Friday, February 19, 2010

SPAM--What to do at School?

In terms of SPAM or Junk mail, keep in mind "KREVS"

Do you KNOW the sender?
Have you RECEIVED an e-mail from this person before?
Did you EXPECT an e-mail from this person?
Did the e-mail pass the VIRUS stamp?
Have you used common SENSE? (Places like pen pal, financial companies, etc. will never e-mail you asking you for personal information) 

Something else to consider:   if you have not already done this, it might be time to try and sign up for a " disposable e-mail account"--something like a yahoo mail , or g-mail account that you can use for online sites that ask for your e-mail address. Never use your school e-mail for online shopping/games, etc. Think of your school e-mail as your home/cell phone number!  In general, there is not much we can do for you if you have given out your school e-mail address online.


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