Friday, March 5, 2010

Leslie Fisher's Favorite Web 2.0 Websites

The following are some of the web 2.0 tools that Leslie Fisher highlighted in her talk at NC Ties...I took these notes live so they are a bit stream of consciousness :)

If used effectively is a great tool
Need to have two twitter accounts--one professional, one as a teacher.


Some ideas:

Twitter feed going to a website...just for sports scores for example/ could put on front page of your website
with a widget

Teachers could have a homework twitter feed by using a # mark at the end of each tweet, and then searching for those tweets; for example students could all tweet the answers to a question posted by the teacher and typing something like #tjms at the end of their tweet
Create a profile widget
search widget
select "profle widget"
put in your profile name
will give you the code to put in the webpage
you can then customize it

Tweetdeck is Free..
allows you to customize your columns (maybe 5 favorite friends)

Hash tag ncties--see all the tweets from just nctries


Can now choose who sees your posts!  Parents who think they are seeing all their children's "stuff" no longer true!---People can lead a double life

Google calendar ROCKS

can make several different calendars
Could use it for meeting rooms,  can setup with user groups
can embed on a webpage too

Google Maps:

for events--Leslie showed us fire tracking in CA
can save on your google account

Google Web Forms

Through google docs
Create new form
choose theme
Ask a Question...  ( ) the link last forever

paste in any long url and shorten

creates a spreadsheet of the responses along with charts

You can embed into a webpage

You can get a email response

Used for book reports to send into teachers...


took pictures of her cooking instructions from her frozen dinners and uploaded to evernote

can make the folder public

Google wave:

dubbed as the facebook and twitter killer (not so much at this point)

Designed so that you can "ride the wave of information"...can add people to the wave as you go
You can share all kinds of apps
Problem is.... it is really "sloppy looking"
it's too convoluted
People are not feeling the love for it...


Allows simaltaneous chatting
good news--cool product
import /export a doc
saves revisions
time slider--will play through the pad as it was developed and save it at any point...

Google bought it...may integrate into google wave

for 15 users and under...

Google "sites"  have taken an interesting turn

They have templates,  new page automaticall adds to a page on the side

Google voice:  you are given a phone number

set up phone and gives you voicemail and sms

Set up a friends group and can set certain phone to ring

generates a text of voice mail messages

completely free

add yourself to the beta version

is an 800 phone number  pay for in lists of things to do

list of lists they need to make

listen to voice, and


photo sharing site (pay for)
there is a shopping cart for downlaoding prints
They have a non-profit and get a reduced account.
Allows you to stream a live on-line

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