Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tech Meeting February 2014

Parents and Technology

  • New tech facilitator: John Palison, orchestra teacher
  • Michael:  Last meeting, accepted position with Forsyth Tech
  • John Hoff: senior system admin (filling Chris position) from Yadkin country schools


  • Looking for big money to start classroom solution finish up and computer refresh
  • Kevin needs our help:
    • Does not have an accurate count of classroom solutions
    • Needs clear count to give to Dr. Emory
  • Due Feb 21st
  • Kevin may send a spreadsheet back to you to confirm numbers
  • Any aging/technical problems put that in the "other notes"
  • Classroom Solution Survey-include Media Center
    • Anything with kids in them learning
Carla Miller/laptop program:
  • She has received a lot of emails with questions about people not on the list—shoot Carla Miller with an email and she will go back to HR to confirm if you still have questions
  • Home School of Employee gets the laptop for shared employees.
  • Returning the laptops/Pick up process:
    • A school with 35 or less laptops, They would like to have back by the end of Feb
    • 36 or more laptops then by the end of March
    • Some have been pinked slip—she realizes it
    • Remove any labels
    • Remove AD names—shoot those lists to Carla
    • Email her if you have missing power supplies
    • FYI, They will be re-imaging all of the laptops and then redeploy.

Spring Surplus:

  • By Monday, the spreadsheet will be available
  • Go to Webportal
    • Tech facilitators
    • Information for tech facilitator
    • Request for information’choose school level/code
    • Spring 2014 Surplus pickup
  • Rules have not changed (non working/non functional equipment, except TV’s)
  • Click on arrow down, and check out
  • Then double click on spreadsheet
  • Provide as much info as possible
  • Due February 28th
  • Wants to get pick-ups done before testing
  • Please walk with the recycle guy through the school to the pick up location

Kevin: Computers stacked up in the back of  rooms?

  • Either need to get online or surplus if not working
  • Anyone with a network running slower than you think it should, Kevin wants to know about it
    • Maybe switch issues, uplink issues?, etc.  
    • He wants to troubleshoot that
    • Mention to principals—About not surplusing working machines.
    • Techs wearing kaki’s and sport shirts now

Update on Projects:

  • IP phone rollouts:
    • Started with 37 schools that needed phones
    • Doing three to four per month and hopefully finish up by late April
    • Just replacing front office phones, No classroom phones are being replaced
    • Bogen phones still maintenance department responsibility
    • Some trailer and pod issues with phones—look at those situations individually


  • Webportal replacement
  • Looking to go live around spring break time
  • Will go over in the coming months
  • Will be a lot more than file sharing
  • Cloud interaction with apps, etc.


  • Coincides with MMC/BYOD programs
  • New domain for students
  • Don’t want to mix student emails with staff email/address books etc.
  • Long string domain:  Wsfcsstudents
  • First middle initial last name and maybe few student numbers (still settling on that) @wsfcsstudents
  • 3rd grade and up?

Bring Your Own Device

  • Wiley/Atkins and Glen
  • Starting go live with those schools first
  • Will turn student email on at that time
  • Redistributing the Student Responsible Use agreements to everyone after spring break for official sign off by parents (will start with those schools implementing MMC live first)
  • Want to get some more instructional use out of those mobile devices
  • Reminder about not sharing confidential data will be in the employee sign off
  • May post the AUP on teacher webportal

Wiring Closet Inventory:

  • Going closet by closet to assess situation - have to maintain them as they age.
  • Some switch gear is approaching end of life (money for that?—who knows)

PC Refresh

  • They have identified 5 different students at three different schools (SE MS, Glenn and another)
  • Testing mobile devices and wants feedback from the students who are testing
    • 131x laptops
    • I-pad
    • Galaxy tablet
    • MS surface with windows 8 (have detachable keyboards, etc)
  • Ties into the decision of what to replace PC's .
  • Kicking off on Feb 14th
  • If they break it or drop it, it’s on Kevin
  • Will be completed at the end of March
  • Firmly believe it’s not one device that will fit all
  • Will take the data and come to some conclusions

Grumbling about browsers

  • Hopefully come up with a best practices cheat sheet
  • Issues especially for teacher assistants (who don't have new laptops and can't use client email)
Two articles on Knowledge Base in KACE:

Service Desk Issues

  • Remind teachers that we are the first line of support
  • Front office don’t tell teachers to call the help desk
  • Over 120 tickets over 120 days owned by you  (clean those up)
Joan Proffitt:
  • Natalie Gilliam:  Sue Albertson from East Forsyth --  Thoughts and cards for her.
  • Living in PA, treatment in NY (Been there from Nov)
  • Description Fields in AD:  goes back to machines not logged into the network
  • If you have machines that don’t populate the machine information, get those on a ticket

Professional Development:

  • Get our thoughts on  ideas for PD (speak up survey)
  • Instructional tech page
  • New RUA, piece of verbage giving permission to teacher to create accounts on the part of the student
  • Teachers need to be aware of the terms of use of various tools
  • For example, education versions of Animoto and glogster okay for students under 13, but not regular versions—instructional technologists are good sources of information.

Technology Blog

Results of Speakup Survey:

  • Between 400-500 teachers completed it
  • Most teachers say they are average or advanced users
  • Biggest problems teachers say:
    • Not internet access at home
    • Lack of computers in school for students to use

PD for teachers

Tech facilitator:  Table discussion -- ideas of how to help teachers with professional development
  • Pinterest group for teachers?
  • Direct Link To This Document:
  • Differentiation of PD is a district wide problem.
  • A needs assessment with the teachers is important
  • Tech Facilitators can do things individually with teachers,” you don’t know what you don’t know”—TPAC
  • SAMR model?
  • Teachers still feel unprepared for Common Core:
  • There are still teachers not teaching the common core
  • 1 hour model PD is not effective, but PLC model may not always be effective either?—many factors
  • 7 Tech Facilitators covering 80 some school
  • They need to find the most effective way to meet the needs of teachers
  • Tech Facilitators  learning to be instructional coaches more effectively
  • Principals who went through TLC :
    • Principals need to be viewed as instructional leaders
  • We need to focus on why is something the best tool not what is the best tool (MLC training)
  • Try to bridge the gap with curriculum people in C/O
  • PRC money is bringing back the science teachers for more training on the one to one classroom
  • If time is a factor, how can we gain that time?  
    • There is no one solution for time problem—find creative solutions
  • STEM:  Science Technology Engineering and Math
  • Piney Grove Steam lab? (Steam—throw in ART)
  • Brian Piekarski an expert on Photo Shop
  • Evan's expertise is social media
  • Teachers are not always telling us what they need, maybe afraid to vocalize their deficits, also—“Don’t know what they Don’t know”
  • Student Achievement not number one on Steven's list, looking at effective teaching is
  • Identifying high quality digital content and how to find it
  • Conference style workshops?


  • Understand the importance of technology
  • Table conversations:
    • Ideas for parent involvement
    • Direct Link To This Document:
    • videos for parents?
    • makes more sense to come from central office ?
    • Facebook page/twitter for the parents to follow?
    • Difficult to get parents in the building/but provide opportunities during the day and night
    • Come in before the school day ends?
    • Let them use technology (use the clickers)
    • Working on digital resources for parents
    • Offer food

Staff Devlopment Opportunity March 22

Mt Tabor
Guy from Discovery and can dress up in the Renaissance

Kevin Sherrill: Recap:

Classroom solution surveys to be completed
Surplus equipment by end of February

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