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Technology Facilitator Meeting Minutes 1/28/10

Jeff Nichols had a baby girl (early)
Susan McBride move to Northwest

Laura Grant is Betty's new—Administrative assistant—started Monday.


Balance of technical/instructional/data management:

Kevin: not a whole lot new…

Trend Micro: red little flags on Office scan client...virus definitional have always been up to date, but office scan client was in need of updating. Office Scan server was overloaded—had 19,000 clients when 10,000 was recommended on the server.

Buddy: This started in October, 3 patches, and the upgrade to client version 10.

Everyone logged in on January 4th and locked up the server. Now it is on 4 servers (Elem, Middle, High, central office)

If you see a little dos screen pop up on the screen, that is the process of office scan updating (can take 2 to ten minutes) So now there will be 5000 clients per server.

If you notice a machine that is not updated, have rebooted, and have done a gpupdate, etc. but if one won’t cooperate, Buddy can send you a command line to force it to update. Put in a HEAT ticket.

Otherwise to reinstall Office Scan:

Office Scan Re-install:

To reinstall go to: https:\\\officescan. No need for a password, click on the link below the password field under where it reads:
For Networked Computers:

How do you now, right click on office scan and choose component version

Louis Newton: "security Malware" has been on the increase lately…shuts down malwarebytes, download on a CD, rename executable, login in a Safe Mode…

To get Malwarebytes to run on an infected machine  sometimes you can rename the Mbam.exe  file, rename it as something else… and it may run… Or run malware bytes with a CD, Run computer in safe mode.

Carla Miller on the Wiring Closets, etc.

In last few weeks, four schools gone down because of power issues…Things have been laid on top of Server keyboards…Please check your server and and make sure there are not things laying on the keyboard, etc.

Closets with switches…make a pathway to the them clear…

SSO Update: Buddy Martin

Client update recently…Monday's problems should be good now.

If curious about whether a machine is updated, go to control panel…should see version 3.5.1—it is the updated version.

New version of SSO allows you to remove printers

If ping pong keeps running, try running a profile sweep on that machine.

Quick way to remedy when drives don't mount, exit out the pong, go to windows applications and click on printer refresh—that will map drives…or re log in…

Kevin will send out more  info in TBT update…

Naming Convention Standards:
Even more important with power off issue…

Standards are Posted on the tech facilitator handbook (it will be back soon on the webportal)

The "A" in  a computer name is important in determining profile sweeps or not

2000-A machines in main office,  or 4000-A machines do not get swept...
3000 are laptop carts

"Description of the machines" listed in the Utility -- they will work on giving us more information on what type of PC or laptop it is....

Kevin's rule:  If a student touches it, then it should be an "I"

Teachers in order not to be sweep, they have to be in admin folder…you can put in a HEAT ticket to request that, but really teacher computers need to swept too...

The A2000 and A4000 are the ones that are not getting swept.

Buddy again…

FYI, If you Uninstall Office Scan, Password is v......

Side note from Kevin...They don’t see refreshing machines anytime soon, so we are going to have to deal with the old computers for awhile.

They are looking at the tech handbook, submit a heat ticket if you see changes need to be made. Maybe print out a copy and keep in a binder.

MS Office 2007, to 2003 converters—they will push out the converters through group policy. Maybe issue with excel…some issue with the number of rows, and getting a corrupt file when you go from 2007 to 2003.

Standard with district is 2003…Question came up as to why there would be machines in the building with 2007?

CTE is ordering 2007 on their new machines?

Request to put a link to Tech Facilitator handbook on the first page of the web portal on the right…

Computer Shutdown initiative…

"Power On" audit is now running each night.

Starting Monday, script will run at 8:00 PM each night to shut down your machines, exclusion utility will be offered if there are machines you don’t want to be included. We are still to tell your teacher to TURN OFF their machines EVERYDAY. Only ones really that might need to be left on are the technology carts that are charging devices, you can add them to the exclude list. Ambassador is not on the domain so they are not monitoring  those machines.

CHRIS Corbin::

"Shutdown service is not perfect"

Does not see machines that are not on the domain... (Cafeteria, Ambassador)

Someone still working at 8:00?  It will give a person a 2 minute warning…They could restart afterwards, and the audits for machines left on will run at 11:00

There are circumstances where a machine will not shutdown. If a program is running. Certain viruses, spyware that prevent shutdown.

