Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Atomic Learning Service now provided for all district employees and students


Atomic Learning promotes the practical application of technology in education. Thousands of schools, colleges, and universities have made Atomic Learning an integral part of their professional development programs, a valuable curriculum supplement and an anytime/anywhere software training resource. The atomic learning blog has more information on the many applications it offers:

All Winston-Salem Forsyth County certified staff should now have accounts in Atomic Learning. To login, go to and click the login button at the top. For staff, your  email address is your username and the generic password is (hint:  our district). Technology Facilitators are trained in how to manage training and assessments and more information about that is below.   If you have a staff member who is not able to login, please put in a HEAT ticket.

Students should be able to login with the following format:  User name:  wsfcs followed by their unique student number, and their password is (hint:  our school district)

Marlo Gaddis is the project manager for Atomic learning.

Atomic Learning will also be used for the 8th grade computer skills test, Students will get credit for a passing score.  Students do not have to take the test if they either passed a Technology class in Middle School  or one of the NC online test of computer skills pilot tests.
There should be training assigned for those students… who need to take the computer test.

In terms of staff development, No credit is given for any intro to Atomic Learning face-to-face courses. Tech Facilitators should assign the How to use Atomic Learning course found at the bottom left of the opening screen. Teachers can get credit (.1 CEU) for this course if a workshop proposal is submitted and the course is assigned. The location for the workshop should be Online. No credit will be given for any tutorials or workshops that are not assigned and tracked through Atomic Learning.

In order for the teachers at school to receive credit for any Atomic Learning training, please follow these guidelines:

· The workshop must be submitted and approved in the WSFCS Staff Development Registration and Evaluation database before course is offered. (Location should be listed as Online)

· The workshop/tutorials must be assigned to the teachers in Atomic Learning.

· There must be at least 45 minutes of tutorials assigned with a mandated project upon completion. Minimum credit will be 1 hour with more possible based on the amount of time in tutorials and complexity of project.

· All projects are to be uploaded into the Atomic Learning ePortfolio in order to receive credit. Course facilitator is responsible for reviewing the quality of the project. No credit should be given for a course with no project or for low quality projects.

· Tech Facilitators should track participant viewing of tutorials through the reporting features under Admin Tools. Participants must watch all videos.
· If a teacher has taken the course face-to-face, they cannot receive credit again.

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