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Technology Facilitator Meeting November 2014

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New Laptop carts
  • Kevin will send an email with quantity
  • About 1 laptop for every 4.5 kids
  • So take your 6 and 7th graders and divide by 4.5
  • Should arrive around Christmas break
  • They used to have computrace on them
  • It is about $60.00 per laptop for a 5 year license
  • For the new laptops they are etching the WSFCS logo on the laptops
  • They have recovered about 20 machines so far this year, but is it worth the $60.00 per machine?
  • The x-131's that have already been purchased, will still have computrace on them 
    • With the 11000 laptops, we got a deal and the carts were included

RUA: Responsible Use Agreement

  • It's been a bit of a challenge
  • Continue to work with your principal to get those back in
  • They are not locking accounts from the district level (school level decision)
  • Angie Wallace can send you more copies of the purple forms if needed
  • There should be a check box in Power School for Data managers to mark if the form has been returned
  • Sandy Holt--could the Picture opt out be included?
  • They may need to communicate again with Theo Helm about Photo Opt out form
  • Digital Safety Resources

New Repair Process

  • Starts December 1
  • technicians will be coming out to the schools and you need to identify and area for the techs to work on computers that previously were sent in for repair
  • For now, Put the location in the body of the School Dude ticket
  • What about CTE?
    • Gloria Padgett will do things the way they were done before 

School Dude Work order system:

  • Are teachers not using it?  Some keeping spreadsheets?
  • Emphasize with Principals the work order system
  • Any time you can document your workload, then do it
  • Suggestion to put in ABC (already been corrected) ticket to help document your workload
  • Someone else suggested Tech Facilitator could put in a ticket at the end of the day with all those small miscellaneous items that don't warrant a written up ticket 
  • Icon on the desktop for school dude?
  • Erin Mulhern? to Kevin--Send Joan the information about Tech Facilitator having to go back in to school dude request and change the responsible party when they submit a ticket in their name 
  • Bottom line is that the volume of workload needs to be documented (not put in spreadsheets for example)
  • "Equipment request field" (no flexibility right now) but working with school dude and perhaps later 

Share point /Jonathan  Hoff

    • It is not on the new image because the state can never decide on a version 
    • Will need to be installed through AICP
    • Next year testing on a secure browser will be a google chrome plug in
  • We will go to chrome store (not google play) 
    • Type in nctest
    • You will need to be up to date on Chrome version
    • John Hoff will be working on how we should be updating chrome
    • You can go in as a regular user and download latest chrome for now

Chris's printer request for information

  • How many people going to IP printing instead of Trac?
  • Need to be aware of some of the problems with IP printing
    • IP printing can't track any documentation on printing if using IP address
    • The reason for using the IP printing, is the old printer and the 64 bit machines
      • A lot of the older printers don't have a 64 bit driver
      • Most of them should have the right driver on them now
      • In Utilities:  There is a "spooler fix" for teachers 
      • Can't fix something they don't know about, so let them know if you are still having issues
      • Be better to try the TRAC  printer Utility again 

They are still trying to find the best way to communicate (blog?)

Share point /Joan Proffitt

  • Office 365 on the web
    • Go to Sites
    • Tech facilitator site (or search)
    • Knowledge base library is being updated from the old KACE knowledge base and old tech facilitator handbook
    • Click on the Knowledge Base number and there are attachments and some have videos
School Dude Tickets:
  • Issue:  Tickets going back to you for more information "Waiting for more information)
  • They are starting to use New message that will generate an email
  • Chris has asked that the message center notes be added to journal notes
  • If not been heard from within three days, then they might close the ticket  (you can open it back up if necessary)
  • That's why they are asking department to use the message center and it generates an email
  • Issue: At schools with multiple Tech Facilitators,  then one person to go through emails

Jim Mendoza:

  • Browser Analogy--In cooking people use different pots for different items-- same with browser
    • Chris is working on a matrix to determine which browser to use which applications
  • Power Point from Jim on YouTube
    • You tube quality 
    • They are working to improve video quality playback
    • Starting to publish playlists for tech facilitators
    • Jim is now making high quality videos and Playlists 
    • In YouTube:  If you see a little star, that's an indicator
    • if no HD in red above then its not filmed in high definition
  • School net assessments
    • e-studios if the machines end in 5, 6, 7 then can be used as a scanner (copiers)
    • Curriculum coordinators will be trained this month
    • Students will login to Schoolnet
    • Tech Facilitators will getting test coordinator access 
Office 365 One Drive:

  • Will not be an H drive next year 
  • They can map a drive like the H drive to one drive next year 
  • Will only work in IE 9, 10, and 11 
    • If you don't have one of those versions, then you might have to do copying from another machine 
    • Should not be an issue for the x-131 teacher laptops
  • Have to have hot fix patch installed from utilities 
  • One note use and support is going to increase and best used with outlook version preferably office 2013 
  • Never install Outlook 2013 "on top of" any other version of Office 
  • A ton of new server equipment has been arriving--system center is coming with i
  • Hopefully by January it will be automated process.

Heather Horton:

Found in:
  • Share point 
  • presentations 
  • instructional
Then under Sites
  • Administrative services (yellow) 
  • technology services


  • Apps for IPADS have to be reviewed by MTAC committee 
  • MTAC can approve some things without district approval 
  • District approvals for software/apps will happen in January April, July and October 
    • Exception for right now since this is a new process (she will work on some things in November) 
  • Need to go through this process before PO money has been sent 
  • Put it through if you know if even for next year. 
  • Someone at school has to "own it" 
  • If the software needs installed on all the laptops, has to be tested. 
  • If more than $500 then definitely needs to go through this process 
  • If students don't need anymore data than email, user name and pw, then it should be good to go. 
  • If they have to test it they need the license information etc. 
  • If data is needed, let central office generate the csv file 
  • try and get vendors to help with the data 
  • Has to be a contract in place with the company to not use the data (student)

  • Tech Facilitators took quiz on guidelines for submitting items to software approval process and copyright 
  • School wires site is a public site and posting stuff even things they purchased, does not make it okay in terms of copyright 
    • No sports logos for example. 
    • Teachers could also post things in edmodo since it is pw protected 
    • Teachers could also search creative commons:


  • Free app, free website 
  • can get the cards on amazon for $20 
  • You could also can print on card stoc


Tech facilitators discussed the pros and cons that they are seeing with BYOD in the schools right now.

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