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Hey,  The following are a list of sessions that I attended and took notes--realizing I was taking these "on the fly" please excuse any grammatical errors, but I did try and go back and edit a little.  The purpose of these notes is "for the record" and as a resource if I need to go back and check something I heard and likely won't remember.  I will blog later about the top five or ten items that I feel will be really useful to me...You know how conferences are:  If you can take just a few good things away then it is a success.  For me, these conferences always inspire me to try new things, share new things and mainly learn from my wonderful colleagues who were there with me!  Thanks, Tanya, Erin, Cathy, Barbara, Gina, Jenny, Sandy, Jeannie, Lelsie, Maryanne, Peggy, Nanette--You all are the best!  John

Hooked on eBooks! Using eBook Readers to Promote Reading and Impact Achievement.

Prezi Presentation:
From choosing the right device to evaluating their success, participants will learn how to integrate eReader devices, (such as Nook and Kindle) into classroom instruction in ways that engage reluctant readers, integrate 21st century skills and impact achievement for all learners. Session materials will be available online.
Target Audience: Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration, Other
Jennifer LaGarde, New Hanover County Schools
Christine James, New Hanover County Schools

Youtube video--high school that bagged textbooks for e-readers:
"Kindle, Nook and more educators"--resource webpage
Buffy Hamilton in Georgia--Kindle Program--google her--link is on
They went with the nook (Barnes and Noble--because they have onsite training at the store for their teachers, and you can walk in the store and get support)

They bought 30...$150.00 each--no discount--no tax free weekend. either.
Someone said--Durham would give a discount--

Tammy Worcester, Featured Presenter 11:10-12:10: Firday (11:10)

Blogging, podcasting, digital forms, shared calendars... it sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? In this session, Tammy will show you how easy it is to go digital in your classroom. Using some fabulous free web tools, you will be able to share student successes, communicate with parents, gather feedback, organize events and more -- all in just a few minutes per week!

go her handout for today's session.
Make a "sandbox blog" to play, to demos... --must have a gmail account...
You can set up an email account to have email content, like pictures, etc. sent directly to the blog 
Could have students post pictures from cell phone camera...for example.
You probably don't want to allow "live" emails as "draft Posts" and then you can decide to publish or not...
Each blog that you create you can generate a separate email to send content to...
You can embed many things into blogs...for example sound.
Online voice recording software--need a microphone, click record button, allow...You can get the html code, or embed code,  copy code,  edit in html tab of blogger...put some instructions to say something like : click on triangle to hear my message
The great thing--It's on their server, so not having to save high MB files...

Blogger added something else about a year ago (Ability to add pages or tabs along the top of your blog)--go to posting tab--choose EDIT PAGES
You can add up to ten pages about your blog...
More information on widgets:

It then adds those pages as tabs to the top of your blog...

Google maps:
put a map of your school on the blog, create a custom map under my maps button
on the map, add a place mark, and give a title,etc.
go to upper right to "LINK" choose the html to embed on the website,
paste the code in the "about our school" tab...
You could have kids do this..."flat stanley project"
track the location of battles...etc.
For kids to be able to use custom maps, students will have to be logged into a google account,  could have a generic google account

Google docs--
she used a google spreadsheet for online lesson plans...
across the top, the subjects
Could then embed the spreadsheet into the blog
go to share menu, choose "publish as a webpage", chose the sheet you want to publish,  choose to publish as html to embed in a page
can create a new sheet in each spreadsheet
you can duplicate the spreadsheet to keep the colors etc.
then in your blog, go to html tab, and paste the code
you can play around with the sizes in the html code..

Google calendar is great--you can embed your calendar in your blog...
beside one of the calendar names, click on the triangles and go to calendar settings and it can give you the html code and  paste in the html tab.

