Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tech Facilitator Meeting September 2013

Kevin Sherrill:

Ground rules:  limit talking during meeting at tables

Introductions--all around
  •  May do an official tech facilitator webpage and picture next month


  • Office 365 is hosted email, wave 15... latest update to 2013 platform
  • Spell check went away with this webmail version (available in more advanced browsers)

  • Browser Issues:  

    • IE7 when you launch, will default to low vision version, more directory type view
    • With IE 8 and 9, there is no spell check
    • Newest images have IE 8 (for XP) and IE 9 for Windows 7
    • Spell check feature is part of the newer browsers like IE 10, Chrome and Firefox
Options at this point:
1)   get over it
2)    Try using a different browser such as chrome and Firefox (some problems with running MS product on a google platform)
3)   IE 10 can be installed (but not on windows XP machines)

  • Kicking around the idea of using the Microsoft Outlook client version for front office staff
    • Locally installed email client –set up is easy, and is auto discovery.  Just next next, next to install
    • Training issues with that? no more than the web app...?
    • Kevin doesn’t see it as a big issue
    • One issue is that it Only works in Office 2007 and Office 2010
    • Spell Check is built right in
    • They are testing it at central office, and may pick a couple of schools to test it in the next couple of weeks.
    • Steven will test training modules for outlook

  • Two login issue, sometimes can use just login name on second login
  • Client version would not have to put in whole email twice
  • Set home page to inbox?  Might save the second login

Joan Proffitt: 

  • The document for email troubleshooting still has some value
  • Teachers locked out can be the problem
      • So check that first (In MMC)
      • Email never tells them they are locked out
      • Can wait 15 minutes and automatically resets

Justin Ritchey:  
  • Reason for two logins is because we are not hosting email on wsfcs servers anymore 
  • Teachers need to use email  on their own machine (own login) sharing machines with one login will be problems for email
  • Printing issues with webapp?  They will look into
  • Opening attachments is an issue too?  will get back with us
  • Issues with phone, see Christine Casstevens (issues with groups)

  • They have a contract on email and it is free
  • PC life cycle refresh is in the plans (some of these issues are related to older computers and older browsers) —They have to –had conversations with Dr Emory
  • Chrome/ Firefox may be the better option to use since it will let you create groups
  • More information will be forthcoming as we hear more

Web Filter/Wireless networks:

  • Two wireless networks:  Public and Managed
  • No MLC networks
  • Public is only for "off domain devices"
  • There is no value in connecting to it with network devices
  • Off domain, would be anything other than windows 7 or windows xp, such as tablets, phones, etc.
  • If you see the Yellow flag on wireless means there is no Internet access
  • Front end of new web filter comes with a log in screen
  • It provides filtering to your group (such as the teacher group or student group)
  • If you change to local users can use guest with password wsfcs
  • If you are getting on a network device, then the "agent" needs to be pushed out to that machine so it can be recognized as a known device
  • IN AICP, you can manually install the agent on a machine--called Lightspeed user agent 
  • Teachers should bring their laptops in and login to get the updated agent
  • Several things that were unblocked maybe blocked again, and you might have to put in KACE tickets to have them reviewed
  • ISSUE --If AP's and Principals are connecting to the wireless on their mobile devices, they need to go to safari to authenticate each day before doing a walkthru
  • They definitely will have to authenticate before they do their walks

Policy on email on personal devices:
  • Official policy is still not in place and a phone can be confiscated if there were to be a question raised and school email is on there
  • Do not help people set up email on personal phones !

