Friday, February 19, 2010

Place to buy Computer Cords/Accessories

I sent this out earlier this year, but wanted to remind people again about Cable Wholesale...

Have you ever bought some electronic gadget that did not come with the appropriate cords?? If so, check out the cable wholesale website that Daniel Bryant is talking about below...The cables you find in the stores are a huge rip-off :(

From Dabiel Bryant:

"As he says below, my uncle who designs and builds lcd tvs for Hitachi recommends this site. Might be helpful for cables for school as well?"

From Daniel's uncle:

I just bought a cheap DVD player at Walmart. While I was there, I saw that Walmart sells HDMI cables for $45. This is a big rip off. In the quantity they buy, they probably pay less then $1.00 for these cables from China. That is over a 45 times markup.

For home, I buy them from:

You can buy a 3 ft HDMI cable from CableWholesale for $3.65 plus $2.09 for USPS shipping. CableWholesale has many different lengths. At Hitachi, I buy them from China for even much less (hundreds for $2.00 each or so).

CableWholesale is also a good source for almost any cable for low cost.

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