Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Technology Facilitator Meeting August 2011

Welcome Back!

Staff Changes: New people: 
  • Dale Fox--Hall Woodword
  • Dj Brently Konnoak Elem
  • Tracy at Hanes Middle
  • Ronetta Snyder at NW Middle
  • John @ Meadowlark Elem
  • Josue @ Petree Elem
  • Anna Daley @ Forrest Park
  • Jennifer Mickey @ South Fork Elem
  • Julia Chisolm Kimberly Parlk Elem
  • Amy Daniels
  • Brian Smith was at Hanes is back on Service desk
  • Charlie no longer with us as NCWISE trainer—Amy is new person...will introduce at  September meeting
  • Jim Mendoza is leaving us.
  • Kevin Sherrill is out on back surgery
  • CL Marshall is in serious condition and in intensive care at Forsyth Hospital…send a message to him :(
    Today's meeting will be "hosted at" :
  • Way to ask questions that don't necessarily pertain to the whole group
  • Will be archived and posted for everyone to review
Video from Marlo:

 Betty--This has been a tremendous summer of work projects so need to focused at today's meeting

First, an overview of the Wireless/Carla Miller
WPA project

  • certificate based security system/there is no code, only way to get on wireless is through group policies...
  • For guest speakers who come to your school with a personal laptop, you will have to put in a ticket ahead of time, or use one of your machines or have presentations on a flash drive.
  • Following Schools have not been touched yet :( 
    • Career Center
    • Kennedy
    • Carter (Had power problems)
  • Carla re-imaged every laptop or desktop that they had access to over the summer
  • Teacher laptops coming back in without service pack 3 will have to be reimaged in order to connect to the wireless.

Race to the Top Update

  • Awarded the bids for wiring contractor and switches, etc. so that every school in the district will be completely wireless
  • Carla will contact us and principal with a schedule –There are  not to the point of getting everything done yet, but coming

Printer Solution:

  • Toner will arrive at school with yellow label indicating printer name
  • If you move a printer, you have to let DOT know of the moves, a VLAN change may make it unable to print.
  • Vendors will be contacting and visiting schools
  • Contact Carla Miller if you don’t get a cartridge for a printer that is out
  • Let the cartridges run out…before you replace them.It will reset back to a 100% when you put the new one in
  • Company will come to schools and do an inventory of supplies that you already have and collect or buy back surplus.
  • Pricing is the same as earlier advertised: 
    • charged by the clicks on the printer wheel…doesn’t matter how light or dark the copies are…
  • Secretaries/Offices are still able to purchase cartidges for local printers (lead secretaries were told this information too)

    Buddy Martin and Chris Corbin and Sherry Reich:

    Desktop Provisioning:

    •  97 % of school staff is now provisioned
    • 65000 student accounts are managed this way
    • Every night accounts are updated (fairly automated system)
    • DOT has started taking staff extracts out of HMRS…instead of NCWISE (now have ~ 6000 accounts)
    • Big Drawback: a teacher moving may show up at new school before HR moves them. But the standard is to wait until HMRS makes the change before technology moves.
    • Tech Faciliators are not going to be provisioned—we are pulled out because of new service desk requirements
    • Process runs at about 3:00 am every morning
    • Student user names and passwords have been reset : 
      • Elem: pw: is their student number
      • grades 6-12, passwords are 123...
      • Will be prompted to reset at first log-in

    Server Consolidation Changes:

    • Server virtualization/consolidate servers to data center
    • VMware: allows 80 virtual servers running on 4/5 virtual servers
    • MC Hammer still works (interface for active directory)
    • They have added a folder called “group containers”
    • Generic media account moving to staff—so you will reset pw under staff now for that account
    • Roaming teachersmapping drives and the "xxxaltaccess group" (all based off schools IP subnet) 
    • Through service desk ticket shared teachers can be put on other schools and map drives for multiple schools (Have to put in a ticket for people at multiple schools)
    • Yearbook, Newspaper groups are empty need class rosters—submit a ticket—csv preferred format of members who need access:
    • Can we move computers into containers in MMC? We will have access rights to do that soon…hopefully by next meeting

     Storage locations: 
    • mapped to new locations in the data center..\\\xxx\
    • Change in how printers are added
    • Office Home folders were copied minus media files
    • Teacher and student home folders were not copies over
    • Staff and student shared folders were not copied

    School Servers are still on:

    •  go to start
    • Run, type:  \\xxxdc01\

    Share this knowledge if there is critical need, but don’t advertise.

