Thursday, May 3, 2012

Year End Grades 2012


  1. POST your 4th quarter grades as usual.  This part of the process is the same as every other quarter, and Click here to see step by step directions for posting the regular end of quarter grades.  Click here for screen shots and more details on posting grades.
  2.  NOW, the process of completing your FINAL GRADES begins. From your Spreadsheet click on reporting REPORTING TERMS MARK.  This will show all grades for all quarters.  Make any necessary changes to your 4th quarter grades and then SAVE it.
  3. ****STEPS TO COMPLETE FOR E0G SCORES: (For Math, Science, and Reading teachers only):
    Before you enter your EOG scores we are adding a step because of the glitch in the NCWISE system that is calculating the EOG as 25% of the final grade as opposed to the school board policy that says 20%.  
      1. So, after your 4th quarter grades are entered and saved, CLICK ON CALCULATE final on the reporting term marks screen
      2. Print that screen by clicking on the Printer icon at the bottom (you will need this later when comparing the final mark with the mark after your EOG scores are entered and finalized)
Using the Conversion Chart linked here,
        locate the YL – EXAM column.
        Check your students’ raw scores on the chart,
        find the matching letter grade, and input the LETTER GRADE in the Post column of the YL – EXAM column.
  1. While you are still on the Reporting Term Marks Page
                                  Click on the CALCULATE FINAL button (This is the second time for folks calculating with EOG grades). 
                                This will calculate your final Grade.  You can make any necessary changes to the FINAL LETTER AVERAGE at this time. (For EOG folks, Compare the final marks to the ones you calculated earlier with only 4th quarter grades entered.  For those that are different you might use this grade calculator to make sure the 25% weight of the NCWISE setting is not throwing off the correct final mark according to school board policy.)
                               Click on the SAVE button. 
  1. Now, click on the GO TO MARK ENTRY SCREEN.  Click on the MARK ENTRY IS COMPLETE check box.  Save it and go out the door - ALL the way back to the original grade spreadsheet.

Finalizing YEAR END Marks (I know this seems redundant to what you just did!)Click here for Screen Shots of this process
  1. Click back until you are on the HOME SCREEN - Click on the MARK ENTRY button.
  2. In the middle of the screen you will see YL- 1st 9 Weeks. Click on the scroll bar on the right hand side and scroll down until you see “YL-Final EXAM”
  3. Click on the STUDENTS button.
  4. Click on the MARK ENTRY IS COMPLETE - SAVE - CLICK ON BACK ARROW (not out the door).  Do the Same thing for the "YL-Final"
  5. Click on the next one of your classes and follow steps 7 - 9 until you have done this for all of your classes.
  6. One final step, please click on  SETUP OPTIONS-- which is located on your home screen and make sure the DELETE ALL ASSESSMENTS AT YEAR END check box is CHECKED!!! (Click here to see screen shot)
  7.   You are done!!!  : )

How to Print out a copy of your “Marks Entry” report, which includes your comments for each class: ( for hard copy records)

  • From the main NCWISE Teacher Assistant screen, choose a CLASS.
  • Click on REPORTS. 
  • CHOOSE “Marks List.” 
  • Choose correct Reporting Period. 
  • Click on ADD. 
  • Click on Printer ICON. 
    • (Adobe should load the report) 
  • Choose the Printer Icon at the top of the ADOBE FILE report. Print it
  • Hit the X (upper right corner) to leave ADOBE. 
  • Back on NCWISE, go out the door to the main NCWISE Teacher Assistant Screen. 
  • Select another class. 
  • Repeat the process for every class (There is no way to do it all at once :(

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