Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Network Drives Available?

Have you ever logged into windows, and tried to save something to the Staff Share folder (on the S drive)  or the Media Files (on the K drive) only to find that those drives are not available?  Many times if you logoff and log back on that will take care of the problem.  But there is another solution.

If you go to START and then PROGRAMS, and Windows Applictions, and Choose REFRESH PRINTERS, Nine times out of ten it will "populate" all the other network drives and they will now be available for saving or finding files. 

The "refresh printers" trick  can be especially helpful when a student is logged-on but is out of space on his/her home directory (H) drive, and has no other option to save a file he or she has been working.  "Refreshing the printers" will then give them the chance to save to the K drive (which recall does not count against your allottment of server space, but don't forget it is not backed up :(

This is an SSO technical possible solution for Tech Facilitators/Something you can try on the machines getting the SSO error:

Go to Start --> Run and type in \\406dc01\installpoint$. Go into Applications --> Windows Scripting Host and run the Windows Scripting Host installer. After that, run the installer for the SSO client and select Repair. If you had previously uninstalled the client, just re-install it.

I've had some success with resolving scripting errors that way, and hopefully it will work

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