Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wiki Workshop 3/18/10

What are Wiki's? and How are they different from Blogs?

First off, Go ahead and sign up in the workshop registration system if you would like to receive technology credit for Thursday's staff development.  We will meet at grade level times listed in the weekly memo

Wiki Basics
03/18/2010 - 07:45:00
Jefferson Middle Thelma W Anderson Registered

Let's get started with Wiki's. Here is a link to the WS/FCS pbwiki about Wiki's--It contains lots of good resources about Wiki's including this video, Wiki's in Plain English, which you may have seen before :)

Here's a bit of a comparison between Wiki's and blogs

Wiki's vs. Blogs some thoughts...

Here's an amusing video discussing the  (only viewable at home because it is on You-tube and is blocked by our school system :(

My Wiki on PBWORKS:

Blog Wiki or Discusssion Board

Finally, I created a little presentation on Prezi (The Icon team is currently using this tool with their students to create presentations of their DC trip)

Here is the Link to my presentation on Prezi:

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