Thursday, April 8, 2010

Computer Repair or Accessories

This is another one of those frequently asked questions I get:
  Where to get your home computer repaired?

First of all, many times computers are not working well because of Spyware or viruses, try reading through some of my suggesitons in my earlier blog:

Also,  if your computer will not boot and you have access to another computer,The following blog describes a method you might try to get the data off your harddrive: It might be good to do before sending it off, as they could end up wiping out your hard drive in the process...

Anyway, if those resources do not help you,  I would be happy to do some basic trouble shooting here at school.  I would try booting it up and seeing if I can find anything obvious.  However, I do not claim to be a computer technition, and have little knowledge about things like replacing motherboards or power supplies.  I leave those up to the experts, and that's why I am called an "intructional technologist" not a computer repair man :)

Anyway, there are a few local places that I have sent people in and around Winston-Salem.  One last thing, make sure you don't have an extended warantee or if your computer is still under the basic 1 year warantee--then you might first try bringing it to the place you purchased it, such as BEST BUY for example.

Here is a local guy who I recommend.  He is reasonable and knowledeable,  and his name is Tom Brown and he works out of a Home office  (336)768-5766 --off of Bolton Street in Winston (near Hospice).  Here is his website:

I have also send people to The Computer Place on Jonestown Road,
They also seem fairly reasonable: 133 Jonestown Road, Winston Salem, NC‎ - (336) 659-6364‎

Here are some other locations around town:

Good Luck, And let me know If I can help!

Finally,  the following is a great on-line source for computer cables and other accessories:

For example, You can buy a 3 ft HDMI cable from CableWholesale for $3.65 plus $2.09 for USPS shipping. CableWholesale has many different lengths, sizes and types!

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