Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tech Meeting February 2013

New Tech Facilitators:
  • Greg Collins at Jefferson and Wiley
  • Sanya "S"sp? At Walkertown Middle
  • Kelly Capps Easton Elementary
Leslie Low and Matt Barfield with Promethian

Three things:  Projector promise, active engage and channel one news

Projector Promise
  • System with boom arm and the projector
  • They have replacement projectors for $549 plus shipping
  • Bulbs moving forward will be $99.00
Channel one news:
  • Now coming via server to the PC and an interactive activity and flip chart to go with four different subjects that correspond with shows
  • Includes professional development for channel one users
  • Teachers will see an icon that will go to interface
  • is available now
  • For other features of channel one, they will need the "channel one player" installed on the teachers machines, there is no login, there will be an icon on desktops
  • 30 Middle and High Schools will start with this (Rural Hall, and Clemmons Elem are pilots elementary)
Active Engage—Self Paced test--Matt Barfield:
  • Engage:  will run it on various platforms
  • Self paced exam:
  • Hit the green button on the tool bar, the test gets sent out to the devices that are registered
  • Different type questions (T/F, multiple choice, scale, etc)
  • Teachers can freeze their projector screen and watch the students progress
  • Teachers can stop on a particular question, hover the mouse over the question and see the results of a student on a particular problem
  • You can use laptops too
  • There is an active engage app that can run on laptop carts and can go between wired and wireless platforms as long on the same subnet (which most are)
  • They can get us a quote…it’s about $10/device includes first year of maintenance, and then $2.00 per year afterwards.
  • It’s dependent on the number of devices that register to the hub.
  • Don't forget to check out the family daily ( ) and the pop quizzes that come out daily—they work with activexpressions
Instructional Updates:

Roseanne and Mike McDowell came out in November, and now we have Cathy Musci teaching world languagues—she has x131 laptops with her classes

  • There has to be a strong classroom management and good seating arrangement. 
  • Student driven environment (storybird, animoto, dropboxes, symbaloo, wall wisher, voki—all student driven)
  • She has 11 classes, and dealing with the management of them has to be carefully considered (powering on and off, logging on and off, little daily thing, etc)
  • Switched to edmodo on a daily basis, flashcards online, audible uploads—a lot less paper than before
  • Working on PBL with Marty Creech
  • Next project creating a online photo story of family
  • Kids are much more computer savvy than previously
  • They have a "one to one survey" that they are completing now
  • Password resets were a problem early, but now they are smooth with this process
  • At this point in the year, less time teaching the tools
  • Storybird is one of those tools that lends itself to learning.
  • The laptops lend themselves to differentiation because there is easy access to several different resources and the separation is not so obvious to students 
  • MARTY CREECH:  “The kids will teach us”
  • First few months lots of technical issues—worked through most of those
  • Now biggest challenge is the content change—and changing the pedagogy
  • Getting kids to come up with their own questions and answers is the change
  • Lots of working with Problem based/project based
  • They do lots of analyzing of lessons so that kids are driving the learning
  • They will share with us all the data from the surveys at the end of the year.
  • Email Marty if you have teachers doing good PBL
  • Have students been “waning” in their enthusiasm?  They never go back to wanting to use the paper worksheets.
Betty—Big Picture
  • They are looking at pilots very closely
  • Everyday Betty gets the question about people being able to bring the own devices
  • Schools need to be prepared before infrastructure comes
  • Can’t deliver instruction the same way you always have with "bring your own device"?
  • If principal is interested in BYOD for next year, then training needs to start now with instructional technology department
  • Smarter Balance vs EOC tests?
  • Sandy—"choose a couple tools and don’t overwhelm them" website

