Monday, April 12, 2010

Printing Troubleshooting/Adding a "local IP Printer"

Here is a refresher on printers..How a printer gets assigned to your computer/what if you want access to another network printer?, etc.

The Tech Facilitator has to assign printers through a Utility.  This utility program is only installed on the tech facilitator computer.  Printers are named based on the department of technology standard. So for example, the following printer named: \\406dc01\M406P022501
Prints to room 225.

The first set of numbers is the school code (406)..., and the last 5 or 6 numbers tell you something about the location of the printer.

If you pay attention when you choose to print, that will help save wasted paper and ink. Otherwise, if a printer is on your computer that you don't need or ever use, let me know and I will remove it remotely. In that case, I will just need the name of your computer , and the name of the printer you want deleted or added .

You go to start and programs and choose " Workstation information " to find the name of your computer. You can also determine the name of your computer by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the third box on the windows log in screen (it normally says WSFCS) but the other choice tells you the name of the computer.

You can also go to start and choose printers and faxes from your program list to see which printers are assigned to your computer.

Remember not to use printers as "copiers"--Don't print class sets of papers to the network printer.

There is a way to ADD a local printer if for example a person is at your school but it is not their home based school (for example a shared counselor or social worker).  It can also be used in situations where the Printer Utility is not working for some reason.  Here are directions for ADDING a "Local/IP" printer.

login as WSADMIN or as a teacher
Printers and Faxes
ADD Printer
Choose LOCAL but take the check OFF to Auto detect
Choose the radio button for Create a new port
Choose the drop down arrow to choose Standard TCP/IP
In the Printer name box, just type the IP address of the printer such as: (you get the IP address from printing the printer configuration page directly from the printer, go to the printer's menu, choose the information menu and then choose "print configuration")
(it will fill in the box below for port)
Then the last thing you have to choose the HP driver of the printer (based on the model of the printer, Only for XP machines--Windows 7 will find the correct driver for you!), and give it a name. If the printer model is above a 4100 printer the laserjet 4100 PLC driver usually works just fine  From that point forward, the person should be able to choose that printer from their printer drop down box.

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