Saturday, January 8, 2011

Parent Assist Issues

FYI, During NCWISE maintenance weekends” parent assist” is not accessible either.
List of Maintenance Weekends:

Also, even before the maintenance weekend, I have been hearing about parents having difficulty accessing parent assist. ( )

Unfortunately, there is not one simple answer as to why someone might be having difficulty accessing Parent Assist. However, having heard of some problems and possible fixes from various parents this week, the following are some possible solutions:

1) One quick fix is to start fresh try another internet browser, and then use that new browser only for Parent Assist. Why might that work?—because browsers can get corrupted by various spyware, tool bars, and the like, and starting fresh can be away to deal with those issues without addressing the other issues that are affecting your computer. A couple of good browsers that have been suggested to me are:




2) Another suggestion might to be to clean up your internet explorer browser. Depending on your internet explorer version, you might try the following:

From an open internet explorer window:
Go to the menu
choose Tools,
Internet Options,
advanced tab
select RESET (under reset internet explorer settings)

Warning, this will generally reset your homepage and other customized settings, but can be a good clean sweep if you were having other IE problems.

Another good thing to occasionally do is:
Also under Internet Options,
but this time under the general tab
choose “delete”: to remove temporary files, cookies, browsing history, saved passwords. This can sometimes make a program like parent assist work where there were problems with it loading before.

Otherwise, there is a Parent Assist FAQ site on WS/FCS’s webpage:

List of Maintenance Weekends:

If you come across other suggestions that have worked for you, please let me know. I did speak about navigating to different grade views in parent assist in the weekly memo.

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