They will try and make a “cancel button” on the two minute warning…so a person still working could tell it not to shut down...

Nightly audits still just seeing the first Monday of each Month for now…Will become a "monthly bill".

THE UTILITY to exclude computers from SHUTDOWN:

The new application is in AICP under global applications, install it.


Take a machine you want excluded, ADD to list, then "Build" list…

Bottom line from Betty--we are in a single school district culture…teachers simply need to shutdown everything at night.

Parent Assist:

All middle and HS letters went out Thursday of last week—taken to the post office.

Letter contains their user name and password.

Parents are excited…Teachers are going along fine.

Elementary still waiting on user names and passwords.

First screen on PA shows cumulative average. Parents drill down to see quarter average.

Parent call on use of Parent assist, goes to Data Manager. First person to talk with about your student’s grade is the STUDENT.

Result of all this has been to force much clean-up of information…

In every assessment, check box "post to parent assist", populates the date (today’s date)

If they save and go out and go back in, the check is gone, the date is what determines whether the assessment is viewable.

If you put one single student’s grade in an assessment, the results for the other students are shown if teacher does not exempt the other students who don’t have grades yet. (If they are counting blank marks as zeros in their gradebook preferences)

Sharon from West sees no point in Post dating assessments…

Betty will be taking to the board a request to remove the policy of three week progress report schedule.

AUP grape colored acceptable use policy forms for students new to the system. Submit a HEAT ticket to Laura. Dr. Symington said they should be on the cumulative folder list.

Carol Grandy: retiring…Well deserved party this afternoon. Her last day is Friday, and Melissa Edwards is the new person replacing Carol.

Carol is the “girl” behind Learning Village…Carol managed it and made it happen and look professional. Had been a math teacher at Parkland, and then tech Facilitator at Kimberly Park. Started with VIP program—her and Betty.

Post Break:


Destiny—all schools have it!—Jackie Peirson,

With adding all the schools, the size of the destiny database is HUGE! Working thru some issue…Data issues contact CL or Shirley Bidernia.

Destiny--Version 9.5 moving to 10.0 this summer, can load pod casts up there, teacher resource lists, etc. A PANTHER—are portable handheld devices you can use when Destiny is offline, can still circulate. Also used for inventory—it’s live wireless...Fairly expensive. Can do remote circulation.

Also a $400.00 wireless scanner is now available…

Repairs laminators, TV’s, overheads, all AV problems should be handled thru a HEAT ticket

Bogen problems—Electrical work order thru your secretary

Computers at circulation desks should be A’s, all OPAC stations should be I’s.

Computer Skills/Atomic Learning—MARLO

NCLB act and EETT funding education through technology act…since 2002 been using test data from 8th grade test….Still required by federal law to report competency for 8th grade. 1) Option students who already took the 8th grade test. Other options passing grade in CTE class, collection of online work samples.

This is a one year solution for now…Plan developed: Passed by Board:

Check list:

If you are a school that piloted test…that immediately counts

Passing grade in a computer class. In 6th or 7th grade

Test Skills using Atomic Learning (student assessment 48 question test—have students take it) tells you the result by CTE net standard

Portfolio of work sample for EC students.

If 7th grade students want to take the atomic learning so they can be marked proficient you can do that—it is for reporting to DPI for the grant.

How do we report the results on Atomic Learning—In February we will have administrative accounts, and you will assign students to take it, and receive a report and give that to your data manager to report proficient or not—Just a pass fail.

Data Manager will get us the names of the students who do not have scores.

Atomic Learning:

We want staff to know they have this information at their finger tips; there will be access for parents too…

Log in: We will have administrative building level access to Tech Facilitator and Principals.

For now, temporary user name is available (see Marlo)

You can add things to Favorites on Atomic

You can assign them to watch them, and give a due date

Browse available training and projects…

Workshops, they will work out credit issues with Cyndi Conger…

Students will have log-ins as well...

Ti Calculator, Voice Thread, Movie Maker (suggest to Debbie Etheridge's sub)

Waiting engineers to manage accounts from AD…

21st Century Skills section, projects, teacher assessments, etc.

If you assign training, click on “my Training” and will see what you have assigned.

If you decide you want to do a workshop, do a regular proposal on workshop registration system, and include a list of the names of the videos you will have them watch. You can as administrator have participants upload files to be assessed.

