Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ideas for Using Flip Cameras in the Classroom

Recently, Ms. Mooney with determination, and persistence was able to acquire a number of Flip Video Cameras for our school.  She is more than willing to loan them out, but will "house them" in the lower pod in 6th grade.   Just see her or me about "checking them out"

Recently, I attended a Flip Video Workshop at the NCTIES conference in raleigh, and during that session the presenters offered many ideas for using Flip Cameras in class.  In Nancy Mangum's session she showed us some great ideas for using video in classes;  one very simple idea was where a flip video camera was used to film hand-drawn or downloaded pictures along with a script in what she called a Paper Slide video...It was easy to do and cool!

Here is a list of sites with suggestions for using a Flip Camera in class:

43 suggestions for using Flip video cameras in class

Flipping Out with a Flip Camera

BTW, I posted the following in an earlier blog... But if you have a Flip Video Camera and were trying to use Movie Maker to edit it, then this article may be relevant. I  recommend a program called "Any Video Converter".  It  is a free download-able program you can use to convert file formats: There are several other free video converter programs too.  Here is the link to download it:

Finally, some might want to convert from a Windows Media File to actually make a DVD:

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