Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thinking about Social Media in Schools...

I have been reading quite a bit recently about using social media in schools particularly Facebook.  Twitter is where I find these article and they constantly inspire me with new ideas and  sending my mind in many directions.  For example, I follow a principal in Canada who has given me concrete ideas of how to use a school Facebook Page:
gcouros gcouros RT @luc_germain: RT @bhsprincipal: Creating your school’s niche on Facebook

Another Principal, Eric Sheninger is a leader in the use of social in schools.  He sent this tweet recently:  
NMHS_Principal Eric Sheninger You School Needs a Facebook Page by @mrwejr

I plan on talking with folks at my school to see how we might encourage the use of a variety of social media tools--platforms like  edmodo for the classroom, facebook, twitter and various others social media tools for communicating with families.  

Finally, there is still a lot of fear out there about social media and teachers interacting with students in appropriate ways.  Even though I personally don't friend students, I found myself agreeing with the teacher in this article about the state of Missouri making it illegal for teachers to be friends with students on Facebook: "I am not a pervert and don't wish to be treated as one," Joplin middle school teacher Alana Maddock wrote in an email to Gov. Jay Nixon in June, not long before he signed the legislation. "I am very responsible with my Facebook pages and don't appreciate being assumed to be a danger to my students."


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