Steven has posted sample things on the edmodo group:
  • "it’s not about the tool, it’s about the problem solving"
  • Reminder to look in the tech facilitator edmodo group—Steven is sharing some of those resources for the test
  • Steven will put it in the TBT again this week
Nettrekker enhancements/Melissa Edwards:
  • All resources go through a teacher review process
  • Access via Wsfcs homepage
    • Teachers—go thru learning villaghe
    • Use same AD login
    • Under instructional resources
    • Uses same AD user name and pw if they go through learning village!
    • You can browse to look by:
      • Subject or 
      • theme—like current events that change weekly
      • There is a read aloud feature
  • Student access:  wsfcs homepage under Students and resources
  • On a school owned computer they should NOT need a user name nor password
  • Away from school, there are school codes on the webportal
  • Generic user name and password has been setup
  • Wsfcspss08 is the pw to change the teacher role , and Melissa will sent out directions for that too.
School Wires:  
  • Evan will be doing a session for the new webmasters
  • Mobile viewing of the website –schools would have to go through training
  • Steven wants to hear from you if you are interested in BYOD next year
Jackie Pierson:
  • Destiny has similar functions as does netrekker
  • Several tools for students to access 
  • Districts pays for these tools
  • Teachers have destiny login (see media coordinator for that information)
  • Standard search is available by standard and subject—under catalog
  • Has both SCOS’s (old and new)
  • E-books can be accessed through destiny:
  • Many of vendors are creating common core packages through ebooks
  • Jackie is asking if media people buy any of these resources that they be put on destiny so everyone knows the shared resources
  • Licensing issues—not all e-books can be accessed simultaneously
  • Budget time is coming around very quickly
  • Netrekker vs Destiny?  One or both?
  • Betty will be looking at usage
  • Homebase--DPI is promising similar resources at a more cost effective price
  • Chop netrekker was the consensus of our table—kids have to learn the ways to filter information anyway
  • Betty is asking at very least we be liaisons and advocate (be the facilitator) we look at netrekker at our schools and decide if worthwhile or not?
Betty: Personnel Updates: 
  • Delaine Harley left?
  • Angie Wallace moved into her position
  • Cherly Jeffries is in Angie’s role
  • Luu has left for a business venture
  • Ramika Rhoads left last Friday :(  Crowd was sad about this!
Kevin Sherrill:
  • Certificate based security access to the wireless—adding a couple more servers to help authenticate—working with a couple of vendors to improve the situation.
Chris Corbin and Justin:  Driver Issues on x131:

The driver depot:
Go to start:  run
Folders are organized by type and model

Video card issues—windows 7 basic default driver is a problem with FN-F7

(Kelly at East) Windows 7 machines you can hit windows key and "P" and a box will pop up allowing you to choose which interface you want (computer only, duplicate, extend or projector only)

So, to install the video driver...FOR WINDOWS XP machines (does not search subfolders)
  • RC on my computer
  • Properties
  • Device manager
  • Display adapters
  • Rc on device and choose update driver (windows xP)
  • To Install go to browse to a location/specific location
  • navigate to the driver depot—it looks for ini files—have to browse to specific folder that contains that driver file (under computer/lenovo/model)
For Windows 7:
  • Rc on my computer
  • Device manager
  • Display drivers
  • Standard vga display
  • RC update driver
  • Update driver software
  • Browse for driver software
  • Location select:
    • \\340srv12\driverdepot
    • Select the check box to search subfolders under computers/lenovo/x131
    • The deeper you go into the location, the shorter the time it will take to search
Mouse Sensitivity Driver
  • Utility also on driver depot
  • Teachers to have access/look under lenovo/x131 folder/unav/setup.exe
  • You have to run the utility and then adjust the sensitivity level on each one.
  • It’s called ultranav in the T410 folder.
  • Screen will truncate down on the laptop when you hit fn-f7 (that’s just how it works)
Deleting Profiles:
  • In windows 7—profiles are under c drive/users
  • If you delete a profile in there, when user logs back on, it’s says you have a temporary profile because the registry entry remains present
  • They are experimenting with a script to clean profiles (sweeps)
  • Bomb prof is a utility now under start/programs/utilities
  • You can never delete system profiles nor the one you are logged in as
  • When is says restricted, it means a computer was logged in with that user and not been restarted.
    • So always reboot machine before you delete profiles
    • For example, Ntuser.dat is the system file that runs in the background
Trouble deleting profiles in windows XP?
  • Others have run into this and had to delete the SSO old files that keeps from deleting the user profiles.
  • If you remote into the machine you can also remote browse and delete profiles (FOR WINDOWS XP machines)
  • Start
  • Run
  • \\name of machine\c$
  • Machine has to be turned on
To Install programs—you can remote
  • Start
  • Run (or under accessories remote desktop connection)
  • type in:  Mstsc
  • hit enter
  • Type in the computer name
  • And navigate to that machine…
  • Very important when you are done, go to start and log—off or disconnect on a windows 7 machine
  • If you need to reboot the machine
Space /r  to restart
  • Choose action when ticket is highlighted
  • Switch to service desk under action tickets and then,
  • under choose actions and it will give you more choices
    • All items
    • Switch que
    • Service desk
MS home use:ethics involved (if you are audited)

