Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tech Facilitator Meeting October 2013

Zack Lagrand is back at the service desk.

Kevin Sherrill: Topics for today
  • Apple/ Ipad update
  • Office 365:  Working on client on office machines
  • Pushing out x131 laptops more of them?
New laptops:
  • 2100 x-131 laptops were  put out to teachers last year to those who did not receive WFU laptop in prior two years--2300 still had WFU laptop (t-400, t-410)
  • Kevin has been talking with Dr. Emory about this disparity
    • Decided to cancel the WFU partnership
    • The WFU program made sense in the past when laptops were more expensive (WFU is moving to a four year program anyway) so would not work for us since we would then get laptops that were used more and older
    • Money was already budgeted to buy WFU laptops, so now are working to reallocate money to add another 2300 of x-131 laptops
    • Plan, is to go to board for approval, and then late in November should have new laptops to roll out to teachers.
    • Will go to anyone who is a certified  teacher 
    • DOT does want (T400’s  back!) 
    • For third grade testing and other needs
    • Laptops will have a full warrantee
    • Moving to a four year lease.
    • Ones we have now, will go to a five year lease
    • So every teacher should then have a machine with office 2010.
Office 365/Email
  • Issues with office machines—not up to date to have office client FireFox patch coming, sometime send button does not show but another work around is to change the reading pain and put at bottom

Secure browsing for October testing

  • Will send out instructions to install secure browser for online testing


  • Still adding access points to schools 
  • Goal get to one access point per classroom
  • Sam Dempsey, was able to get one access point per EC classroom (grant)
    • Already ordered and will be put in soon (any room occupied by EC teachers, ~300 rooms)
    • Carla—will need a room number of where they are located.
    • Also with this same grant--they have bought 167 ipads for teachers
    • Will replace access points in rooms that already have an access point
    • Was explained to principals.  
  • If public wireless network is not working well, then possible access points not configured right, and you need to put in a KACE ticket for that
  • If grabbing public then perhaps light speed agent not installed correctly?

Lightspeed User Agent

  • Partial error happened with the initial install—
  • If you go to utilities
    • Run light speed fixer upper
    • Can also go to add remove and uninstall it and then reinstall it from AICP
    • For it to work User agent service needs to be running
      • The Service is not getting created if you see those prompt login screens when users access the Internet
    • Fixer upper deletes the uaservice.exe file
    • If the service is running/in use, you will get message that it’s already running
    • Uaservice .exe file is the one to delete
    • Still seeing machines, that fixer upper is not working? Then put in a ticket with machine name
    • Should work with service pack 2 but have not tested
    • Fixer upper will work from your machine as long as the intended machine is turned on

Driver Depot:

go to:
  • Brings up all the devices we have out there and the drivers for all of them
  • Kevin:  wants to have this type of information in the knowledge base and video linked there

Apple IPADS:

  • Lots of them are hitting schools now
  • Trying to standardize the apps, etc.
  • Jennifer Ellington is here to talk about it and Kevin has talked to principals 
  • App store is blocked right now but will be unblocked soon for teachers
  • They have reviewed many free apps and placed them in a WSFCS app catalog.
  • Apple products are on the price list
  • Ipads must be shipped to central office 4801 for setup before going to school
  • Airwatch is company that deploys the device managment to the ipads and mini’s
    • There is some tracking ability with these devices through airwatch
    • Puts profiles on the ipads
  • Everyone ipad requires passcode
  • Emh and school number
  • Teachers can change passcode (don't necessarily encourage)  (5 times wrong and it will reset--BAD)
  • Otherwise have to hook to a computer and do a complete reset
  • Wsfcs APP catalog is a weblink that gives you a catalog of free approved apps that you can install
  • School apple id is your generic media account user name
  • Contact Jennifer as you need the password
  • Please do not reset the pw for the media account through mmc
  • Volume purchase program—will be able to buy apps at a discounted rate
  • Program facilitator at each school will purchase the apps—license will belong to the school district however (if teachers buy apps with their apple ID they don't travel with the device if the teacher leaves)

IOS7 operating system for apple products:

  • Apple upgrade servers are blocked right now at school (kids have been trying)!/view.aspx?cid=7B8F9573D4393628&resid=7B8F9573D4393628!186&app=PowerPoint

  • They want to do the upgrade in a controlled environment to test
  • Authentication through light speed web browser is the main issue right now (need to hit refresh or type in a new web address to get the authentication log-in window)
    • has to uccur in the browser every 8 hours

Window is closed for fall surplus, if not revisit in the spring.

