Monday, February 8, 2010

E-mailing Progress Reports from NCWISE for Individual Students

E-MAILING an Individual Student Progress Report from NCWISE:

Now that parents have access to parent assist, many schools are no longer printing out mass progress reports.  However, there maybe times that a parent will request that you e-mail an individual student progress report (Perhaps they get locked out of parent assist, need an email copy to send to a divorced parent,  etc.  Below are the steps for e-mailing an individual progress report.

It might also be helpful to discuss with students that they need to occassionally sit down with their parents and log-in to parent assist to discuss their grades & progress.


From the Main teacher assistant Screen,


Then Choose Progress Report

From the Progress Report set-up screen,

Choose the Correct Reporting Period.

Then, Click on the drop down arrow next to SELECT STUDENT,

Find the student you want and click on the name of that student.

Select any boxes you want (i.e. include weight, etc.)

Then, Click on the PRINTER ICON at the bottom

It will pull up ADOBE ACROBAT and you will see the progress report for just that student (be sure it only generated for that one student--scroll down to double check)


(up-top, directly to the left of the Printer icon)

It will prompt you with a SAVE COPY box.

You can then select a save location (such as your server drive or the desktop) and you can also rename the object/file--such as "Downs progress report date"

It will save to where ever you told it.

Then, from your e-mail,

Simply address an e-mail to that parent, and

attach a document by clicking on the little yellow folder next to "add attachments" in your e-mail

Then, navigate to where ever you saved the progress report,

Double click on that file you just named, to attach it, and then send the e-mail.  :)

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