Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wiki-How to, a decent source for computer trouble-shooting

When it comes to basic computer trouble-shooting and maintenance and repair, I have used "Wiki-How to" to help me explain some basic step by step directions in troubleshooting computers.  Look at all these categories of how-to!

Here is just a sample, there are a ton more: 

  • How to:
  • Permanently Erase Data Off a Hard Drive
  • Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications
  • Access the Bios, Grub Boot Menu and Bash Shell of a Data Domain Appliance
  • Backup Files on a Laptop
  • Change Computer BIOS Settings
  • Change Your Keyboard from American to English
  • Change a Windows XP Product Key
  • Clean Your Computer System
  • Clean the Windows Registry by Hand
  • Clean up a Slow Performing Computer
  • Clear up Unnecessary Files on Your Linux PC
  • Clone a Partition
  • Close Several Programs and Pages by One Click Using a Batch File

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