Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comment Settings on Blogs

Blogs are wonderful things but the comments can be a dangerous issue. We have had an incident already at school with students making inappropriate comments on someone's blog. But don't fear!! You have full control over the comments, you just have to set it up right.

Here's how to moderate your comments on blogspot:

Go into edit your blog as normal.

At the top you will see a
Settings tab--click on it

Then, under the settings tab you will see a tab for
comments--click on it

You can choose who can comment,

but more importantly, be sure to scroll down and under the section called:

"comment moderation"
choose ALWAYS,
and then put in the e-mail address that you want those comment notifications to go.

Then, whenever a comment is made, you will have full control to either publish or DENY the comment(s) before it ever is seen on your blog !!

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