Saturday, March 8, 2014

NCTIES 2014 -- And the award for the most inspiring session goes to...

On March 6-7, 2014 I had the privilege of attending The North Carolina Technology in Education Conference in Raleigh.  (NCTIES) To answer critics who might something like: "There again are those teachers out there wasting our tax payers dollars", I spent over $500.00 of my own money (hotel, registration, gas etc.)  to attend this conference and will bring new knowledge back to teachers and students in our schools.  With budget cuts to education in North Carolina, there is no longer monies provided for this type of staff development. I feel sad for our profession that I feel the need to even bring up this issue.

That aside, I had a fantastic experience, and learned so many things from the brilliant speakers and fellow attendees.  I often say to folks who attend workshops/conferences that it takes time to process and you have to start by just trying one or two things (not all of them at once).

If I had to give an award for the most inspiring session I encountered it was with Kevin Honeycutt ( ) and his talk on "Building Entrepreneurs".  The concept revolved around teaching students to use ideas to make real businesses and actually make sales giving them real stakes in educational products.  

Some of Kevin's memorable lines (paraphrased here)

  • "It's not evil to make a living"
  • "Teaching in juve is like teaching in staff development--everyone in there is angry"
  • "You can sell a kid a life in an  hour" Salesmen can make the best teachers.
  • No child left behind is no child left untested 
  • "China real" iPhone. 20$
  • "If you have a good idea now have another one--You have to invent something all the time". --We are not teaching inventiveness in America anymore
  • "There always has to be an audience for kids - without stakes their work is meaningless"
  • People used to say about America:  "You don't know you can't, you just do it"  Have we lost that?  How do we fix it?
  • We need to be teaching kids to: "Learn to love to learn"
Things to look at from Kevin's session:

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