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Tech Facilitator Meeting March 2013

BYOD from today's meeting

Betty Weycker--Department of Technology Changes:
  • Cory McCloud—promoted WAN/LAN engineer
  • Kenny Flynn—network engineer now in the zone Cory vacated
  • Brian Cooper—Had been a temp, now he is on the service desk
  • Carla will hire another technical position
Mobile Learning Community (MLC):
  • Considering being allowed for the 2013-2014 school year
  • Chelsea from North been piloting the tablets and was to be here today, but could not make it
  • Feedback from pilot—it was controlled—technology provided the equipment
  • MLC is a "bring your own device"
    • There has been some confusion—people wanting to sign up thinking they will get “stuff”
    • to be clear—next year, there will not be "stuff" handed out
  • Schools that had laptops are saying they were much more pleased with the tools than the schools that had the tablets
  • The comfort level with the laptops was much greater than the tablets
  • Pilot required 30-40 hrs of training—from the 6 teachers in the pilot—the feeling was that the training was essential.
    • The training component is essential—it’s a non negotiable—if a school applies for the MLC next year, the training is a requirement, period!
Steven Anderson:
  • To not be the smartest person in the room anymore is a big change for teachers in 1 to 1 classroom--It’s a difficult transition
  • Marty Creech:  If a teacher says they don’t have time for the 35/40 hours, then they probably are not right for the MLC program
    • Questions:  how to make it more student authentic?
    • Building solid lessons first
    • Stress—the pedagogy change
    • Example:  pulling questions out of students to solve a problem verses giving them a power point with the facts ("all the curriculum to get through")
    • It's a paradigm shift.
    • People are successful because they know how to teach/masters of their content/do problem based learning, etc.
How do you maintain the same level of instruction when not every kid will have a device?
Betty—the results of the pilot survey did show that the device made a difference in the difficulty of addressing those situations (more difficult with tablets than laptops)

Adam from NORTH:  teachers are no longer expected to be the expert with technology but with the content.  Students are the experts—Students may even write a guide or make a You-tube channel.

So what’s going to happen next year? (based on what we have learned from the Pilot)
  • Document coming out with an outline of what they expect including Strategic goals:
    • Digital literacy/resources
    • Online safety/ethical content—student responsibilities with technology from passwords to care of the devices, intellectual property, test taking, virus prevention and concerns about theft—all have to be discussed.
Teacher Considerations:
  • Sign offs for student/parent obligations
  • Instruction/pedagogy for every lesson has to be revisted
  • Teachers need to be part of edmodo for learning community support
  • No way we can manage/monitor the network if every kid brought in a device right off the bat
  • A question Betty gets often: “how can we provide bandwidth if teachers don’t have adequet bandwidth now”?—that is NOT a bandwidth issue but aging equipment issue
  • We have actually not peaked our bandwidth this year—We almost did with basketball games last week :)
  • Normal day 40-50% of our bandwidth is used.
  • MDM will register and monitor the devices (not "monitoring" what they are DOING, but who is and what is connecting.
    • Kevin has vendors coming in to help us monitor and will be in place before August
Interest letter to join MLC
  • Should be based on the whole school not individual teachers
  • Perhaps groups of teachers by grade level or interdisciplinary
  • They will not approve single teachers for a school—can’t invest so much for such a small group
  • This is not whole district going BYOD!
  • Another criteria—principal will have to sign off that they will provide to the tech facilitator the time to support the MLC program
  • Another sign off--parents must acknowledge is that we will not be expected to support the personal devices
  • Your support of devices “should” go away (may take two to three years—for devices to become the ownership of the students.
  • Betty believes teachers who are part of this should have the "classroom solution" in their room
    • sound becomes more important when collaborate groups is your predominate daily method
    • Preference should go to teachers with classroom solutions
    • Move to reinstate money from the state that was designated for technology (contact your representative)
  • Discussion of cuts to tech facilitator positions
    • Sometimes it comes down to choices in your schools
Timeframe for MLC implementation
  • Truly looking at August
  • Posting interest letter on Monday, and will need back April 19th
  • Need to know how many schools are interested and time-frame (not making exception for training)
  • Training will be delivered some face to face/edmodo/moodle/summer training, starting in May.
  • They will wave starting points to 9 weeks or natural breaks (end of quarter or semester)
Setting the Tone: 
  • Establish bottom lines/procedures
  • Create agreements
  • mistakes become teachable moments
  • There will be limitations on "operating systems" of devices brought in
Kids that don’t have a device?
  • We have to prepare for it
  • Some schools may make additional purchases to address this issue
  • WFU laptops bridging the gaps?
  • Discussion have already happened with Principals/TAC/
Steven Anderson/resources:
  • Some great edmodo user groups--Steven is posting a list of the groups
    • Edmodo new feature:  After a group is created they automatically lock after two weeks--Steven is trying to get that undone for our district
    • Or you can join by url
Channel one was in the TBT this week and details will be re-posted next week.