Tammy has an entire help on embedding various things into your blog
You could create a twitter account just for your classroom, and
you can add code to add google translate to your entire blog

Prezi 101: Replacing Your Static PowerPoint Slides with an Interactive, Dynamic Canvas  9:10-10:10

Tired of your static, linear PowerPoint presentations? Want to create an entirely new type of Flash-based presentation that uses a map layout and zooming to engage your students? Join Patrick Crispen as he shows you the tips and tricks behind Prezi, a relatively new presentation-creating tool. You'll even learn how to get a free Prezi 'EDU Enjoy' account that will allow you to make your presentations private and even remove the Prezi watermark.
Patrick Crispen, Featured Presenter

Prezi Help is so easy and well done...
Creating hierarchy with size on a "canvas" --there is depth and scale
Prezi  accounts
CHOOSE Student Teacher on the bottom left corner--you can make the content private and your logo instead of Prezi's logo on it, and you get 500 MB free...
It is a cloud based solution, it is all on-line and works on mac/pc

edu/enjoy account
Limited number of fonts is actually a nice thing
The ring of the "zebra" allows you to change the (inside ring) font
The outter ring allows you to rotate
The lack of design types is actually a liberating thing--not so many choices and forces kids to focus on the content
If you get stuck in a mode, like color selection, just click up on the home circle
You can link to video sites if youtube is blocked, you can also convert using something like anyvideo converter to flv file types, 
but thing to remember...
You have to click on the edge of the frame to move a frame...
click anywhere to start typing
double click to edit existing text
done typing:  escape key works for getting you out
There is unlimited numbers of "UNDO's" during that session.
cntl c and cntrl v do work too

Setting up a path...with arrows and lines
space bar to always get the bubble bar back...
Show mode to see how it works...
list of known issues:  (have your teachers read)
Something about changing an "s" to a "t" for a power point show that is online and you want to be able to edit it...
Prezi meeting--allows you to invite someone to view your presentation...
can also invite someone else to edit it!
Barbara Sasso recommended:
Format Factory to convert Youtube videos...

Towards Best Practices for Integrating Web 2.0 Technologies in the Classroom  8:00-9:00 Friday March 4

The sheer number of the available Web 2.0 technologies and tools is incredible. For non-tech-savvy educators and teachers just beginning to integrate technology into their classrooms this fact can deter them from even trying. This session will propose a number of best practices that are emerging from our research with teachers of technology.
Target Audience: K-12
Matthew Kruger-Ross, North Carolina State University
Lori B. Holcomb, North Carolina State University

View Michael Wesch’s video on YouTube exploring Web 2.0 ideas at

Choose 2-3 tools and commit to them...(prezi--for example--use their help on their site)
join that community since they have the most enthusiasm and knowledge of it--Ask for help!
People are afraid to ask questions on google for some reason--just type in a question on google and you will probably find the answer.
Passwords:  review these passwords management tools

People to follow on twitter:
David Warlick
Follow Richard Byrne on twitter--from Maine--
follow Matt the speaker: @mjkruger on twitter
evernote--remember everything...
Has to be sound pedagogy and must have several backup is just the tool
TPACK--research framework/theoretical framework (technology/content knowledge/pedological knowledge--where they all intersect)
Dean Shareski--Google him!  Education is all about sharing

Location: 307,  3:50-4:50--What are you glogging about: Maureen Davis--Albermarle Middle School
What are you ''Glogging'' about?Maureen and her daughter spoke about applications in both elementary and Middle School.  It is very easy to add text, audio, video, links and digital images on glogster which is a basically an in-line poster maker.  She suggested you set up accounts on edu.glogster   (!/GlogsterEDU?sk=app_10442206389) is a site where students can create interactive, collage style posters. A ''Glog'' can include text, audio, video, links, and digital images included in Glogster library or upload your own. Learn how you and your students can create online posters and embed on your web page, blog, or wiki. Giving away 2 month FREE Teacher Premium Glogster License to participants while supplies last & Grand Door Prize = FREE 1 Year Teacher Premium Glogster License
Target Audience: K-12
Maureen Davis, Albemarle Middle School / Stanly County Schools
Brooke Davis, Aquadale Elementary / Stanly County Schools

Link to presentation:
as opposed to just
Follow glogster on face book with more ideas:
(Sorry Tanya-- I lost my notes on this one--wireless network failed, and this is all I have)  But, she bascially went through the different ways to add text, pictures, links on glogster.  She also talked about how easy kids took to this platform and ease of use, etc.

