Saturday, August 13, 2011

PLN can be so many things

As I was scrolling down my twitter feed, I came across this tweet from Gcouros about a blog from Richard Byrne:

"PLNs Aren't Limited to Twitter"

There is a nice, short and to the point  video in the blog about what could be a PLN (Professional Learning Network) for you...?
It immediately made me want to share with my teachers.  I held back since I am afraid they are already overwhelmed with the start of the school year.  However, it was a good reminder to me that there is no one "perfect PLN".  A PLN is whatever collaboration or sharing that leads us to be better teachers and life-long learners.  And while twitter does open a world of ideas that otherwise I may never have come across, a simple cup of coffee at a coffee shop with a friend or even a stranger could just as easily give me insight to make a day in the classroom more interesting for my students. 
For example, I actually view my Facebook account as a form of a PLN.  Many times people look at me like I am crazy when I say that.  Why are you putting that on Facebook?  they say.  But, that's what I like to do-- not only do I share pictures or events in my life, but I also like to share interesting articles that I read including: the weather, politics, education, the environment, medicine, and the list goes on and on.  Sure, some people must think I am a geek or boring, but I look at as just another tool in sharing knowledge and insight into life. 
So,  keep this in mind when people start preaching about what you should be doing in your "PLC meetings" this school year. There is no one perfect PLN.


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