbin Show
  • New Printer utility is better and easier: Printer Management Console
  • Will get you console, will be available on KACE
  • Your school will pop up when you open the console
  • Simple tools to use, you still have printer groups with machines in them
  • Assign them first in the new console, then you can get them out of the group 
  • (in the hammer, you see groups container, inside printer container are the list of machines printing to a printer) 
  • Select them all and remove them after you get them done in the utility.
  • Don’t worry about deleting from utility; just take computers out of the printer group.
  • Chris: If you have printers present applied to the user profile through the group while they are logged in…you may see both
  • so while you are transitioning you still may have to apply the printers in the new utility
  • It won’t hurt to have two printers, 1 applied by the new utility, and 1 applied by group policies…
  • This new utility will solve the issue of shared staff with two different schools.
  • There are help videos on the new console.
  • Recommends a profile sweep, you can request one, and there is one scheduled before winter break.
  • If you need a K drive, request if you need
  • Yearbook drives (I drive)—in order for yearbook users who have permissions to those folders, machines have to be in that group too. 
  • You can do this yourself, by adding member machines to that yearbook group
  • Same thing with CTE machines, they need to be members of CTE group
  • They will keep data as long as they possibly can, but will purge the older folders first, and let you know first if you need to go clean up old/unused stuff.
  • Teachers server quota is 300 MB, and get warnings at 285 MB
  • Send a KACE ticket if you hear that they have gotten a warning and they will send you a screen shot of where—they have saved all their stuff!! (shared drives, etc.)
  • You can show owner’s files in a folder…right click in folder and “show owners"—Good tip from Chad Booth :)
  • login is your email address, password maybe generic one, unless you have changed it.
  • Can use it for missing machines, can freeze a machine remotely.
  • Web x on computrace--Buddy may do one..
  • You will see a new tab called assets
  • Categories: for example: printers—all the information on them can now be seen
  • Technicians will document printers 
  • You can use it to start maintaining inventories in your school
  • Inventory will not be there since they are discoverable…
  • Export out of destiny? Possibly…Kevin will check
  • KACE: There is now a time closed column
  • Default ticket cues—Service Desk people are looking at it everyday…and then pushed out to tech facilitators daily.
  • User survey email, do we need them? Kevin will contact Kace.
Project Updates:

• Race for the top wireless infrastructure roll out has begun
o Contractors are in schools working
o Nov 4th in the evening to install wireless controllers in the data center
o 65 or so schools to do…
o Will be coming behind the contractors in the schools updating the access points—All in an effort to get ready for the student

Betty: SAS Portal:
  • Principals and AP’s have access to the SAS portal
  • Reports Principals can now get:
    • Assignments posted not posted to parent assist
    • They can get teacher and assessment not posted! Wow!
    • Remember average will change for parent view even if assessment is not posted
    • Principals could cut and paste. And send to a teacher…
    • Go to SAS for course failures too
    • This was shared with MS principals
  • Middle and High Schools will be affected first with end of course testing
  • Window opens Oct 31—will share specs of computers that are required. 
  • Read aloud tests will require the use of a CD…(issues with thin client machines not having CD’s)
  • Vendors: coming to schools –there are policies about that, Print Management people need to identify themselves
  • Triad Electronics sent a mailer to schools—if you contract with triad electronics, don’t send her the bill (for projectors)
    • They should not have sent that letter. 
    • DOT will continue to manage repairs for projectors, mainly switch them out (from schools that have refitted with newer equipment)
Web x’s:

Other topics you feel are important, send them to Betty so a web x can be created.
Donation for CL: They gave over $600.00 to the family for a child…
Subs using technology? Long term subs get rights to log-in, but daily subs should not.

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