Go to website:
Wsfcs Microsoft employee home use
  • You have to FIRST register with school employee email address. (you can't just put in AD user name and pw)
  • Not available to students even though they have that as an option
  • You can only install on one machine
  • Purchased one time and installed one time
  • Valid school email addresses will work and must be verified
  • Not to be used at school on any computers.
  • Should be mindful of system requirements.
  • It’s a perk,  it’s not something we can support
  • Users will have 30 days to download the file and the key
  • So if your computer crashes, that’s how long you have.
  • Steven--You can call MS and walk you through the process if your computer completely crashes and you try to get it back
Other questions:
  • Printers difficult to install on some of new laptops (with windows 7)  will be an update in TBT describing the issues
  • M86 service refresh under start/programs/utilities--will solve the youtube problem (teachers not having access), will have to restart the browser for it to take affect.
  • This was discussed in detail in the webx last week: 1/31/13 webx on the tech facilitator webportal
  • Students can not run the m86 utility
  • Problem--Students can’t save to the student share.  Some H drives were not mapping on these new laptops.  They are looking into this some more--usually solved with a log off logon
  • Wireless card was not connected at the time of login
    • Suggestion, open the lid and make sure the laptop is associated with the wireless, otherwise it might be logging in with the student cache and not mapping any drives
  • Question about 3G service on teacher laptops (flashdrives or something else a teacher might have at home) should not be used at school
  • To put in perspective, we have never deployed 11,000 devices like this before--so overall not that many problems :)
  • We are still not officially a mobile learning community yet
Betty:  Power School Update: 

Overall Teachers should have a smoother ride then admins


  • It’s an umbrella that will contain all these wonderful products that DPI will provide
  • It’s a storage of resources including an icon for power school
  • IIS:  Instructional Improvement System
  • Discovery Education:  did not get the bid

10 folks in district are certified
  • NCWISE is still alive and run for teachers through the end of school
  • Power School is now built, and 54000 students and staff are in place parallel to NCWISE
  • They are giving us an account to power source:  
  • Power source is the homebase for student information
  • Another link to power school training modules—Pearsons means to instruction
  • We will create a power source accounts
  • Principals have gotten theirs already
  • Power school link under technology department site
  • User name semicolon password
    • You willclick on my training once they get us signed up
    • My distant learning
  • Mastery in minutes (for teachers)
  • Three classes that are all basics is what we will have to complete
  • Have some earbugs handy
  • Videos/sessions are a little cartoonish
  • Recommends an hour a piece
  • Pop quiz will pop up and you have to take the quiz
  • You can't fail, you will pop up in red.
  • Principals will have assignments too
  • March/April Teacher power source training
    • We would rather get some out there for those who will remember and help
  • On June 1st as a data manger NCWISE goes down, will keep grades and attendance for teachers
  • Capabilities of Power School are so much better than NCWISE
  • Export features are there
  • Admin roles will be the same
  • Data managers are receiving new desktops, and
  • one other desktop will go to office staff with the oldest machine (the one needing replaced the most--Betty will need to know where that machine is going
  • Concerns about teacher laptops without CD/DVD--it's the deal they made with lenovo and it is one reason it was such a good deal.
  • DATA projectors--there is a supply at DOT (coming from rooms where classroom solutions replaced.
    • so if you are in need of a replacement lcd projector, put in Kace ticket to check to see if they can replace it first
    • bulbs are on the price list

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