Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lenovo T-61 (Wake Forest Univ. Teacher laptops) laptop issues

Daniel Bryant our 6th grade math/science teacher offered the following solution for a couple of "display problems" with the new laptops

The first issue deals with the icons and writing on the new laptops being much smaller than on other computers. The second problem occurs (sometimes) when using Function F7 to transfer your computer display onto a projector. To try the solutions to one or both of these issues, read on below.

1) Writing and Icons are Too Small on the Desktop…
To solve this problem,

  • click on the Start Tab and go to Settings and Control Panel .
  • Next, double-click on the Display icon, and then press the Advanced button in the bottom right corner of the new window.
  • You will see a highlighted drop down box titled DPI Setting . Currently, your setting is probably set at Normal Size (96DPI) . You want to click on that drop down box, and change the setting to Large Size (120DPI) .
  • After making the change you will be asked a question acknowledging that font changes won’t be made until windows is restarted.
  • Click OK . Next click APPLY in the bottom right corner of the box.
  • Another question will pop up asking if you would like to skip loading new files and just stick with what’s on the computer. Click YES. Finally, if you are not prompted to do so, restart your computer for the changes to take place.

2) My Projector Only Shows My Background after I Press Function F7


OK, here is what has mysteriously happened… When you pressed Function F7, the laptop not only transferred your screen onto the projector, but it also changed your display settings (anyone interested in what they became, feel free to email Daniel for an explanation). I’m not sure what causes this change to happen, because I used Function F7 many times before this problem suddenly started taking place. Here is the Fix:


In the bottom right-hand corner of your laptop screen is a small green button that shows as NVIDIA Settings if you hold the cursor over it.

  • Double-click this NVIDIA button.
  • You will get a pop up window.
  • Hold your cursor over Quatro NVS 140m (Display 1- Digital) ,
  • then move it to the left over nView Display Settings .
  • The “Dualview” setting is probably checked,
  • but we want to go down and hold the cursor over Clone ,
  •  and then click on Laptop Display + Analog Display
  • Finally, the computer will ask if you are sure that you want to make these display changes.
  •  Click YES .
  • Clicking on this should return your computer to the correct setting so that you can see what is on your laptop and what is on the projector at the same time.
  •  If it is only showing up on one or the other, press Function F7 again.






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