Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Inserting a Picture to Power Point from a Smart Document Camera

I was working with a teacher this week who was creating photo-stories on Photo-Story 3, and was wanting an easy way to scan pictures that students were bringing in from home.  I suggested:  "Why not use Power Point with the document camera?"  Power Point has a built in photo-editor that is very easy to use, and pictures can then be saved as Jpeg's for easy use with other applications like Photo-Story.

Also, most of our teachers have SMART document camera's and these directions are specifically written for working with that camera:  Here goes: (Thanks to Evan Herreid from WS/FCS DOT for showing me this!)

Before you start, make sure document camera is on,  and "camera mode" is in green on the document camera (also make sure the document camera is directly connected via usb to the computer (not a dongle usb mini hub!)

1.  Open up Power Point

2.  From a blank power point slide, Click on insert image from scanner or camera

3.  Choose smart doc camera SDC 280 and take check OFF box that says add picture to clipart gallery, and Click on “custom Insert

4.  A window will pop up with document camera view, Choose play to display document camera view, adjust any focus or zoom, Then, Click on the stop button, then Click on Transfer.

5) What you “took a picture of” will transfer to power point slide, and then simply Click on picture, a picture editing tool bar will appear, and you can crop and edit as necessary.

Then, if you need to save the picture for inserting into other application, you can right click on the picture and save as a jpeg file!

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