Friday, March 5, 2010

Kevin Honeycutt--Social Learning Networks

These are my notes from Kevin Honeycutt's session at NCTIES:

Was an art teacher in K12, now on schoolboard...

SPY Tv director...high school in Kansas...

Brandon Brown, who house got wiped out by the big tornado in Kansas--called Kevin to ask for a copy of the movie they made in high school--that says something right there about the power of video creating in school

Sure, the students are Lazy....sometimes you have to really nudge them to write the scripts, etc, but they usually will pull it together...

you do an amazing job, then the next year, it's just part of their job...

On Twitter you can brag on the them...

Innovation dies of doemestic violence

World is changing faster than anytime since the printing press during the Renaissance

Idea"  Put Microphone on your heartbeat,  you only got so many heartbeats in your life--Kids...


More you know the more valuable you get,  kids need a roll-a-decks of important resources.

Bulletin Board of kids statements on twitter, you stop and talk about mean behavior. Kids need educated on social networking

You could make a paper bulletin board in your class to "rehearse for social media"

Sphere of Learning...

Tale of Two Minds:

Stand alone or Network connected...

First time in history we are global competition connected...

We got to get connected,  "kids in India are hungry for your job"

Throw the ball where the receiver is going to be...we need to do that in education--talked about World is Flat

Fungable jobs, can be outsourced

It's hard to outsource amazing...
An amazing teacher over skype is better than a disengaged teacher in the classroom.

How do you get grandma archived for history?

Furniture at school is punitive...Macdonalds designes furniture that is uncomfortable so you will get up and buy another burger...why is school like that??...Kevin got track lighting for his room.

soft interface--couches, cusheys, nice lighting  try these in your class in times for discussion
They will own this lesson...

4/5 groups in classes

Ever feel like a waiter in classroom?  Be a consultant...

HE would send bonuses to his "student executives"--send a picture of a lexus,  sent hershey bars...

Every student got to rotate through the leadership role...

You can join as k12 so no ADS

There's little kids around, be on your best behavior...

Art snacks  all free place

give you a free store to put artwork on

Profit margin goes to the school for art work on


Read to other classrooms,  some stranger on the wall suddenly students are watching

Get experts from all over to talk to your classes

Never had an author say no yet

Need to share "roll-a-decks"

Daniel Pink wrote a whole new mind  MIT writer

2nd life


What can skype mean for learners"?

teachers around the world sharing lessons

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