Friday, January 15, 2010

MS Office 2007 conversion Problems

I am seeing more and more office 2007 issues --students bring in flash drive, file won't open because student completed it at home with a newer version of Office (2007). I don't see the school system updating anytime soon especially with the current budget crunch. But you can do a one time install on your computer by following the directions below , and in the future your computer will recognize those files. I have also seen this problem when teachers receive an e-mail from someone who has attached an Office 2007 (usually word) document. This install will solve that problem too :) See below...

At home, you go to the Microsoft conversion download site:

But, here at school, I have placed the converter install file on the staff shared drive:

Here is what you do:

From your desktop, Go to " my computer ":

Go to the data on 406 dc01 (S) drive (double click on it)

Then, Find the Staff Share folder (double click on it)

Then find the Installs Folder (double click on it)

Find the item that says: (And double click on it)
File Format converters for MS Office 2007
(it may take several seconds to come up, once it does....)

Choose RUN
place a check in the box to accept the terms
then click on continue

That should be it. Once it is completed on a computer, you should not have to run the converters again and that particular computer :)

You might also mention to students if they are working at home, they can " SAVE as" and choose to Save as a word 97-2003 document. That also will eliminate the conversion issue.

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