Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's My User name and Password??

I am sure most of you have forgotten at least one of your user names or passwords within the last year. Here are some general guidelines on passwords:

First thing, it might be  good idea to save all your passwords on a document or spreadsheet and save it on your server drive. If you can get on the server and get to that "senior moments" file, you might save yourself a lot of trouble. Here are some good suggestions on passwords from CommonCraft

Windows Log-in:
Your "windows login"-- should be your email user name (e.g. jdowns). Recall that the third box of the windows log-in screen must say:   WSFCSNET in order for you to log in correctly. If the third box says "M406...(this computer)" , you have to click on the drop down arrow and change it to wsfcsnet)

If you absolutely can not recall one of your passwords, here is who you should contact :

E-mail (I-notes): Tech Facilitator (Downs ) (I have to submit a KACE ticket to have it reset and it will take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple of days.  default reset password is the last four digits of your social security number.

School Wires :  Tech Facilitator ( Downs ) (There is a button on the school wires login page for changing lost/forgotten passwords, but it should be your active directory user name and password)

Windows/Active Directory ("logging onto your computer"): Tech Facilitator (Tech Facilitator can reset locally) (default reset password will be 123456)

Webportal : User name is your Active directory (Windows login) name.
NCWISE: Data Manager is the only one wo can reset NCWISE passwords, and provides new passwords at back to school time) NCWISE password guidelines

Blue Diamond:  Your user name is your last name space your first name.  Curriculum coordinator has to reset forgotten passwords.

Career Start:  username: careerstart and password: hint: "c.......s"

EVASS:  User name: first name.last name  (that's a period between your first name and last name)  Your password was orginally set by the Principal and he would have to reset lost or forgotten passwords for EVASS...

ENCORE: EC department:

Other Passwords You might Need but have forgotten...

Learn 360 :
The default user name: is your entire school system email address (i.e.; ) generic password originally was: (hint school district followed by a circle angle)

Learning Village: 

Is your windows active directory user name and password...

Other Windows Login Issues:

Every Summer....all Student accounts are reset and server files purged. Students log on to active directory with their student number as their user name and their first time password will be 123456. They will be prompted to change their password and they should change it to their last name. There is also a generic student user account called:

 user name:  "user516"
 password:   "set by Tech Facilitator"

That will allow a student on the computer with limited access in the event their account is locked or they are brand new to the district. It basically allows for internet access.  Students who become locked out after three tries will have to have their user account reset by Downs.

Parents who come to the school for example to access parent assist can log in with:
user name:  Parent
Pw: Parent

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