Thursday, March 11, 2010


Are you sick of using of PowerPoint for presentations? Do you want to try something new with students?

If so, then try Prezi. Prezi is a web 2.0 tool that can be used for presentations. Prezi uses one big canvas that allows you to zoom in or move around while being able to see the “big picture” or overview.  The Ws/FCS in touch blog also spoke about the wonders of Prezi

To start your own or see examples, go to  and take a look at Prezi in 3 minutes.

To make a Prezi from scratch you need to sign up using an e-mail account. I signed up for a generic TJMS account:  user name:  tjmswsnc,   pw hint (3500.......)

How would you make this work with students--if you wanted them to be able to create presentations on prezi in your class?

You can use your GMail (Google Mail) account. GMail does not recognize anything after a plus sign. Students could sign up for a Prezi account by adding a plus sign and their name to your account, and you could manage them.

For example:

My GMail account is
A student could use
And sign up for their own prezi account.
Give it a try... :)

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