Sunday, February 28, 2010

What to buy INSTEAD of an Interactive White Board...

I read an interesting blog from a teacher in Raleigh who sent out a twitter about what he'd like to buy INSTEAD of an Interactive White Board (Smart Board/Active Board, etc.)

It's a great piece, and it does make you think about not putting "all your technology eggs in one basket"!  I think we have resisted doing that at our school, and sometimes it seems to our detriment, but then again maybe not?  I personally think we should look at some of the things my friend from Raleigh suggests, and not just automatically go for the "classroom solution".

I understand that the WS/FCS school district's "classroom solution" for Middle School's does NOT include an Interactive WhiteBoard for Middle and High Schools, but instead opts for LCD TV's with airliners attached to a fully equiped technology station with a document camera and speaker/sound system.  I am still on the fence as to whether or not these TV's are better than projectors, but I see the benefits of not mounting projectors whose bulbs go out frequently and cost a fortune!

We will see if a bond ends up on the ballot in November, and if the school system asks for these classroom solutions for all classrooms in WS/FCS...

But,  I like the way this guy from Raleigh thinks...I think we need more "stationed" type activities going on in classrooms that are student centered.  He is right; an interactive white board does not necessarily give you that student centered learning approach!

Just some things to consider and think about :)

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