Thursday, February 18, 2010

Skype anyone?

Recently, Ms. Ebert's Team "skyped" with a class in Dubai.  It was a great experience, and if you are interested in setting up a web-conference with a class or instructor outside of our school, please let me know!  Later this school year, Ms Abrams and Ms. Hall's classes skyped with a group of students in Namibia, Africa.  Here are some resources:

Listing of educators/experts  to contact who are interested in SKYPE:

Making Classroom Connections through Skype from the Department of Technology

Reasons for Skyping in the classroom

50 Awesome ways to Use Skype in the classroom

"Read with me via Skype"--In Touch blog from WS/FCS

Skype Other Classrooms--How to connect

Have Virtual Authors visit your classroom through Skype

Skype Directory:


Resources for Skype

DeLea Payne's LiveBinder

WSFCS Wiki site for Skype

Evan Herreid's Prezi for Skype

Steven Anderson's Prezi for Skype

Wiki site for Skype

Skype site

Kelly Hines LiveBinders for Skype

Melissa Edwards LiveBinders for Skype

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