Power School / Power Source
  • Notice went out to 1000 teachers--Betty sent the email in last 24 hrs
  • Have already pushed out to admin type folks in the schools
  • The process is:  
    • each group has to have all their accounts activated before they push out the courses.
      • People are wanting to know why they don’t have the courses.
    • If individual teachers can’t find their emails, give them two weeks, then submit a ticket
    • Last group of teacher emails will go out by Monday
    • Later she will ask for anyone else who needs a power school account
    • They assign classes/sessions by the main role of the person
    • Principals will be able to see what courses their teachers have taken
    • Course dates are meaningless--don't worry about that
    • Betty can not mandate these courses, they are recommended
    • Teachers will have power teacher courses
    • Delivery of information will not take place any other way
Credit for Power School Courses:
  • We have CEU’s and AEOP (Office personnel credits)
  • They have agreed to use honor code—trust the seat time.  
  • So for example, If you complete 8 courses and that translates to 10 hours then you would get 1 CEU
  • HR does not want your certificates
  • Betty will set up in staff development called power source
  • Every School has a designated staff development facilitator (that person might want to collect certificates—that’s the honor code)
  • You also might compile a spreadsheet with members of schools who have completed
  • Facilitator could mark a spreadsheet with the number of hours completed
  • Tell your teachers to keep up with courses—whether it is a physical copy or a pdf of it, and they will get up to 30 hours of technology credit
  • Completed by June 30th
    • Staff development has to be in by June 30th for it to count on this cycle.
    • All that’s needed for the system is the total number they have earned
    • Can Teachers can take modules over again?—Yes, and there will be some additional user guides available (FAQ’s and some physical guides)
  • Ready”: Students and resources from homebase
  • DPI has invested the money to Peasron to merge logo of Power school to Homebase
    • So on the Main screen of power school it will say Homebase
    • Homebase is still an online portal with resources for parents and students
    • Student information system is power school for admins/ power teacher for teachers/power parent for parents
  • Instructional Component:  School net may replace learning village?  Depends on the amount of content
  • Professional Development piece--No more MCREL!!—same rubric—the tool will be TRUE North Logic—evaluation will be available in August.
  • Moodle being replaced by “Open class”—will be available in the fall of next year—if it is free we will switch over—will abandon moodle (which we pay for now)
  • Test NAV: There is state testing (will definitely be on it) and quarter testing will be decided whether or not to switch from blue diamond or not?
  • SAS:  We are NOT giving up SAS. (really helps us with data getting to EC program in ws/fcs)
    • SAS is a better performer than excel
  • Open education Resources
    • Video distribution—could revert back to discovery education, may come back to DPI, would still cost us but could be lower--Learn 360 may go away?
How is the build out going for Power School?  They are building it live—working on a "play with" environment on our own.

Computers in Office: 
  • Where did the two computers issued to offices go?  
    • Did financial secretaries get them?—They are moving to a new financial program and might be best for that second machine to go there
Wave 3 of computer deployment for this year:
  • 1705 desktops to replace student desktops that are the oldest—coming to your school
  • Tomorrow—you and the principal will receive the email stating how many computers we will receive based on a formul
    • based on how many machines we have (from computrace)  and of which type—it’s a refreshing of 10% of those old net vistas
    • Also looked at student to computer ratio at schools
      • Betty weighted the two columns
    • What to do with the old machines?
      •  it’s at your discretion

  • Betty Weycker:  Is not in the business of replacing a lab for you—these new computers are designated as classroom machines
    • Originally district goal was for there to be four computers for student use in classrooms
Kevin Sherrill on the logistics of computer roll out:
  • They started shipping yesterday!
  • Monitors will come more quickly
  • CPU’s should be within two weeks (lenovo M-72’s)
Naming convention:
  • M516LD030501
  • Inventories:  Leased Desktops:
    • You need to start planning the locations
    • Ethernet cables--Carla will be happy to send—next week's tech delivery—7 foot green cables
  • Carla Miller:  
    • In January, she sent a spreadsheet with two tabs--1) science labs and 2) teacher or science teacher laptops.
    • Carla asked you to return with the names of those machines
    • USe that spreadsheet and create an additional tab with these desktops that we receive now.
    • For now you can email her the spreadsheet with the additional science and teacher laptops
    • To Label or not label leased machines?
    • Can not put fixed asset labels, 
    • on the laptops they only could mark that one spot on the back where they have labeled with one number
Carla Miller/Spring Surplus pickup
  • Piedmont e-cycling—Bill will be coming to pick up items
  • Spreadsheet is on the webportal and the Deadline is April 15th!!
  • Tech meeting the end of that week, talk to Carla if you have a problem getting it done by that date
    • Go to Tech Facilitator webportal:
    • Info for tech facilitators
    • Request for information
    • Choose your level
    • Drill into your folder
    • Spring 2013 surplus pickup
    • Check the form out
    • Fill it out
    • Save it
    • Check it back in (out arrow will disappear)                                                      
      • Only non working equipment
      • Not TV’s
      • Can do old smart boards (that do not work)
      • Tell Carla about rolling stands and email Carla and she will come and pick it up
Side notes:
  • Carla's team will come through to schools and look at places where there are less live drops
  • Be careful that tickets are secured to laptops when you send them in
  • Dibils discussion
  • IP phone sites—call manager update over spring break
    • Around April 1st/2nd voicemail will be turned off for a couple of days—asking ip phone users to purge old voicemails
Classroom Science rooms:
  • Trying to finish (204 classrooms) by the end of this month—Angie Wallace is scheduling this—knocking out 2/3 schools a day.
  • If anything was left undone, be sure to put a ticket in
  • Trying to get smaller jobs done in April
  • Smith Farm to be done in May
Weekly web-x still every Thursday (except tech facilitator days)

Strategic plan that impacts technology
  • Focus on indicators of success—strategies to develop online access to homebase
  • Google form:
    • groups to post the comments: 
My Group:  Overall, we think they are good.
Why not have the goal be 100% access?  85% student access
Will the site be mobile friendly?  That may increase access
What additional course and what is the purpose of that one additional course listed in the strategy.

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