For teachers needing tech credits--MOODLE courses are on-going…go into staff development registration search by location, and find all the ones on-line, and they change every month.

Atomic Learning accounts—your login will be your e-mail address, and generic password for everyone at first will be generic until you change it


Theme money is on the table…talk about reducing theme money is on the table. Talk to your administrators.

Dell Mini’s will be collecting data on use—it was a Grant.

Discovery Streaming/Learn 360??

360 never going to be the same as Discovery Streaming…

Was a lot of tunnel vision on the videos on Learn 360....people didn't find what they had on DE streaming and got quickly discouraged...slowness of last fall was also a factor She needs some real numbers for Learn 360…Does she keep Learn 360. Does she ask for 60% more and get DT, or does she eliminate it all?

Poll teachers…what content do they feel they are missing?

Learn 360—$27,000 DE STREAMING: $107,000…

They are at the end of the contract for School Center…

Strategic Plan how to show how computer skills for being integrated into the curriculum.

Bond money: proposal (not formal) to piggy back with library bond to provide technology in all of our classes—“computer solution” in all classes…from 12 school now to 80 schools in a very quick time. Dr. Martin very much behind this. All teachers using the tools they have and the proper training.

Questions for the classroom set-up:

Did we choose the right package?

Look in documents/information for technology  on the webportal for the following questions...

We worked in the Middle School Group to discuss the affect of the "classroom solution".

How many of the Schools in your group have a t least one classroom with the complete classroom solution (for example the teacher cart, etc.)? 
Two schools fully (Hill and Flatrock, two schools partial (maybe missing one component like CPS ( East Forsyth, Clemmons )

East Middle (13 increasing to 16) and Clemmons have (6) with all but CPS (3 CTE are now fully equipped) ,

What strengths and weaknesses do each of the components have?

EAST: Strengths: flat screen much clearer, easier to use…document cameras, they purchased the wrong ones..They are working with the vendor. Sound system is strong, weakness when teacher wearing the mic—if they do not face the bubble in the ceiling, then they cut out. Two mics on (A&B frequency) Fix open where the battery is and change the channel.

East:  Department of technology been very supportive with the cart.

Betty--Moving to a seven port USB, they are changing how you open the back of the cart will be easier in the new carts.

Clemmons: where the ports are in the rooms are an issue with "incomplete solution".

55 inch on the new orders?

Issue: desk space for document camera documents

Did the installation meet your needs?

Mostly, and exceeded in some cases. Improvement over the moving around of data projectors, etc.

Issue of where the flat screen has to be mounted –would like to see a swivel mount

Did teachers receive the support they needed to use the equipment?

Receiving it now…Instructional technologist is conduction classes every other week, one week the CPS, one week the MOBI, Flatrock had two days in the summer, and then monthly refreshers…

Did training meet your needs?

YES, and YES…Flat Rock had training early, and did not have some log-in’s—issues there but that was a unique situation

Does the technology classroom solution have instructional value?

YES, and YES…Teachers love the quick response of CPS, Flat Rock said --50-75% of response system use in two to three day period.

Some issue with teachers wanting to be right behind the computer.

Marlo, if they are at least using the equipment, website, interactive, etc. then that is a good thing

Other discussion items:

Who gets the classroom solutions first...? Give it to the teachers who are the most enthusiastic about using technology? Hughes, let teachers at grade levels to decide who would get the classroom solution first. Kernersville set up a proposal system and then they will be awarded.

Tamra:  If we get one system, then CTE, will outfit the CTE classrooms for free.

Betty Weycker: They need to be ready to go with what is working best with the classroom solutions if they get the money.


Peggy Dessatales: We should Survey the students.

Sam at Bolton said how excited students react to getting a SMART Board. Get students to show how to use the equipment.

Cost on “back end” can be prohibitive

10,000 hour warantee on the TV screens verses 2000 hours on the bulb...that says a lot...

What do you do with the schools that “piece-mealed” and have a lot of equipment and then the bond gets passed?  Betty says that issue will be "on the table"


One last thing…Webportal

To be able to post documents for your teachers on the webportal

(side note: Dell touchpad utility--don't forget about that, after you intstall it, then under mouse pad setting you then can change it)

Document share for your school

Under links

Tech notes (teacher webportal)

Teacher will have a link on the left that says tech

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