IPAD purchasing process and the following mobile devices now on the official Price list

  • Mini’s
  • Galaxy tablets
  • Nook e-reader will be on there (CDW is getting a contract with Barnes and Noble)
  • Kindle is on there too
  • All will connect to public only
  • Purchasing process is on the technology pricelist
  • They must ship to central office building—must be managed/deployed and set up with a subcontractor  (air watch)
  • Do not have a volume price plan with Apple yet
  • App store will not work yet until they figure out the contract details
  • There is a nice cart and cases for the ipads
  • Recommends you buy the otterbox case
  • Mclass app and dibels will not prompt for login,  have to go to safari first to get the authorization prompt, otherwise they will not work
  • Don’t send in ipads in for repair,  have to go through the apple care claim
  • Ipad mini’s have no cases with them

 Carla Miller:

  • Where is my laptop for new teachers?
  • Numbers are from HR
  • T400 models are The models we are getting
  • See Carla after the meeting
  • We are looking at ending the contract with Wake Forest?
  • All part of that recycle/refresh discussion
  • No funding source right now for additional classroom solution /science carts


  • Working but old equipment survey:
  • SN4, SN5 machines--They want to know if you have working ones and want to get rid
  • Standard pickup in October:  officially equipment that does not work
  • What about old laptops, put it on the surplus list, anything lower than R40’s
Go to Webportal to access surplus spreadsheet
  • Tech facilitators
  • Info for tech facilitators
  • Request for information
  • Pick your school
  • Open the file
  • By next Friday, the spreadsheets should be available
  • Drop down to check out the document to edit it
  • For monitors, Carla  does not need serial number
  • Desktop / laptop needs serial numbers
  • Save it and check in file
  • Make sure you do check it back it
  • Deadline is Sept 30th
  • Person in your building should go with the recycle pickup person to the spot where equipment is stored

 Carla on Printers:

  • Had about 500 printers in stale state ove
  • Now about 83 devices not reporting into strategic
  • Could be IP address changed?
  • Let Carla know if IP address changed (printer moved?)
    • Carla needs to know if printers are moved
    • Put in a ticket (she needs as much information as possible)  needs to know printer name and IP address
  •  Threshold is 15% for ordering a new cartridge 

 ALS/ISS classrooms:

  • Want to see more computers in those rooms
  • Carla will do survey, and you will receive more
  • They will also look at wiring in next couple of weeks
  • They will make sure there are four in those rooms

Kevin--Please discourage teachers from calling the help desk, contact Tech Facilitators first.

Joan Proffitt:

  • Majority of calls has been email related
  • KACE tickets need to be our main source of problem management
  • Data Managers will be the first point of contact for Power School
    • They can call their team leader and get people unlocked and reset, can also call help desk or put in a ticket
    • Only assign to the service desk not to individuals
    • Only people in school allowed to assign tickets is Data Manager, and Tech Facilitator
    • 6 failed attempts on power school and the will be locked out

 Monitoring tickets that go into "limbo":  Joan does not monitor (except in the summer)

Chris Corbin:

Images List:  
  • Image Document is on the Tech Facilitator WebPortal. Information for Technology Facilitators > Documents > Technical > Image Deployment
  • All lenovo desktops are now in M series
  • X51 and X41 he will have images out on the server now
  • Updated software
    • IE 9 is the new image
    • IE 8 is highest on windows XP
    • Windows XP, office 2003
    • Any windows 7 machines, have office 2010
    • Light speed user agent is in images
    • Malwarebytes?: needs updated...Chris will
X131 not being able to image question...?
  • Check date and time in bios
  • Password reset utility
  • use .\wsadmin to login as wsadmin on windows 7 machines
Printing: 2 goal approach:
 1)   get a printer on a machine by any means necessary
2)   enable TF’s to achieve this with a centralized action

a)   TRAC/WoMac (centralized)
b)   Manual IP based install

Chris will send the IP based directions or put on webportal (Here are Downs directions for adding an IP printer )

