Friday, February 19, 2010

Can't Get NCWISE or E-mail at home :(

Why can't I get my e-mail or NCWISE at home??

System requirements for NCWISE from the NC State site

Also, check out suggestions from Rockingham County Schools for troubleshooting problems with getting on NCWISE

Especially at the start of the school year, teachers often have trouble accessing their school e-mail or NCWISE at home. The most common problems are:

1) Pop up blockers. You must disable all pop up blockers for email or NCWISE to be able to "work". Pop up blockers may be de-activated from tool bars along the top of your screen or through tools/internet options/privacy tab.  You might also try simply removing the tool-bars from view by going to your menu and choosing: view and toolbars, and take the check off those bars    Or you can often remove tool bars though the add/remove programs in your control panel.  Things like yahoo & google tool bars will often block e-mail or NCWISE from loading.

2)  An excessive amount of spyware on your computer can sometimes cause your e-mail or NCWISE to perform poorly or not at all. Try installing and running free anti-spyware programs like Malwarebytes  , Windows Defender , or CC Cleaner and see if the situation improves.

3) If all else fails, try installing another browser on your computer such as Mozilla/Firefox . When nothing else has gotten e-mail or NCWISE to work, accessing  through another browser such as the Mozilla Browser has done the trick for me on several occassions.   The folks at DPI say that there is a web browser that has been successful with Vista and NCWISE. The browser is OPERA.

4) Sometimes browsers settings get changed by spyware or viruses. Try resetting your internet explorer settings by going to TOOLS / INTERNET OPTIONS / Advanced Tab / and choose RESET

5)  Finally, We were also provided with the direct URL to Microsoft should you find anyone getting an "iNotes DST/Time-Zone error" when there was an error assessing their e-mail.

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