    New quotas:
    • ES students: 50 MB
    • MS/HS students: 100 MB
    • Teachers: 300 MB
    • Office Staff: 1 GB
    • Tech Facilitator is at 1 GB
    • Media Coordinators at 1 GB

    May increase even more if needed…

    •  File Screens: new capability to block files based on their extension (no scripting files, no exe, .bat etc)
    • You will get accessed denied if trying to copy someone’s old data and they have one of those file screen types.
    • Students can not save exe or bat files to home folders (but could still save to Staff Share or Student Share)
    • You can request changes to file screen types…

     SSO is gone so a new way that may drives:

    • I drive: CTE programs only
    • K Drive Media Drive available upon request (Data is still there) You may have to request the data be re-mapped)—Not backup up
    • Archived data (2009-2010) has been removed from K Drives…
    • File screening does not apply to K drive at the moment

    Mapping Groups:

    • Group containers: three groups
    • Click on members
    • Object types first
    • K Drive is part of school user group, not limited to any group
    • document will be posted with these instructions…
    • So if someone needs to have access to a certain drive (like the i drive for CTE classrooms), you will have to add computer to those groups (for example CTE group)


    • New way to deliver printers
    • MMC: groups container:
    • As long as a machine is in that group, it will print to that machine
    • They did did do pull out printers already assigned in SSO by machine name
    • Problem today with network printing and a Policy refresh was done and they started working

     Put a computer into a printer group

    • Computer object, “member of”
    • Add
    • Apply and ok

    If you Don’t want a machine to print to a printer

    • Go into printer group:
    • Uninstall SSO admin tools from your machines (so you don't get confused and try and add printers there) Uninstall SSO administrative tools (version 3) in add remove programs

    To Install more than one printer and set a default:

    • Last printer applied to the machine will be the default one
    • In KACE:
    • Go Software Library Tab will replace AICP, but inside there is a Printer management tool:
    • Will need to download on on your workstation. 
    • Click on machine and will have a list of printer assigned to it, pick one you want to be the default.
    • It will execute after the policy after a log off log on
    • You will have access on whatever machine you download the management tool on…
    • Computer has to be in a printer group for this to work (done on MMC)
    • If you have a problem with Printers, include machine name and the name of the printer you are trying to print to in your KACE ticket
    • They have had some problems with 4015’ printers
    • to summarize: To make printer default: go to KACE, Software Library, Printer Management Tool

    Desktop Shortcuts 

    • can still be created: 
    • Still need to submit ticket if you want something like a special program published to a certain machine…
    • Will be a few things different: But, will still see teacher application, student application.
    • DOT will be doing a whole lot  changes the next few days
    • Now in start menu: Programs/utilities/gpupdate
    • Now, you will only have to log-off and log on for policy update to take place not a restart
    • Start menu: only updates user policies…(sometimes you don’t even have to logoff)
    • If icons/printers not showing up, do the gpupdate
    • ICONS: past couple of days not showing up, they are in transition phase right now…

    Applications Programs:

    • Still have to ask that a program be approved, make sure it works in their environment—has to go through educational value, and technical evaluation—Just because it comes with a text book does not mean it has cleared the software approval process.
    • Exam View: Test banks can be installed on AICP but will be put on KACE

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure:

    • Thin client. Motherboard with video board interface, a little flash memory, better warrantee, couple usb and much cheaper!
    • These devices run about 400$ with monitor keyboard and mouse for about half the price of a desktop
    • Going to start with office staff first
    • Starting at Morgan elementary…Walkertown High, and will pilot delivery to other schools…will pilot at a slow pace.
    • Implementing will be all based on licensing
    New Email System:

    • Tired of managing the servers…
    • Moving to a hosted email system/in the cloud
    • MSlive@edu
    • Online version of MS outlook
    • All email will be accessed through internet
    • They will no longer have to manage servers
    • Users will get 5 GB mail quota!!
    • And user will also get 5 GB skydrive in the cloud (home folder in the cloud)


