Friday, February 19, 2010

SmartBoard or Interactive White Board Resources:

Smart Boards are designed to be used with the interactive software called Notebook software.  The following links provide fantastic resources for using the Smartboard and/or the smartboard notebook software.

Smart Education Resources

To Download the latest Smartboard software (at home for example), go to:
Also, if you already have Smartboard notebook software on your computer, you can update to the latest version, by clicking on HELP from the menu, and choosing Check for Updates...Otherwise you will need an activation code, which you can use this code from a SMARTBOARD here at school:

Here is your product key:


Smartboard Grant Opportunities

Comprehensive list of Smartboard Resources

"Live Binder" of SmartBoard Manipulatives

SmartBoard Lesson Activities

Smart Exchange--Browse by Subject

Smart Board Sharing Wiki

I have also uploaded several interactive "games" that are designed to be used with the Smart Board but some could also be used with just a projector.  I have those loaded on the S drive:


Have Fun!!

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