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Technology Facilitator Meeting June 2015 (last one?)

Kevin Sherrill/Support model for next year

  • Middle and High Schools are grouped in numbers of three or four depending on the size and need
  • Technology is hiring five more technicians to rotate through the Middle and High schools
  • Elementary model that was in place this year will continue as of now
  • The MS/HS technicians will have 12-16 hours of dedicated tech time every week at each Middle and High School
  • Up to the principal on how they use a part time certified instructional position allocated HS:  .5 / MS .4
  • The ideal model would be having a half time or full time instructional technology person at each school
  • Who directs the person? 
    • Work flow will come via "work orders/school dude tickets which must come from teachers
    • Kevin also sees the technician working closely with the instructional technology person (assuming there is one)
  • Technology will be communicating heavily with teachers and principals to use work order system
  • He wants these technicians to have "relationships" with teachers

Tracy from Wiley:  Will rights remain for resetting accounts and other tech facilitator rights for those who move to this instructional position?

  • Yes, and resetting account rights will also go  to Media Coordinators
  • But Kevin doesn't want those folks to have to be repairing hardware

Starting July 1, the new technicians will be starting in the schools/Carla Miller

  • They can re-image the labs
  • Work on Classroom Solutions

Will technology meetings continue?

  • A concern people had was how will communication happen in the schools to "calm people down" when issues arise without a point person at the school?  Were not sure how to answer this but some form of communication may continue to a "point person"
  • May partner with Heather and their folks and have monthly meetings of some sort with the folks who take the instructional technology spots

Will this model for MS/HS move down to elementary as well?  Maybe

  • A lot of people at elementary are not certified and they would need a year’s notice.

What about Testing, and the demands on a tech support person in the schools during that time?

  • Kevin said perhaps he was not as in touch with the testing as much as he should be
  • People like Sandy Holt mentioned preparing laptops will into the evening on the nights before testing and all the coordination that goes along with that
  • For one there will be a .5 Classified Testing hiree in the Middle Schools and a full time person in the high schools to assist
  • Other issues with testing:
    • Batteries dying left and right during testing
    • Kevin will provide technical support for testing.
    • They are working on the plan for testing for next year

RUP document for next year? 

  • Only incoming students

School groupings/Carla Miller

  • Technicians will rotate through three to four schools:  two weeks of 12 hours and third week you get 16 hours
  • They do work 12 months so there's that too
  • When a technicians is absent:  do have floaters who will come into the schools
    • Floaters: Evan Herreid, Jeff Taylor and Carla Miller
  • They need for us to communicate as well to Carla

Space for roving technicians?

  • Please discuss with your principal for a designated place for them to work.
  • They are looking also to create a parts runner
  • But also look at a lockable free standing cabinet of some sort?

Chris Corbin/IPADS

  • Continuing to work with air watch—believe the cause is the fact we bought ten thousand licenses and once they hit the four thousand—their environment is not equipped to deal with that many
  • Air-watch suggested we move to an "on premises" environment
  • Have to do a re-enrollment of devices
    • Air watch is pledging help
  • Teacher i-pads can just do a re-enrollment
  • Student shared i-pads need a full reset
  • Chris sent a second email out asking what location they will be in this summer?
  • At each school that they go to this summer, they will have an office person count I-pads to verify before and after air watch comes in to the schools
  • Also Technology is working with a third party company—to set up on premises environment—something called “mobile mind”
  • At this point they are waiting on a database server to arrive and then will start hitting the school (moving very fast)—will try and give a heads up-- with a three day range
  • Should only have to do a full reset on student iPad

Profile Sweeps?  Didn't seem to work on many machines

  • Womac helper in c\windows did not recognize the new student profiles
  • They will do a Womac helper update to be able to target new student id’s

IAM Cloud Accounts:

  • Communication is happening via Theo Helm
  • There is a one sheet brochure explaining what the im service is
  • Student campaign is starting at the beginning of next year—first or second week of September, but basically teachers will need to:

1.Surf to and set up your account.
2 .Note that your “Staff UID” is the same numeric user ID that you use for logging into PowerTeacher and PowerSchool.
3 .Students will be requested to follow this same procedure (they will have different and age-appropriate challenge questions).
4 .Starting July 6th, 2015 is the sole method for logging into Home Base software (PowerSchool, PowerTeacher, Schoolnet, NCEES, etc.)

Required to answer at least 5 of the 10 challenge questions. In the future this will allow you to reset your own password!
How do you claim your account? Go to and click "Claim my account," then click "LEA Employee Claim Policy," then click next. On the next screen, our LEA/Charter Code is 340, and your Staff UID is the same numeric user ID that you use for logging into PowerTeacher and PowerSchool.

Still have questions? Check these resources:

Testing Issues:

  • Dana Wright's counterpart at the state—said the problems we were seeing during testing of students getting repeatedly kicked out was a Winston-Salem problem
  • But in talking with other districts apparently many other people were seeing the issues
  • One problem may have been the students clicking on the edge of the screen and getting locked out
  • Tutorial does not address the clicking outside the test nor the issue with the highlighter
  • There were also issues with sound stopping after a certain point.  Function keys can’t be used to control sound since  it will  kick them out.

Active Directory and Policies changes will be updated and changed:

  • They are getting away from lab/laptop etc. containers
  • All computers/devices will be  in one container next year
  • They will also be removing some restrictions on students and teachers
    • Should hopefully make login times improved

AMTR: (Annual Media and Technology Report)

  • They have a list of schools completed
  • Make sure you are working in the new AMTR.
  • E-mail Joan if questions
  • Apparently the technicians will do AMTR next year?

XP machines have to get gone:

  • Kevin trying to secure funds to help with that
  • The hot fix for the long startup/login times can be pushed out again if we request
  • Justin is working on the new images and hot fix will be in there so if you re-image machines thi summer than you should not run into that problem
  • Emory does not like desktop labs prefers mobile
  • They will Do a second inventory of old machines too. (not just XP)
  • But immediate need is to get rid of XP
  • What about leased devices?
  • There may be 3 million dollars for next year?
  • Kevin likes the idea of chrome books—could get roughly 10-12 thousand (@$250.00 a pop)
  • Another 4-5 thousand ipads?
  • Need to get our mind around personalized learning with collaborative groups and mobile devices
  • Should be funding to refresh at every school
  • Durability of chrome books?
  • What about the Lenovo n-21?

Containers in MMC for subs?  Can school personnel reset sub accounts—Chris will look at that.

Learning Management System for next year/Haiku

  • All teachers will have accounts with the district
  • Goals for Next Year:
    • Will start as an Instructional resource and a way for schools to communicate
    • Setup PLT teacher collaborate sites
    • Will eventually transition to build sites for students
    • Anna at Forest Park is piloting it
    • Possibly student/teacher interaction the following year.
    • Then In the future parents would have access (maybe two years down the road)

Google ambassador program

  • Idea is to build teacher leaders who are experts with the google products
  • They have a similar plan for Haiku
  • Adam/Brittany and Marty have been heading it up the spring training for the co-horts is about finished

Good of the Order:

  • Still some confusion over Stipends (survey wording confused some people) 
    • Criteria for spring was only for people doing tech work above and beyond your regular job. 
    • Kevin's survey was on the honor system—if you are given extra time (planning time) then you should not get a stipend

  • Learn 360 is definitely going away next year—working on you tube for everyone

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