    • All Mail will be migrated (only problem will be for the handful of users who are over 5 GB)
    • All email will be migrated over, but there is a possibility messages could get corrupted.
    • If an email is important, they need to save it :forward it, archive it, print it out, whatever…)
    • 30 days to migrate email—starting sometime in November.
    • Plan is over Christmas break, to turn it over
    • Plan to do some training before Christmas…
    • Can archived email be viewed without lotus client on machine? Will still be able to as long as the machine stays alive
    • Blackberries—servers will have to be synched through another method.—still testing—will update you on how that will work
    • Email addresses will be the same tho for some old accounts, active directory accounts that are different from email user names, those accounts may have to change…They will let you know, but may happen unexpectantly…

    Most of information today was shared with principals:

    Jim with KACE update:

    • These instructions on on the KACE menu
    • Access KACE under user options
    • In house: you can simply type "ithelp" in browser (that’s all)
    • Anywhere else, type:
    • Use your active directory user name and pw:
    • Submitter is the customer/requester
    • Owner is person who does the work
    • Always include serial number in hardware:
    • Search--Active tickets: this queue (your tickets where you are the owner)
    • Custon view: status != (does not equal) closed
    • Employee self service, teachers need to update their information so KACE information is up to date
    • Don’t click on anything until it gets done searching
    • Look for new tickets, either assign it to yourself, another tech facilitator/ or service desk
    • Changing status to in progress generates an email to notify all parties
    • Issue/request –be as detailed as possible—keep everything as much as possible in there.
    • Don’t change the priorities of tickets…owned by service tickets.\\
    • In order to close a ticket, change to closed, save and then a resolution field is available and then you can type in the rsolution…
    • Great people at service desk who can help you:
      • Joan Proffitt formerly at Jefferson elem
      • Brian Smith from Hanes Middle
    • You can submit a comment in a ticket where you need more information and it will generate an e-mail…

     NC Professional Teacher Standards Marlo:

    • Rubrics are being supplied for things like interactive white boards (whats developing, proficient, etc)
    • Common Core/Essential Standards—next year
    • But this year, information technology skills are required to be taught!
    • This is actually not a new requirement, it’s been in place several years
    • They are working with instructional services to provide support for this requirement.

    • Sources of information
    • Informational text
    • Technology as a tool
    • Research process
    • Safety and ethical issues
    • This was shared at prncipal's Retreat  (ppoint will be posted)
    • Teachers need to be discussing how they chose websites for example

    Technology as a tool: students can access, organize and communicate information!!

    Marlo’s soap box item!!

    Bix 6 and Super 3

    If you want to present to your staff, Marlo or Jackie can present to our staff…information and technology essential standards

    funny Movie clips beta: The smurfs (2011)

    On google:  goooogle

    What are your school's technology professional needs:

    Use Social networking as a PLN

    KACE...list goes on an on--all tools

    • These are all tools:
    • Would you design a house around a faucet?  kind of backwards, same with designing lesson around a tech tool..
    • How to we change out model:
    • TPAC model: teachers know their content and how to teach, but do they know how to put it all together?
    • Old school teachers know pedagogy and content
    • Pedagogy/content/21st century technology
      • we must Teach a balance of all three
      • Learning activity types
      • College of William and Mary—learning types—table with tools that might be used with certain concepts…
      • How can we help you?
      • Getting away from 1 hour staff development
      • More use of teacher planning/plc’s/online instructional resources/
      • Want teachers in their planning times
      • You need to get them  the dates now…or will get filled up
      • Build capacity (PLN)
      • Get information from other places.
      • The networked teacher—needs to know Learning Village for common core curriculum.
      • Teacher groups in Facebook
      • The instructional Technology Department Site--check it out

    Mandy Durance: Project Manager for Edmodo

    • Came from Caberras country (MS SS teacher)
    • Edmodo is a closed environment
    • WSFCS has a sub domain
    • Important to go to WS/FCS sub domain
    • She is using slide rocket to present this
    • You can share unlimited amount of content (as long as individual files are less than 100mb)
    • Can create folders and groups/committees
    • Tech Facilitators group
    • All teachers would need is a six digit code that you get generated when you sign up
    • School codes:  see Mandy Durrance

     This is some of the stream from the online chat in Today's meeting:  
    Go to this link to see all the chat:

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