Bethany Smith--Will Ipads replace Laptops 2:40-3:40
The answer seems to be depends, Bethany outlined the pros and cons of both platforms:
She did a poll:

Here's a blog Bethany wrote on it:

It comes down what you are using it for, the limitations of flash (which ipads don't have).  Battery life is a great advantage of the ipad, portability and convenience.  She said that some of the upgrades of the ipad 2 are enticing like the fact that it will have a built in camera for skype, it is thinner and lighter!
Disadvantages--the lack of microsoft office applications?--not sure that is such a big deal with google docs, etc, but for some people it is a deal-breaker,
lack of flash programs,
and possibly keyboard or lack thereof (tho you can even get a keyboard built into your ipad cover!

Keynote Luncheon:  Rushton Hurley
Rushton--guest lunch speaker--tons of free stuff...
Google advanced search
Saving time, and have students download three power points on say...India, and critique them instead of making a power point on India--Saves time!  Isn't that the point of technology??
Have kids make videos on the things you teach!

From Leslie Fisher's ( ) Talk at NCTIES:

Are you a gadget head? Do you surf the net or listen closely to geeks talking in hopes of hearing about a cool software product or gizmo? Leslie Fisher (Gadget Freak) will show you some of her favorite hardware and software gadgets that do everything from make your life easier to provide piles of fun. Hardware, software and even completely off topic gadgets will be discussed.
Target Audience:
Leslie Fisher, Featured Presenter

Here is here presentation: way to manage events on-line!
Rockmelt.com—a smart web 2—based web browser
Based on google chromium
Also puts up the rss feeds on the tab on the right
Invite only—she has 250 invites
Go to—I would like an invitation—You can be—click on the facebook friend.
Google voice free –sign up and you get a free number, and someone calls it and they get a message, and you can get a voice mail to translate the message and you can set up a number, you can set up groups and have numbers forwarded without parents knowing your number
Primarypad.com—started as etherpad place to take notes in the cloud!
Go to her website and download her google presentration
Twitter:com goodies
Profile widget
on twitter ---Can be used to update website
  • One location for all your notes. Synchronizes your notes to all your devices…everything goes to the cloud (2 GB for free) and can share your folders with anything else
Great for sharing large presentations…
post videos live as they happen
  • website platform, and so easy to use!
  • googlesites is a little confusing at times…Hall Davidson is from Discovery Network has a page –looks kinda bad--she showed us how to make a page...
  • Many different designs
  • Google weebly for education
Cloud Backup
  • online encrypted backup for mac or pc
  • amazon s3 is another cloud backup
  • is a cloud based hard drive
  • enabling people to see your pogo –works like drop box
  • uses wiki or Ethernet to post your personal cloud 99$
  • Mac people:
  • If your mac is stolenwill secretly transmit the ip and router information
  • Take it to the apple store and the apple people will confiscate it
  • Orbigle is based on when you tell it to turn it on
  • –can purchase by the week/month year and can download as many as you want…
  • 15% off coupon
  • 90% are royalty free
Digital Cameras Leslie’s favorites:
  • In between camera—sony NEX, has interchangeable lenses…500-700
  • Selling very quickly
  • Sonycybershot HX5v
  • $349
  • She is sony focused
  • To her its all about the menu…right now her favorites are Sony and cannon
  • Camera slow: you probably bought a slow card
  • Rating 2, 4, 6—your card is affordable….
  • Want a category 8 or category 10
  • Lexar 1GB 133x speed
  • Or extreme 111
They also have a non profit
Hardware gadgets:
  • scanner to capture receipts, tax receipts
  • start at $199.00
  • Pinacle PCTV HD pro stick…
  • EYEYV Hybrid
  • Can record shows and bring into school
  • Sling Media
  • External box that hooks to yur home theater no matter …broadcasts the signal to your pc
  • Netflix is killing your internet connections everywhere…
  • Boxee
  • Home theatre nut
  • Logitech harmony one
  • Nanowatch band
  • Ipod hoodie??
  • Swipe
  • use one continuous motion to enter text
  • irock:
game changer:
every major text book editor is signing with the ipad
favorite apps
proloqou 2 go
star walk
istudiez pro
1-2 punch—her other favorites
Newsrack and Instapaper
Soundnote: record your notes
Ipad cases
Dodo case looks like an old copy book—might make it a little less conspicuous
Quirky cloak
Hard candy—protective case
blue tooth microscope for your ipad
the square reader_ swipe attachment for iphone
for phone: introducing word lens
translates—hold in front of a sign or whatever, take a picture and it translates what's there

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