Friday, March 20, 2015

Technology Facilitator Meeting March 2015

New Folks..
Mike Shore at Kingswood
Jenna Bass At Oldtown

ASW—Analysis of Student Work--Leslie Baldwin

  • Leslie represents Foreign Language but is here today representing Encore and to talk about how teachers will document their standard 6 growth measure
  • Teachers will need to collect audio and video evidence and upload it in May and June
  • Video:  size limit, 10 MB which is small and therefore we might be asked to help compress it or edit it?
  • Audacity maybe the best bet for audio recording
  • In order to show growth on objective 6, teachers might have to do two videos
  • We and the tech department are here to provide additional support
  • They are providing a Gallery device for schools to use for video taping
    • They are wifi only, but you can connect a usb to a laptop and pull the video off
  • A compression utility:  free make video  compression utility:
  • Chris has put the compression Program  it on the AICP for installation
  • One suggestion was if the video was on Youtube, you could record the video with a phone
  • Encourage your teachers to upload as soon as the window for uploading starts
  • Screencast-o-matic—idea from Sam Walker

Topics for today: Sessions starting at 9:25, 10:10 11:15, 1:30, 2:20

  • One note 233
  • I-pads in Classroom 219
  • E-studio 221
  • Ipad setup IRC
  • Technical Q and A  in 223, then 221 PM

You-tube Access:

  • They are going to open up You-tube to high school students in order to document our need for more bandwidth
    • MCNC needs to see traffic of 1.6GB or greater to get authorized for an increase in bandwidth
    • Will need to enforce safe search to protect students but this will affect teachers as well and may block some videos for teachers that previously were available—
    • Teachers can use a work around via google chrome: 
    • Chris created a video for it last night—tech facilitator sharepoint site-misc help videos:
    • User agent switcher for google chrome--takes you to
    • (students have that blocked)
    • If videos are not tagged or tagged for something that is blocked then they will be blocked for all users

Cloud Computing: Google Apps/One note/office 365 one drive
  • Not getting rid of Shared drives until later
  • Issues with sharing Flip Charts on the one drive does not work
Heather Harmon:
  • Same MS email account will work with google docs
  • They are developing a resource site from WSFCS
  • This will be available to students and teachers
  • Resetting passwords for Google accounts will require students to be prompted to change password for active directory but they will be allowed to use the same password
  • For some schools (google schools) this will be happening on Monday—students and staff
  • Google drives are pretty much unlimited
  • Email will be sent out Friday (3/20) "warning" those schools
  • Password reset will happen sometime on Sunday night
  • Other schools will be brought on as a school by school basis during the next few weeks
Mike McDowell from Jefferson Middle is the winner of the NCTIES Teacher of the Year! (Showed a video of him)

Miscellaneous items
  • Video for adding the NCTEST App for google chrome
    • Under misc help videos
  • Parents are calling to get student access to emails and asking to change  their password—they are not honoring that request
  • IT direct tickets--make sure you are reassigning to service desk
  • Thinkpads--Image with an 11e had a problem with USB drivers-- they have fixed that image now on all servers
  • Ipad Air Watch Issue: What was happening --When folks signed into air watch on the i pads, it would take you to app screen and never went to the correct screen
    • They have had to do a full reset, and they have had to take an iPad around to the schools to troubleshoot
  • Clever:  does a great job at managing student data and various apps for sign on etc.
    • Things like achieve 3000, lexia.  Here is the link:  
    • log-in for apps

One NoteMarty Creech:

  • Great product of Microsoft 
  • During setup you might have to create an outside personal hot mail/Microsoft account and then go into the settings of the account and add an account to do the wsfcs
  • Lots of capability with ONE note
    • Could share notebooks with staff members (PLT's, meetings, etc.)
    • You can add a link, a clip, a screen clipping
    • You can right click on a picture and you can choose "ALT text" to get the text out of that
    • You Can create a read aloud document
    • Can record an audio piece
    • Can do a search that will include audio or text
    • There is a built in calculator

IPAD session with Heather Harmon

  • Common Problems with authenticating and connecting to the WSFCS public domain:  One suggestion if problems is to go to: settings and forget network and reconnect to force the certificate
  • THE APP catalog on air watch is  installed on all ipads
  • There are Install issues right now with air watch, but app store is working right now
  • Please involve Harmon  in helping with your IPAD decisions at your school
  • Approval of APPS only needs approval if more than $500, otherwise go through MTAC
    • If not this year, start next year

Question and Answer--Tech troubleshooting, Justin Richy

  • Carla Miller was telling us how at NCET, they do a session of sharing called Tips and Tricks
  • Missing drop down issue on school websites--short answer for right now is to open another tab or close and re-open the browser
  • School wires update caused this?  not sure yet
  • Logins issues?  no servers available and have to re-add machine to the domain--has been reported more commonly lately
  • Home folder agent for new students doesn't always run, and you will have to put in a ticket and have those students "bounced"
  • Save issue on the new laptops --Default location saves to a temporary location on the local hard drive—they are working on that issue.  Students should navigate to computer and their location on the server
  • Recycle bin issue--not being able to empty--working on that
  • MS Clip art—Is online and hosted through Bing so clip art won’t work because of the blocking issue with our district and Bing
  • UNAV sensitive mouse pad, KB0024
  • Cracked screens with laptops—damaged—school will have to pay
    • Will work with us on accidents but overt damage school will have to pay
  • Trust relationship issues and computers not logging on--they have become more aware of that issue and They are working on it
  • Slow log ins?  Possibly caused by abundance of profiles?  Profile sweeps can be put in login scripts If we request--Bomb prof  be used to clean computers manually

Jim Mendoza; E-studio and SCAN-IT

  • Video on working with Scan it:
  • The training documents will be available on google docs.     
  • Tech Facilitators can "claim their google account" using their wsfcs email address.  This IS NOT available to teachers yet--they will be rolling that out for them
  • Tech Facilitators can install SCAN it from the AICP and it's recommended that we install it only on laptops or computers in the vicinity of the Toshiba Copiers
  • Follow the directions in the video or the documentation for configuring SCAN IT
  • When you launch SCAN it, if the pop up with the Control screen  goes away quickly, you have to maximize the screen fast and choose allow 
  • Scan sheets are placed FACE UP with the bottom facing your body
  • Always Print "AS IS" don't shrink print out of scan sheets
  • You can save the test file to a USB drive as a back up and print for online tests
  • When configuring SCAN IT, and discovering, the laptop and Toshiba need to be on the same VLAN (follow the video instructions)
  • Bubble sheets will not print if there is an "Enhanced question" on the test

Overview of Airwatch with Jennifer Ellington

  • Presentation from Jennifer Ellington
  • Tech Facilitators will all eventually get an air watch account to be able to help administer airwatch
  • Currently close to 4000 devices under air-watch
  •  Purpose of Air-watch is to distribute approved apps, and supervise device use over the air
  • Zone techs will set up I-pads if you order
  • If you order, be sure you order through the School System so they are configured correctly--If Doners want to give you ipads, have them write a check instead of buying ipads
  •  Device Enrollment Program
  • Teacher ipad setup and other instructions for Ipad setup are all documented on the Knowledge base, KB0052
  • Ipads should be bar coded at the schools and managed with destiny inventory
  • If you have a speech teacher using them and there are questions, talk with Susan in EC
  • Encourage Teachers to use wsfcs email address to set up apple ID
  • There is a generic user for media accounts at all the schools and that same user (ie: has an email address
  • Volume Purchase Apps
  • Common issues with IPADS:  light speed issues
  • forgotten Apple ID  and passwords

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