Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Podcasting using Audacity and uploading MP3's

Recently, our French Teacher asked me about uploading an MP3 file that she had created using a sound recording program called Audacity--which did pose some problems for us...

But, I was able to upload an Mp3 to our schoolwires website with now problem and copy the url and open it in a new window.  From that link it simply opened up windows media player, so our school wires website should be capable of playing uploaded mp3's.

Generally, the process would be to upload a sound file either on a  file page or simply as a link on a flex page. There is also a "Podcasting Page" on School wires that you can choose when you create a new page. Here is a link to the PODCASTING page Help manual on school wires:

Our staff will receive training on working with a "podcasting page" on November 16th--Here is the schedule of technology training for this year:

Finally, if you figure out school wires is not the best place for podasting, there are alternatives... Here is an article with a suggestion for a site where you can upload podcasts:

The school district has also written about Podcasting on their "in-touch" technology blog:

Finally, Mr. Cardarelli completed a project this week using Photo-Story.  Photo-Story is an easy program to use and make a pod-cast.  If it's your first time making one, and you don't want the problems of Audacity, give Photo-story a try.  Here is the free download site for Photo-story 3:

Here is a link to some more resources on Podcasting/digital story-telling:

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