Steven Anderson:Power School:

  • Getting lots of emails about access for admins
  • The push right now is for teachers to take attendance and do grades—that’s all data is going to focus on..all else is in the back burner.
    • TA’s and PRT’s will not have power school
  • Teacher of record will get a gradebook
  • When things settle down,  (in a couple of years) then these other things will happen
  • Gradebook Guru’s should support as best he or she can
  • Teachers who have not setup gradebook correctly, will become apparent next quarter
  • Can not do points and percentages in same gradebook
  • Parent portal—Every webpage should have a link to the parent portal page
  • Home base incidents page:
  • Right now, attendance is not shown on progress report,  will be after the next upgrade (parents can see on power parent tho)
  • Power teacher app for apple is now available
  • Problem--Can't  find district server
  • Go into
    •  settings
    • server
    • put in:
    • Then, Go back to login and select a school
    • Will work just like computer version 
Power parent app works even better
  • They will use Parent user name and pw
  • There is No admin one at this time

KACE Tickets:

  • Unblock website tickets get sent to Steven
  • He judges instructional value and gets with program manager and then Cory "white lists" it,  if approved
  • Some sites will have for example, Search engines that let students get to other inappropriate things
  • What he needs is an explanation of how they are using it and why
  • For unblock tickets and others  put brief description in main box and then in bottom comments box put details (this is the opposite of what Kevin told us in the past)
  • There are growing pains with this new webfilter
  • Steven handles blocked tickets as soon as he can--makes it a priority
  • Question ? Pinterest partially blocked at times (pictures come from other hosted third party sites is sometimes the problem)
  • You can sometimes Copy and paste the links that get blocked there
  • Youtube should be unblocked for all staff

District PTA

  • has a compliance office and a big push for webmaster training (done four trainings so far)
  • next training dates is Oct 14 downstairs in Education Building
MS office Home use:

Go to: 
  • Sign in with school credentials (email )
  • 1 instance on 5 machines, and agree to remove if you leave the district (also adobe creative cloud which gives adobe photo shop, etc.)

AUP—Acceptable Use Policy

  • Every student should have one on file
  • If students didn’t sign purple forms, need to be in cum folders to be in compliance
2013 Speak up Survey:
  • National survey that collects partner attitudes towards technology
  • Use to help determine the needs of your community and students
  • Student survey needs a password and it is wsfcs
  • Steven to send all the information to us
  • Open until Dec 20th—He will talk to principals about this
  • All anonymous
  • Takes approximately 10-15 minute survey and mobile friendly

Online courses 

More on the App catalog from Jennifer

  • On the main screen of apple device
  • See all at the bottom:
  • General pw Name of school and School Number with a capital
  • If it doesn’t work email Jennifer,  you can let the teachers know

TRAC is supposed to working?

  • Could be Profile related?—delete profiles if printer not showing up
  • The one requirement for the client to run/For Trac to work, must have .net 3.5 net framework installed and can that can be installed from AICP (under Microsoft net framework 3.5)
  • 90 percent of calls about trac are the typo in the printer name
  • Run connection refresh or start run and womac /ip

To browse to a print server:

\\and printer server name
  • Can right click on the printer and click on connect
  • Error message would indicate an error with the server
  • On windows 2008 servers there are three different ip methods you can use and causes some conflicts at times
    • That’s why they are migrating the print servers back to the local schools
  • In the meantime if printer is still not showing up, the only way around it is to install through IP or put in a ticket to delete the printer off the print server
  • You can go to Add remove programs to see if net 3.5 is on a machine
  • Don’t need to do the "install womac" anymore
  • When printers move to the new server, the path name will change
  • They will notify us when our print servers  are changed over to the local server.
  • A script will run to change the printer assignment path

Endpoint client  not running?

  • Could be SP2 and could be something blocking it?
  • Let them know machines where it is not running if that happens
  • Under utilities manual removal of trend micro (if CPM still on there)
  • Bez agent will still on there, but doesn’t matter
  • Endpoint: 
    • orange just wants a scan, but does still do real time scans with usb etc, but not manual scans on entire machine
    • 2:00 am scans are the default scheduled machine scan time which does not "catch up"--it's okay tho
    • Red means not updated in a couple of days

Can add more than one printer at one time?

  • Trac minor update coming
    • Can select multiple machines:
    • Chris will put that update out later today
    • Either use cntl button and select multiple or scroll
    • Will say version 1.4 when it’s updated
    • Another 1.5 update is coming -- working on that
    • Trac will automatically be updated--nothing for you to do

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