First thing that has to happen: TRAC
  • TRAC:  its under utilities
  • Type in school number to filter for your school
  • Assign printer:
  • Printer assigned does not mean it shows up
Type out : for example:  \\516DC01\M516P200003
  • Keep a spreadsheet with names of printers
  • All you have done is add them
  • Now, the workstation client has to run
    • Runs during login script
    • If user is already logged in
    • Go to:
      • Start
        • All program
        • Utilities
        • Connection refresh
  • Start run
  • Womac /ip (that’s a space after womac)
  • Womac /? (to see the list)
  • If slow loading the printer, it’s probably downloading the drivers for that printer
  • TRAC installing does not have to have the computer be turned on to add the printers
  • Can use this to map drives (for example the Y drive) Chris will get a sheet for that
  • They still have to be in the group to get access to Y drive
  • They will start deploying the client on Monday

Issues with Print servers

  • Eprint01 and 02 and others (five of them) serving all the printers in the district (~500)
  • Some print servers were messing up because of this.
  • They have decided to put printer services back to the local school servers
  • Imaging also has to stay at the local schools
    • Therefore, at this point have to replace the school servers since imaging and now printing has to stay on the local level
  • Some shuffling around will happen too (since not enough money to replace all servers)
  • "System Center" Could let you image multiple machines at a time (coming)

 Needs yearbook and staff yearbook rosters, CSV file with student number
To give them more space
  • Default level of space is 50MB,  new teachers get only 50 to begin with and have to MANUALLY change it to 300 MB quota

 Steven Anderson

  • Why teachers are not in power school yet?--10 day head count is more important
    • We mark present not absent
    • Unless you have period attendance...those teachers are 
    • Sept 10th, teachers will get access
    • Principals and data managers will receive teacher passwords on Friday
 Taking attendance
  • Watch how to take attendance video
  • Grade book guru was trained --they are the only people who can help
  • Power teacher help:
  • Main things is getting UID to them
    • Don't right it down (violation of AUP) 
    • Need to memorize
    • Can go to (need to be on school computer to retrieve)
  • Teachers should go to user options
  • There is a different URL for teacher and admins
  • Takeattendance cheat sheet is on teacher help:
  • Term weights for courses previously were setup by district--Teacher has to setup
  • NC teacher effectiveness tool
  • Ticket may have to put in if certain links not working. 
  • Schoolnet deciding whether or not to join, 4 $ per student
    • Looking for volunteers to participate. 
    • Have to decide by March whether or not to invest
    • There will be No district wide training 
    • Focus on a small group of teachers to test it
    • There are school net how to videos people can search 
    • Refer then to power source if people ask
    • It's available but not supporting it
  • New teachers need to activate accounts to get courses 
  • See if they can login, do password recovery. 
  • Check distant learning tab to see if they have courses assigns
  • PRT and assistants do not have courses only teachers with gradebooks
MLC and BYOD sessions this summer
  • Working through policy decisions 
  • How to disseminate to parents ?

Doreen Anderson

 Melissa and net trekker 

  • Can access through learning Village 
  • Parents can get there too
  • Info will be available: WSFCS/Melissa 

Net trekker for parents communication tool kit
  • Each school has a generic user name and password
  • Only for middle and elementary schools
  • Also on her page a list of user names and pw
  • Will post on edmodo
blog will be coming out:

Evan Herreid

  • Media caste:  server is offline for repairs possibly back by next week

School wires:

  • Teachers hired after August 15 put under CPI
  • And process is slow to get them updated on 
  • Some faculty And staff 
  • If someone is under the viewer tab then everyone else is blocked out
  • Groups; you can add and delete for pages you are wanting limited access
  • Evan will create a screen cast

Screencastomatic is what Evan uses:
  • Do not delete sections
  • Marketing and communications handles problems with directory lists

Learn 360

  • Old teachers can still log in as they have
    • Full email address
    • Pw ws...
  • Students
    • WSFCS and school id
    • pw:   ws...
  • After 10 days new teacher will be added
  • Kacearticle 65 about how to create a learn 360 account 

Spanish translations articles data team working on those for k12 progress reports

Displaying iPad devices on tv?
Harder to do:  adapter on price list?  
Apple TV ? A solution 
Ticket for repair of flat screens 

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