Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Need Technology Credits?

I have had two inquiries just this morning about people needing Technology Credits for their teaching certificates.  1) I recommend you try signing up for one of the On-line course offerred by our WS/FCS system.  I received this information from the department of technology about Technology Staff Development opportunities:

From DOT:
"I think the best way to  look for online courses is to check the frontpage of the WSFCS online site. http://moodle.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/ . This is a fluid catalog listing. We will try to rotate the courses through every month to give teachers some variety. Some courses are taken down briefly so they can be altered and restored. There will be around 7 courses offered online every month and the best way to access the course listing for that month would be to look in the WSFCS staff development site."

You can also just go through the workshop registration system  and search by name and look for all the ones that are called "On-Line".  Face to face workshops will most likely be offerred as well, and you might check the Department of Technology's calendar website for a listing of those in the future (none on there as of this writing).

In terms of taking one of those on-line courses,  the following are a few points to consider:  
  • After you sign up for the on-line course, you will eventually get an e-mail from one of the Instructional technologists at central office.  
  • On-line courses generally start at the 1st of the month and last for that month long period.  I believe you can enroll at anytime during the month, but I would advise you to check early in the month. 
  • The instructor will send you an "enrollment key " for the course, at which point you will go to this link and follow the on-line directions: (It may tell you to watch a video and basically to sign up for a Moodle account)

Of course there are other places to get credits
Forsyth Tech on-line:
NW Resa:
Learn NC:
E-learning workshops (Beth Raines shared with us)

You may be required to get "prior approval", so be sure to check on that first :)

Finally, always check with your Tech Facilitator since he or she can make arrangements for in house staff development for technology credit too. 

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